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The explosion of the Earth is an unavoidable act of reproduction of life in the Universe.

Yes, dear reader. Exactly! The Earth is probably already doomed. Despite of our protests, the most "outstanding" physics of the world had already made the physical experiments, which start the collaptical explosion of the Earth. It is a slow process. It will last from 10 to 1000 years. The term depends of how much collapsars were created, and how quickly these microscopic collapsars would grow. It is very sad. But nothing can be done - it is necessary to live and enjoy the remaining years. We must pride in the fact that we, or our children, grandchildren will be the generation, who will bear the seeds of life in other star systems. All, of course, will die, but our DNA will be stored in cold comets. The simplest organisms can also experience metamorphosis. The eggs, pupae, larvae, worms will evolve into some sort of comet's creatures in the centers of the largest comets - giant foam spray the Earth's oceans.

It is a natural consequence. This is the law of the Space Genetics. Planetary civilization, which reached child-bearing age must blow up our planet, to give new life to the eternal Universe. In order to do that, the civilization should have genetically inherent desire to take risks, to develop a scientific dogma called the Big Bang. It is paradoxical, but the explosion of the Earth has been initiated with the purpose to check the truth of this vomit Big Bang. They did not prove anything. A dogma remained the dogma, but the Earth has already doomed to be torn into peaces. And what about the universe? Nothing! She is always eternally young! And the life is eternal in the Universe. There is no other way of reproduction of biospheres, except of explosive panspermia. The need for suicidal explosion has been developed in the Universe. This is the major gene in the living Universe.


This is not my picture. Perhaps its author is my good friend, supporter.

Citizens! Do not think that some good Uncle Ivan would come and destroy the CERN and its doomsday machine, LHC. Think yourself for your salvation. And not just think, but act. I have no flight experience, no money for the fighter and for a nuclear warhead to bomb the LHC....

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There you can also find my recent inventions. For example, my VB-program SR2007.exe proves that the electron is not a point, but a string, embracing the whole Universe in a period, equal to electron's classic period.

And on the following figure you can see how it sews and stitches the space-time.

It would be useful to join the efforts and develop it further collectively, but contemporary physicists interested in another thing. They are trying to create things which will ruin our planet. At high-energy collisions of protons at CERN's collider the chromomagnetic field of nucleon, which is schematically shown on the following figure: 

After a turn from (x, ict) rotations to (y, z) rotations and after the lost of lepton, the nucleon transforms from microscopic chromomagnetic hole into magnetic hole (boson):

which is a constituent part of a bigger magnetic hole (ferromagnetic vacuum of Savidy):

As a result a Solar system can be transformed into something like this:

To read more on this topic open the page Collider, News, Links.

Reproduction of biospheres and civilizations.

Magnetic trap of Devil. Recent calculations.


Crude errors in the LHC safety documents. What will LHC give us, the particle of God, or magnetic trap of Devil? 

Other topics of SPACE GENETICS


Steady State Models of the Universe and their Authors

Ever Young Universe

Simplified introduction: In the picture you can see the simplified 2-d water model as good approximation to the 3-d model of Ever Young Universe. Ships full of holes, and in the ships there are pumps, spouting the water high up in the sky. Spouted water drops everywhere in the sea, like a rain...

Genetics of Space Conversions.
Definitions: Light and space are two sides of a coin. Today it shines; tomorrow it will be medium for another particle-perturbation on the space. One observer sees the light, the second observer, moving relatively the first, lives in that light and feels it or measures it as his space-time...

Some Questions of SR. Two types of velocities. Velocity, rapidity, speed. Four types of acceleration.

Interval. Four-dimensional velocities. Types of acceleration. Four-accelerations. Relativistic rocket.

Different forms of space-time transformations. Quantum velocities in Special Relativity.

Quantum Gravity and Discrete Space-Time-Matter.

Hubble Constant. ...we can conclude, that the Hubble constant with great part of credibility is: H = 73.2+/-0.2 km/s/Mpc. The result H = 73.291882(20) km/s/Mpc is also quite reliable. This follows from my analysis of the movement of electron's links in my VB-program and also from the analysis of my Exel-program, where one can find the more precise value of the gravity constant G = 6.6730079(15)*10-11 Nm2/kg2.

Physical Constants

Alpha Method

CMB = + Dark Energy. Gravithermal radiation = - Dark Energy.

Stability of the Solar System

The Essence of Time & "Age" of Universe

The time is the set of quanta of time, flashes. The conventional age of Universe, as well as information, are constant. Did you understand? The Age of Universe is the same, many billion years ago, today, tomorrow, in a billion years, always: T=13.3 billion years. Is it possible?

Concentrations of Galaxies & Quasars

Normalized Units. / SIMechanical Units. / Universal Units

4-D World

4-dimensional space: it's simple! Do you want to play a 4-dimensional football? Do you want to travel inward or outward?

4d Rotation and Sphere Packing.

Closed Universe. Some people don't understand closed geometry because of the impossibility of imagination of such world. In order to simplify such imagination, I decided to show here my method of imagination of closed three dimensional world in a successive set of pictures...

Computer picture of the closed Universe.

Solar Energy Sources and Bell's spaceship paradox. The expression for energy input, which the massive object receives as a result of absorption of material space-time...

Fine Structure Constant Collection

Predictions 1998;

Predictions 1998-2002

Space-Time Symmetry

Supernovae in Space Genetics

The pages about The Gravithermal Coil, and Arc Effect.

The core of the Earth is overheated emptiness.

Russian Toroidal Matryoshka & Press-Nuclear Reactions with catalyst

Energy Klondike for rational civilization. Inexhaustible nuclear fuel stock
40 + p --> Ca40 + n + 0.529 MeV.
39 + n --> K40 + 7.8 MeV.

The abstract of a poster speech, which was presented at the conference Science & Future, Moscow, the April 2004: Russian Toroidal Matryoshka is the warm fusion engine of new type.

The following pages are obsolete but they can help to understand the Arc Effect:
Formula of Invention,
Gravi-geometric paradox,
Gravitational Mirror

You Are The God

Our Challenge Auto Run. If you are interested in auto runs, adventures, life within the hairbreadths of death, then you must opened this page. Our run Moscow - Magadan - Moscow turned out to be heavier and much more dangerous than the famous Camel Trophy.

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