Russian Toroidal Matryoshka &
Press-Nuclear Reactions with catalyst.

This is the generalization of two my speeches at the conference "Science & Future", which were held in Russia, Moscow, the 13-16 of April 2004, and in May 2005.

Gorelik Ivan Yurievich,, Feodosia.

The World Energetic, Transport, diamonds will be yours, if the Nature will be favorable to my last inventions, and if you would help me to realize the following idea.

Several years ago (2000-2004) I had found the original methods, how to receive the high pressure, and how to save the strength of materials at these pressures. These solutions allow us to construct the series of devices, which were named by the unifying term Russian Toroidal Matryoshka (RTM). The main purpose of these devises was to try them to carry out the conducted nuclear fusion. Theoretical computations have shown us that to gain this goal we need to raise the pressure by two or three additional orders. At the beginning of 2005 I have found another solution - the new type of reactions with catalyst. But let's start from the perspectives of RTM adoption, then continue with the main principles of RTM, and at last, we'll speak about the press-nuclear reactions, which can be tried not only in RTM but in other devices too.

Perspectives of RTM adoption.

Russian Toroidal Matryoshka can be used as:

1. The new type engine - compact press-nuclear reactor;

2. The devise for execution of chemical reactions; for conversions of phase and crystal modifications of substance, for example, the diamonds production;

3. Device for isotopes separation;

The engines can have different power: from 5 kWt to dozens GWt. Car engines could have the power of about 100 kWt. The car owner does not refuel the fuel tank, because the quantity of fuel in the tank is sufficiently for several years. The starting and stopping of the new type engine is extremely hard, that is why the cars will be sold with already working engines, and in the period of exploitation the engines would non be switched out. The places for car parking and garages will be equipped with the electrical plugs in order to take the waste electrical energy and to direct it into the town electrical net. As a result the car owner will receive the income.

It is expected that the nuclear engine will be perfectly safe and ecologically clean, because it will work on press-nuclear reactions with catalyst. The new type car will not have a muffler tube. The heat wastes go to surroundings through the water or oil radiator, just the same as in the contemporary car.

Russian Toroidal Matryoshka can gain the leading position in the future Energetic. In the case of positive results with the 100 kWt engines, RTM will gain the leading position in Transport. In the case of positive results with the 5-10 kWt generators, they will "come in" the private houses and flats. The effective power (5-10 kWt) is used in the form of electric energy, and in winter it ultimately warms the home. The energy, emerging in the radiator of the installation, will worm the home in winter, and can be directed to the hothouse or to vegetable beds.

In 10-20 years the air in cities will be clean, because the cars will have no muffler tubes, because the contemporary smoking electric power plants will be closed. Gas stoves in kitchens will be changed by the electrical ones. The huge gas-pipes and electric pylons will be dismantled and utilized. The coal mines will be closed. The majority of oil and gas wells will be also closed. That will be in 10 or 20 years, and one must count not from this day, but from the day when people would understand that RTM is real.

At the upper figure one can see, what is hidden under the bonnet of the future car, - two RTMs instead of usual internal-combustion engine.

And this is the approximate appearance of the future kitchen and balcony.

Energy installation can be situated, for example, at the balcony. Electric power, generating inside it, goes to all electrical devises in a flat. That means that we can disconnect our home from the common centralized supply of electricity and gas. Hot water or oil from the cooling system of the installation is circulating through the flat radiators. That means that we can disconnect from the centralized heating. At night and in the periods of a little consumption of electric energy, the fresh water, contained in the reservoir tank, is heating. Consequently, we can disconnect from the centralized supply of hot water.

At the bottom figure the approximate schematic view of the main detail of RTM is shown. It operation is based on two main ideas: 1) the creation of high pressure with the help of rotating gravithermal coil; 2) the increasing of strength of its materials, which can be performed on the principle of Matryoshka; 3) press-nuclear reactions with catalyst. The created pressure could have the value of about 1000 GPa, or 10,000,000 atmospheres, and the installation could have dimensions of about one meter. This pressure is already enough to make artificial diamonds, but in order to start the nuclear fusion we must rise the pressure value by one or two supplementary zeros, or to hope on the new-invented press-nuclear reactions with catalyst.

