Ivan Gorelik

Curriculum vitae

Objectives of my life:

To make the science more truthful.
The realization of a plan of safe press-nuclear reactions with catalyst.

Biography, education:

The citizen of Russia.
Was born the third of January 1958 in the Nikopol town, USSR.
1965-1973 - Elementary School.
1973-1977 - Nikopol Agricultural School; specialty -- agricultural mechanization.
1977-1979 - Army.
1980 entered into Dnepropetrovsk State University, and in
1981 moved into Moscow State Correspondence Pedagogical Institute and begin to work as physics teacher.
1985 finished the Institute and received the profession of physics teacher.
1992 (after the USSR was disintegrated) dropped teaching and worked in small commerce.
1998 - 2004 did not work anywhere, build my house, and spend all my time with my theory, Space Genetics.
2004 - 2007 worked at the secondary school as a physics and astronomy teacher.
From 2008 till 2015 I spent much of my time to stop and ban the dangerous scientific experiments, such as particle collisions in powerful colliders. But that was useless. The Earth very likely is already doomed...

Scientific Achievements:


From 1984 I am convinced adherent of static/stationary model of Universe, Steady State model without expansion. As a result I had received bad mark on astronomy exam.

Up to 1990 I have invented my methods of imagination and drawing of non-Euclidean and 4d figures.

Trying to find the ether I came to conclusion that it is non detectable. If we accelerate in space we simultaneously move the boundary between gravi-thermal fluctuations (medium) and electromagnetic fluctuations (radiation). Gravithermal and electromagnetic regions of fluctuations form the integrated region of space-time fluctuations.

I published small abstract of my first cosmology model in the magazine "Techniques of Youth" (1990, # 7, p.37.)

In 1998 calculated the power, received by the Sun from vacuum.
Made my first web page Space Genetics.
Introduced the notion: the boundary between gravitons and photons.
Introduced "flashes" as acts of space-time synchronization or as a succession of matter materializations.
Received the quantum of force, which plays the same role for graviton, as quantum of action plays for photon. Explained the Hubble constant as an angular velocity of light -- every particle has its intrinsic f-spin, or every particle moves in the closed Universe under the influence of quantum of force.

In 1999 I received the exponential connection between constants of gravitational and electromagnetic interactions. Introduced the notions: actual and conventional age (time) (distance) for Universe. Received the series of values of minimum and maximum concentrations of quasars and galaxies. As a result I explained the most of "spectral anomalies" of quasars in the closed Universe. Showed how to receive z for multiple images of one and the same object (galaxy-quasar), but living in different time epoch.

In 2000-th I have built the model of pre-supernova and explained its explosion as a result of burning through of its shell. Made the theoretical model of Gravithermal Coil and proved the new symmetry between Gravithermal and Electromagnetic fluctuations.

I took part in international conference GRAV-2000.
In the January of 2002 had received the theoretical value of the temperature of CMB radiation, which excellently coincided with observable value. Explained the nature of dark matter and dark energy. Showed the way of interactions between now existing galaxies and their ghosts -- the same galaxies, which lived in past. Galaxies-ghosts made the traces in the space. The traces continue to attract masses. Showed the role of "ghosts" in the formation of new satellites of galaxies, stars, planets, ... humans. The mechanisms of precise copying, growth, dividing, reproduction of complex systems from Universe to the Human are clear and similar.

So, the basis of the new theory, Space Genetics, is already made. The man, who made or developed a theory, can be named the Doctor of Sciences.

That is why at the beginning of 2002 I took the nickname Dr Dark Energy. Dark Energy is the scientific term used by the adherents of standard cosmology model, which leads to accelerated expansion. In my theory there is no any acceleration. But that is the cosmic background radiation, who plays the the role of dark energy. It's temperature can be easily computed. Thus, my nick is only a laughter over Big Bang adherents.

Arc Effect, Gravithermal Coil, Press-Nuclear Reactions.

