This page is slightly obsolete now, but it can help you to understand the Arc Effect. GraviThermal Coil was transformed into rotating Inertio-Thermal Coil, and was renamed as Russian Toroidal Matryoshka, which can be used to perform the press-nuclear reactions with catalyst.

The Arc Effect is now proved by several methods. The classic equation of hydrostatic equilibrium is wrong, but it still used in astrophysics now. New equation, containing the Arc Effect item, will ruin the erroneous astrophysics, but we need more time to do it. The science is very conservative. If you want to see the difference in stellar structure while using different equations, open the program Arc Effect (exe-file).

Gravity-Thermal Coil


Hot gas, situated in a vertical tube, which has the same temperature, drops in it with acceleration the less from the acceleration of cold gas. Gas, which has very high temperature, changes the sign of acceleration and "drops up". Pressure of cold gas is increased in the direction to the bottom of the tube. Pressure of very hot gas is increased in the direction to the top of the tube. This is the new opened Gravigeometric Paradox. It permits to build the Gravity-Thermal Coil (GTC). With the help of the GTC one can create very high or very law static pressures, and, as a result, to perform fusion reactions of light atomic nucleus, and to perform different reactions and transformations of phase or crystal state of substance. One vertical side of the coil (spires) must be cold; the other side of the coil (spires) must be very hot.

The Gravigeometric Paradox is in contradiction to the generally adopted barometric formula and to the hydrostatic equilibrium equation. It contradicts also to the generally accepted opinions that the centers of massive objects (planets, stars, galaxies, quasars) are most dense. Accordingly to the new barometric formula the massive objects have rarefied cavities in their centers.

It is very possible that Gravigeometric Paradox is the real cause of volcanoes in Earth and flares in the Sun. The Gravigeometric Paradox is the main reason of appearance of plasma convection, and of destruction of plasma cord in existing thermonuclear devices. According to the Gravigeometric Paradox, the non-considered force of about thousands g, directed up, will appear in very hot plasma and will destroy it.

(The paper was submitted to the Russian patent agency on the 21 of June 2000, # 2000115803)

I am looking for sponsors to patent the Gravity-Thermal Coil in developed countries with equal rights with the author and with the date of priority 06.21.2000, the date of claim for invention rights in Russia.

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My VB-program SR2007.exe proves that the electron is not a point, but a string, embracing the whole Universe in a period, equal to electron's classic period.

Particles sew and stitch the space-time, constantly recharging electric and colour field, which are constituent subspaces of our whole macroscopic space-time.

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