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The two-dimensional model of gravity

The main difference of the offered model from the existing ones consists in the following: In this model the two processes exist. The first process is a consumption of space by massive objects. The second process is the space expansion between the galaxies. These two processes compensate each other and the distances between the galaxies remains approximately the same. So we have the non-expanding universe with expanding space.

In the bottom picture you can see the simplified two-dimensional water model of Ever Young Universe, as a good approximation to the three-dimensional model of Ever Young Universe.


Imagine the ships with many breaches and shotholes. In their holds there are pumps, absorbing and spouting the water high up in the sky. Spouted water drops everywhere in the sea, like a rain. It is clear that water in the sea will flow again from the voids, places empty of ships, to the ships again. Everything floating on the water surface will be seized by the water and will be brought to the ships again, where the ships will swallow everything through their holes. Large ships can also absorb light boats. In the picture the ship, denoted by letter A, will absorb the bout C. But the bout D can escape absorbing, if it would move along the elliptical orbit around the ship B. Let's suppose that motor boats k start from the ship A one after another in every equal time interval. It is clear that they arrive to the ship B in the same time intervals, but distances between them will be constantly growing. But why the distances between the ships are changing? The answer is clear, - the water surface expands. If these motor bouts will sail further then they will arrange in groups but the distances between groups will also grow. If in these bouts there are postmen, then after passing by near a dozen of large ships, some postmen will be absorbed, and the rest will move in groups. The time succession in postman's letters will be more mixed, - the more distance is covered by postal bouts.

Let's put in correspondence some properties of these boats to photons of light in the Universe. And let's put in correspondence the properties of water, spouting from ships’ gushers, to other properties of radiation. These water sprays need the third vertical dimension. You can see that this model does not coincide to the standard model of modern cosmology. The space between galaxies-ships is expanding, but distance between them remains in average the same. Here we have the explanation of red shift of radiation. Here we can see gravity, as flows of water (space). This model excellently explains the origin of galaxies, groups of galaxies, the origin of large voids between galaxies, and the honeycomb structure of the universe. Here we can make all of water. Imagine ships, boats, sailors made of ice. Here, in this model, all is made of water in different states. In the Universe all is made of space in different states. There is no athing extra.

In the next figure you can see the explanation of group and phase velocities of boats (photons), as they rearrange in groups.

Closed circle of energy

It is postulated in this work that light, solid substance, and space are three forms of materia (matter). Correspondingly, the energy transitions have three stages:

The solid substance absorbs the space, consumes its energy. Space simply vanishes in the massive objects. As a result, the surrounding space accelerates to massive object (Earth, Sun, stars, asteroids, stone and so on). The bigger the object, - the more energy it receives on every one unit of its mass. The Sun and other stars consume so much energy, that they shine in a visible range of radiation. And we mistakably think that thermonuclear sources warm the Sun, or radioactive decays warm the planets from inside. One of the processes of transition of energy from vanishing vacuum to massive body is excitingly very simple and is new opened consequence of the special theory of relativity. That process is computed and described in the section Sun Energy.

Heated objects, stars and planets, radiate their energy, emitting photons of different energy. The most heated objects emit particles: neutrino, protons and electrons. All these types of radiation are observable in the Sun radiation. It is also calculated that planets radiate more energy than they receive from the Sun; and the results correspond to observations. It is predicted in this work that the energy-absorbing reactions can occur inside the massive objects, because of the flow of energy towards them from absorbed space. When the state of equilibrium is violated we can see the star's explosions as novae and supernovae.

Light goes far out in the cosmos and loses its energy, widespreading on the expanding space, and as a result, becomes redder. The space takes that energy, and transforms radiation into a newborn space, so that the energy of one cubic meter of space is constant. The simplest explanation of this process is the following: If space expands, then photon’s wave becomes more longer, consequently is has less energy, but accordingly to the law of energy conservation, and to meet the requirements of uniformity and no changing properties of expanding space, we conclude that energy, lost by light, completely goes into expanding of space, on replenishing of its specific energy. Or thus: Space-time fluctuations can be divided on two regions: region of electromagnetic fluctuations and the region of gravithermal fluctuations. There is a boundary between electromagnetic fluctuations and gravithermal fluctuations. Reddening photon, which is the electromagnetic oscillator, or a passenger in space, crosses through the boundary frequency. As a result photon transforms into graviton, which is already the gravithermal oscillator - a seat for a passenger, the cell of space.

In reality these processes compensate each other and our universe is in the steady state of equilibrium. There was no Big Bang. The correct Big Bang is Eternal Big Bang without beginning. Quantity of absorbed space in one second is equal to the quantity of newborn space. Voids between groups of galaxies in this model cannot grow to infinite dimensions. To build the voids means to spend light energy. The larger void, the further to the light sources, consequently, the growth of such void decelerates. If inside of a void the large amount of the solid matter in the form of dust is accumulated, then the new wall of galaxies can be born.

Space energy goes not only to a single massive object but also to their systems. This energy goes on the maintenance of their rotation. Standard model of Universe with zero-energy space passes by in silence the riddle of billion-years stability of Sun system. But Space Genetics with its energetic space turns the equilibrium from unstable state to stable. If a planet orbit is suddenly displaced by something, the space flows will begin to correct it at once.

Gravity or acceleration of space?

When we accelerate in a car, our body is pushed back to a seat cushion in opposite to acceleration direction. The origin of that force can be explained as if we accelerated relatively space.  We fill exactly the same force, when we are pushed to the Earth's surface by gravity. We can say, that there is no gravity force, but there is the accelerated motion of material space (vacuum) directed to the center of massive object.

On microscopic level every fundamental force can be explained by exchange of virtual particles. In this, 3-dimensional level of explanation, gravity is not an exchange of gravitons, and not the all-penetrating force in usual understanding. There are no transparent ropes or tiny threads between the Earth and apple. Here the gravity force reminds the force of inertia. Hanging apple is in the state of constant acceleration relatively space, but a dropping apple is in the state of rest or rectilinear uniform motion relatively space. We, sitting in a chair, are not in the state of rest relatively space, but in the state of acceleration relatively any inertial frame of reference. Only a free dropping body is in the state of rest or rectilinear uniform motion relatively all local inertial frames of reference, moving relatively each other with different velocities. Space vanishes inside the massive bodies, and gives them its energy. The imaginative inertial frames of reference also must vanish with the vanishing space.

In the next sections the gravity and other forces will be explained more correctly in 4-dimensional, quantum, discrete approach.

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