In May of 2000 I come to the logical deduction of The Arc Effect. It leads to fundamental revision of internal structure of stars from one hand, and from the other hand it had led me to the idea of GraviThermal Coil, which gives us the possibility to create extremely high pressures. In 2002 and 2003 I received two independent proves (analytical and mathematical) of the The Arc Effect. Some time later I had found out, that conclusions, similar to mine, were made much earlier by Leonard Euler and Edmund Halley. Leonard Euler is the greatest scientist and his name is the most frequently meet in math and physics literature. The conclusion of Euler about the interiors of the Earth and Sun is not accepted at contemporary astrophysics. That does not mean that Euler had made the error, but this means that contemporary physicists are weaklings, comparatively to Euler. This was my forth convincing proof of the The Arc Effect, - the historical proof. In 2003 I had made the computer program, and developed it in 2007. This program gives us the possibility to solve the system of differential equations, and draws graphs of pressure, temperature... inside stars and planets. It had expanded the virial theorem, and, as a result, it become itself the fifth computer proof of Arc Effect. In 2008 spring I had made another program, - the model of self-gravitating gas. It did not prove any equation, - no standard, no new. The possible cause is that the particles in the program have non-zero dimensions.

In 2003 and 2004 I had developed the idea of GraviThermal Coil, in order to perform the press-nuclear fusion inside it. It was transformed in my imagination from one-kilometer monster (2000) into compact power-machine, with diameter equal to one meter approximately (2004). The new name of this device is Russian Toroidal Matryoshka (RTM). I tried mentally to risen the pressure, but it was still small in order to start the hydrogen fusion. And at last in 2004 the new type of nuclear reactions were invented -- the press-nuclear reactions with catalyst. The fuel is a mixture of H1 and K39 isotopes. The catalyst is K40.

The essence of RTM and press-nuclear reactions were explained in my two speeches at the conference "Science & Future", which were held in Russia, Moscow, the 13-16 of April 2004, and in May 2005.

Nevertheless, professional scientists will hardly take me seriously. They are flawed. They are obliged to follow their primitive dogma, the Big Bang. Therefore, they hate people who are free in their thoughts. They are descendants of those who burned Giordano Bruno. Most of scientists-professionals as a rule just hate and laugh above the independent researchers. That is why me and such as me will never be allowed to publish an article in scientific journal.

In September 2008 I had come to conclusion, that the experiment at the Large Hadron Collider with very great probability can be the last experiment of our Humankind. That is why, the main my goal was to try to stop the LHC experiments. But it was in vein.

Earlier I bealived that:

  • The real cosmology, Steady State model without expansion, will win.
  • The erroneous astrophysics will be ruined.
  • The press-nuclear reactions will be carried out.
  • Every family in future will have their own compact press-nuclear electric generator.
  • These generators will be such widespread in future, as personal computers are widespread now.
  • Your grandchildren will have the cars with press-nuclear engines.
  • Who knows. It is not excluded that the time will come and somebody will reinvent my model of elementary particles. That is unification of relativity and quantum theory. That is the real string theory. But it's development is posible only after the destruction of religious Big Bang Dogma. After then, that this generation of scientists will die out as primitive dinosaurs.

BB dinosaurs think that our Universe was bourn 13.7 billion years ago. No, that is the period of 4-d rotation of our Universe. And we have more precise value: 13.34 bln years. And its inverse value, H=73.29 km/s/Mpc, is not the measure of Universe expansion, but is an angular velocity of light in our Universe (73.29 km/s/Mpc = 2.3752*10^-18 1/s). From the other hand it is the ungular velocity of 4-d space-time rotation of our Universe.

BB dinosaurs think that our Solar system was created about 5 billion years ago. Idiots! It is much more likely that 30 billions years ago the solar system was rotating around some ancient star and looked then like Jupiter with his dosens moons. It is very likely that 30 billion years ago our Earth was like an asteroid captured by Jupiter.

BB dinosaurs think that our stars are shining because of nuclear fusion in their centers. Idiots! The main source of stellar energy is the gravity, i.e., space consumption. Gravity is not a passive force, but it is an active process, converting energy of space into internal heat of stars, planets, all massive objects. The energy cycle is closed in the Ever Young Universe. Here it is: ... - light - space - internal energy of massive objects - light -...

BB dinosaurs think that they are making a science at their CERN's LHC. Idiots, you are just spermatozoidal ugly creatures. You just performed the actions, inherited genetically in you. You already doomed our Earth to explode, to send the life into cosmos. We, Earth's civilization, is not the first, and not the last in the Eternal Universe. There is no other method of biosphere's reproduction in the Universe, except of suicidal explosive panspermia.

My mobil-phone : +7 916 442 30 59

E-mail: darkenergy@yandex.ru

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