At the bottom figure you can see the schematic appearance of the main detail.

And here is the cross section of the schematic appearance of the main detail.

The pressure pumping with the help of the rotating Gravi-Thermal Coil (GTC).

At the bottom figure we can see thee coils, consisting of 1, 2 and 5 loops, correspondingly. The blue color indicates that this part of a coil is cool. The red color indicates that this part of a coil is hot. The liquid has smaller density at high temperature. That is why the top point of liquid in the U-like tube will be higher at that side, where the temperature is bigger. If we change the U-like tube by the coil with n loops, we'll receive the difference in heights of levels by n times bigger.

The difference of heights of top points of liquid at the ends of a coil is proportional to the quantity of loops in a coil.

In order to receive supplementary pressure we can shut the hot end of a coil at the height, where the cool end contact with atmospheric pressure. From the other hand, if we shut the cool end of a coil, and if the hot end of a coil will be left at atmospheric pressure, then we'll receive the vacuum at the cool end. The pressure difference will be greater:
if the coil contains more loops;
if the height of a coil is bigger;
if the difference of temperatures between the sides of a coil is bigger.

But the gravity is quite small in order to make a great difference of pressures. If we mention about the principle of equivalence between the gravity and inertia, we can transform the usual gravi-thermal coil into rotating gravi-thermal coil.

In order to see the difference of pressures, we must cut the tube, and close the received cut ends with two manometers. The difference of pressures will be proportional to the centripetal acceleration of the coil.

In the stationary GTC one side (left or right) was at high temperature, the other side was at low temperature. In rotating GTC the upper side is at high temperature, the bottom side is at low temperature. (It is possible to make vise verse). In the stationary GTC the pressure difference was made by the strength of the gravity field g, equal to 9.8 m/s^2, and directed downward. In the rotating GTC the pressure difference is made by centripetal acceleration a, directed to the center of a coil, and it is possible to create the acceleration a, bigger than g by 10,000 times, or even more.

But the pressures, needed for nuclear fusion are extremely high, and it is clear that no one tube could sustain the fusion pressure. Even the tube, made of a strongest substance with internal diameter, for example, equal to 1 millimeter, and with the thickness of wall equal to 999 millimeters would crack. Is there a solution of the problem? Yes! Here is another idea named by encoded title: "Matryoshka".

Principle of Matryoshka.

Let's try to solve the simplified problem. You need to create the pressure equal to one atmosphere inside the balloon, which can sustain the pressure equal to one tenth of atmosphere. Is it possible to do that?

Yes. We buy ten such balloons and nine little Maxwell's demons. We put the first balloon and the first demon into the second balloon. Then we put the second balloon and the second demon into the third balloon. And so on. At last, we put the ninth balloon and the ninth demon into the tenth balloon. Then you and all of your demons begin to pump up the corresponding balloon. You continue to pump the balloons until the pressure inside the tenth balloon will be one tenth of atmosphere; inside the ninth balloon - two tenth of atmosphere; ... inside the first balloon - one atmosphere. The balloons do not burst because the in/out difference of pressures equal to one tenth of atmosphere.

On the bottom figures you can see the Matryoshka, consisting of three gravi-thermal coils. The first figure corresponds to the state of rest - Matryoshka does not rotate. The second figure corresponds to the working state of Matryoshka. The value of scale changing is exaggerated in order of view convenience.

The most probable working liquid, making the pressure, is mercury; - painted blue in the figure. The most probable fusion substance is the mixture of potassium and hydrogen; - painted red in the figure.

The efficiency of the device can be risen by making the binary Matryoshka, - two Matryoshkas, connected by their hot sides.

Press-Nuclear Reactions with Catalyst.

Is it possible that the physics-teacher of the secondary school would solve the main problem of the century? Of course, not he is. That is why I do not want now to explain in details the reasons, which had forced me to write the following reactions. Let these reactions will be the prediction for the future physicists:

40K19 + 1H1 ---> 40Ca20 + n + 0,529 MeV;
K19 + n ---> 40K19 + 7,8 MeV.

The 40K19 and 1H1 isotopes are nuclear fuel. The 40K19 isotope is the catalyst.

This page was written the 13 of October 2004.

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