Gravitational Mirror

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This page is the fantastic development of the Gravigeometric Paradox. The hypothesis, described here, is true, or almost true, if the space-time-materia has the highest degree of symmetry. I.e., if the symmetry is high, then this page is not fantasy, but reality. If the symmetry is weak, then let's consider the following to be the tale. You can even to laugh at this tale, but not at the Gravigeometric Paradox. The Gravigeometric Paradox exists and is real regardless of plausibility of the hypothesis Gravitational Mirror...

Stars and planets are hollow in their centers. Sun, Earth, Moon have cavities inside. The relative dimensions of cavities of these objects are very different, and are dependent of mass of an object, of it's temperature, of the stage of it's evolution or of the age of an object. Presupernovae are almost empty. They look like inflatable ball, which can any moment burst.. The shell of a presupernova is very thin. I want to believe that Sun is quite young to be the presupernova and that it's shell is quite thick yet. The shell of the Earth is indeed thick. It is supposed here that the cavity of the Earth coincides with the Earth's internal core. The core is filled by rarefied high temperature gas and radiation.

The written above is in contradiction to the theoretical astrophysics. But don't pay much attention, -- the theoretical astrophysics is incorrect. Sir Edington was slightly drunk then used incorrect barometric formula. As a result we have incorrect astrophysics. The experiment with the Gravity-Thermal Coil will shed the light on this error and will prove the Gravigeometric Paradox.

And now we turn to the Gravitational Mirror. If we divide the material shell of a planet or star into two spherical layers, then between these layers we'll find the gravitational spherical mirror. It is known, that at the depth of 2900 km there is the Wiechert-Gutenberg (WG) surface, which divides the Earth on the cloak and the external core. This surface sharply refract longitudinal seismic waves and does not let in transverse seismic waves. Inside the external core there is the internal core with the radius 1250 km. It is supposed here, that the surface of the internal core is the mirror image of the external surface of the Earth.

Let's name the space outside from WG surface the graviton space, and let's name the space inside from WG surface the photon space. These spaces are equivalent to each other after refraction at the WG surface.

Every object, situated on the Earth's surface, has it's mirror image situated on the internal core surface. Or, every real object, existing in the graviton space, has the corresponding imaginary object, existing in the photon space. Consequently, we and all things around us are complex beings and complex things correspondingly. We can see the real image of the Sun above us, and there is the imaginary Sun, flying inside the Earth. Everyone of us lives on the surface of the Earth in 3d graviton space, and everyone of us lives on the internal core surface in 3d photon space.

Moreover, every planet and every star has the cavity inside it. Every planet and every star has the imaginary Earth inside it. Our imaginary appearances are living in every planet and in every star. But the more distant object, the less clear images in its cavities.

Every stone and every grain of sand reflects the world around it. Every grain of sand contains the mirror reflections of things around this grain. Every atom has individual picture of the world. All atoms are different, and this difference are concluded in their different images. It is impossible to receive two equivalent pictures of the same world from two different points of space-time.

It is hard to see the world inside a stone. But the Earth is the excellent laboratory. We can see two images of the Sun, two Africa, two Europe, and so on. Look at the bottom picture:

If you doubt that there is your imaginary appearance inside the Earth, put the neutrino detector beside of you, and direct the ray of neutrino on it... Not at the real detector beside of you, but at the imaginary detector that is situated inside the Earth beside of your imaginary appearance. The effect will be similar, but not the same. Longitudinal characteristics will change into transverse characteristics and vice versa. This experiment will prove or disprove the hypothesis of Gravitational Mirror.

Conclusion: Everyone of us (denoted by X) is the superposition of one real image and of multitude of imaginary images.

X = ReX + ImXSun + ImXEarth + ImXMoon + ImXMercury + ImXVenus + ...

Every image has it's own position in 3d real co-ordinates and multitude positions in 3d imaginary co-ordinates, everyone of which can be unequivocally calculated.

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