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Definitions, used in the work.

The first law of Space Genetics.

Radiation and space are two regions of fluctuations, constituting one closed scale. At the frequencies bigger than boundary frequency n0 there is the region of electromagnetic waves. At the frequencies smaller than boundary frequency there lays the region of gravity waves. If one observer sees the coherent electromagnetic wave of frequency n1 , then the second observer, who recedes from the source of light with velocity, consistent to the condition of red shift, transforming the frequency n1 into the frequency n2 < n0, then he simply lives in that space, or fill it as mechanical vibration, if the source of light was powerful. The noise in radiation region of fluctuations is characterized by thermal properties. The noise in space region of fluctuations is characterized by gravity waves, curvature and volume of medium.

The second law of Space Genetics.

Space-time of Universe has symmetry of higher order as usual uniformity. In large scale it is:

The third item of space-time symmetry concerns not only relativistic space-time transformations, but also the transformation of radiation and curvature. These transformations must be performed on the closed space and must give the similar picture of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and the similar view of galaxies' distribution picture. The fourth item of Universe symmetry is the most interesting. It can be approximately expressed as follows: I am the DNA-cell of a God. At the same time I am a god, a biosphere and a planet for my DNA-cells. My and Your DNA-grand-grand-...-cells are forming in superposition a God, may be, Jesus Christ. That is to say, God is a DNA-cell of a DNA-cells Е of my and yours DNA-cells. Membranes of living beings have the topology, like wormholes, as very thin funnels or bundles of lines of space-time lattice.

Conceptual approach to the notion of "materia".

Modern Physics uses the term materia, when speaks about anything that has energy. Modern Physics uses the term radiation, when speaks about that part of materia, which can be detected and moves with the velocity of light in vacuum. Modern Physics uses the term substance (matter), when speaks about that part of materia, which is detectable and cannot move with velocity of light, and which has invariant mass. Modern Physics uses the term gravity field, as part of materia, when speaks about energy, connected with curvature of space-time. Modern Physics uses the term physical vacuum, when speaks about the energy, connected with the exited states of virtual particles in the stage of inflation of Universe, or in the electromagnetic, week and strong fields. But Modern Physics also uses the term materia, when speaks about the space-time, where it become asymptotically flat and where the energy also goes to zero. What is the materia in this case? How is it related to the notion of energy?

Definition of matter is dependent upon main conceptions about it. Its definition must make as less as possible damages in already commonly accepted views, and, from the other hand, it must describe the phenomena with the most possible precision with the help of laws, written in math formulas. The definition depends of λ-coefficient and of other parameters in the leading gravity theories. It depends of world outlook or "common sense" of leading scientists of the world. It is possible to make different definitions, but nevertheless, to build correct and at the same time distinctive theories, and to receive the different numerical results. But after some transformations accordingly definitions these different results can be transformed into each other. It would be very good not to forbid different approaches in science, different theories that were built on different definitions and different "common sense".

1. It is possible to consider the substance (matter) and radiation (fields) separated from space. If the observable dates in future will require the existence of specific energy of the space, besides that part of its energy, which is connected with curvature of space, then it will be necessary to lead into physics the non-zero space energy with particles: strings, membranes, but which also would be non-connected with the space itself. In such case the space will remain non-material but it would have its own material particles and material gravitational field in the form of curvature.

2. It is possible to consider the substance, radiation and space as different forms of existence of materia, which can transform from one state into another. In this case the space is material and has specific energy in addition to the curvature energy. But so far there is not such math, which can unite material the n-dimensional space and particles, virtual and real, which in that space are simply perturbations, knots, exited states of n-dimensional space lattice, ever-moving and ever-revolving. In this work the links-particles of the space-time lattice are used as absolutely elementary particles instead of usual elementary particles. Links-particles are absent or extra links in the 4-d lattice. This seething, but regulate lattice must be filled with the set of genes. One gene must reflect the properties of stabile particles, as long living perturbations, or as a set of flashing dots in the space-time, where the flash is the materialization of a stabile particle which occurs in the place and at the time of joining of several lattice defects circulating in the lattice. The second gene is responsible for existence of fermions and bozons. The third gene is responsible for the charge, (for example, electron enters into A-type space cell and transforms it into B-type cell; positron enters into B-type cell and transforms it into A-type cell), which explains electromagnetic interaction, as the property of the lattice itself. The fourth gene is responsible for the turn off the link (or link-set) that we see as one type of fluctuations into another type of fluctuations, i.e., photon into graviton or visa verse, i.e. energy quantum into space quantum, i.e. occupied level into a free level of medium, which cannot (can) be occupied by one smallest particle of the macroscopic object. That turn gene explains phenomenon, which we used to name "the gravity". That phenomenon in three-dimensional space looks like "swallowing" of space by massive object. Other genes are responsible for identity of rest and motion. Every gene gives its own amendment in the fundament of constructed lattice. Consideration of every amendment changes the appearance of the lattice. Its present model had already given and explained a large variety of properties of our Universe.

4-D space lattice.

The main state of materia is space. All others are perturbations, foam and waves on it. The fourth dimension is real. We must agree that space (only space) is more then three-dimensional and we do see it even higher then in molecular level. We afraid to destroy our common sense and continue speaking about three dimensions even in quantum mechanics, but nevertheless we add there the imaginary dimensions.

One cannot fill the rectilinear uniform motion in vacuum. If we could fill the motion, it would stop. Indeed, "to fill" means "to change the momentum" and in our case: "to decrease the momentum". And "to decrease the momentum" means "to accelerate" and as a result "to stop". Conclusion: if the motion with different relative velocities is equivalent to rest, which is also not absolute, then in every IFR there are variety of IFR, and this variety forms the fourth dimension. So, the motion needs:

1. Simultaneous existence of all frames of reference, as parallel planes of lattice, lying in one plane surface of zero thickness;

2.Existence of disorder in 4-d space lattice. Disorder is absent or extra link (rib, segment) in lattice.

Simultaneous existence of all frames of reference proves the real existence of 4-dimensional discrete space lattice. But the way of seeing it is quite different and scale dependent.

It is well known that multi dimensional approaches are now widely used in physics. The present approach differs by being closer to reality. All 4 dimensions in the 4-d discrete lattice are equivalent and symmetric to each other. It is our situation in this lattice that is the course of seeing the asymmetry of lattice. The main task now is to define the angles, which are formed by our space-time coordinates and by lines-spirals drawn by defects of lattice that are flashing into particles trajectories.

If we look at 4-dimensional cube we'll see that in every its vertex there are crossed four straight lines. It is possible to draw regular 2-dimensional lattice, - it is the simple checked leaf of paper. It is possible to see regular 3-dimensional lattice, - it is the structure of regular crystals. In order to see the regular 4-dimensional lattice one must imagine the variety of vertices of different colors connected successively to each other by the same segments /links/ as in the 3-dimension case, but full set of them is situated in every vertex of three dimensional lattice.

In the next step we must make all of dimensions closed. (This will be the most appropriate assumption to meet consequences made in this work). We situated in the Universe inside of one of galaxies, and near to one of stars, - the Sun. Consequently, just because of this reason, we'll see the space lattice as non regular, at least in our situation. The 4-d space lattice must be inclined. That means that now all four dimensions are not simply closed, but look like spirals. We see that there is motion in Universe, and we can see different exhibitions of that motion, - existence of particles and existence of large conglomerates of particles. In other words if the space lattice had no disorder then there would be no motion and there would be no particles and their conglomerates. It seems, that this disorder is exhibited in local inequality of space dimensions. Consequently, if we exist so that the fourth dimension looks as suppressed, that does not mean yet that it is not equivalent to three others. The course of this is hidden in our situation or in a turn in this 4-d space. One of the main supposals, spreading from this work, is: "There is only one sort of particle in nature - the link (absent or extra link) in the 4-d space lattice." The properties of the link are identical in all four dimensions, but because of our situation in the lattice, we can see it only under different angles and as a result, it has different properties, - velocity, charge, mass, spin. All others known particles are composed from two or more absent or extra links and, as a result, they are short living.

We consist of a huge quantity of particles, which move with different velocities relatively each other. And every this particle is in the state of rest in its proper frame of reference amongst a huge variety of moving frames of reference. Every resting particle is composed of a set (2,3) of absolutely elementary particles, defective links. It seems that if we were as this absolutely elementary particles-links then our choice of directions would be much bigger. "Turn" in micro-world means not only spatial turn, but also a change of type of a particle relatively macroscopic observer. The expression "electron-positron pair annihilated and born two photons" means also a turn. But the notion of time in the case of observer-particle disappears. If there is only one particle then it has no any memory and any thermodynamics. For a single particle-link there is no scale stories. Being the link and being materialized only in the places-times of joining with the other defective links, the particle-link cannot change its dimensions, i.e. it cannot become bigger or smaller, because the place-time of a flash (link-joining) is a dimensionless dot. The macroscopic observer consists of the variety of composed particles. We think that we donТt change our scales. Yes, we cannot move along the scale axis ourselves. But we constantly are moving along this axis. All objects around us, all composite particles are moving along this 4-th scale dimension and we do not see our movement. But we can fill it as gravity. To say that the Earth consumes the 3d space is equivalently as to say that the Earth is growing constantly, is equivalently as to say that the Earth pull us with the gravity force, and is equivalently as to say that the space-time is curved in the vicinity of the Earth, and is equivalently as to say that the Earth is moving constantly through the 4-d lattice along the forth scale dimension.

So, in micro-world all four dimensions are equivalent. In macro-world, in the scale, where the life of observer is possible, the fourth dimension is degenerated in time-coordinate. In mega-world all four dimensions became also equivalent, because such notions as Уmicro-worldФ and Уmega-worldФ are valid for an observer that consists of huge variety of flashing particles, and because of the Universe is closed along all four coordinates. (To be more precise, - it is quasi-closed.) The deepest point (smallest circumference) in micro-world, and the farthest circumference in mega-world coincide and they are the single circumference. We look deep inside the sphere and see 4-d rotation, directed by Planck constant; we look far outside and see 4-d rotation, directed by Hubble constant. The 4-d rotation in micro-world and mega-world twists the fourth coordinate in spiral with certain pitch for macroscopic observer. The succession of pitches corresponds the succession of flashes. The succession of flashes is observed as the flow of time. The duration of time (quantity of flashes) is dependent of the dimensions of the observer. Frequency of flashes is the boundary frequency between electromagnetic and gravity fluctuations, which lay on the same single scale of fluctuations.

If we try to turn the lattice in order to see coordinates in symmetric form, weТll make the pitch of time coordinate and the pitch of space coordinates change. At last we'll receive the set of symmetric set of four spirals. But at such angle flashing particles composed the by the links-particles would be indistinguishable. The origin of stabile matter, synchronically flashing particles, is only possible under certain set of angles formed by spirals in lattice. Only strictly defined set of angles inside lattice can permit the existence of neutron, hydrogen atom, other atoms, planets, stars, galaxies. From the other hand, the angles and movement of links-particles define the synchronically flashings of 4-d lattice and, consequently, the flow of time.

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