In this page you can find:
alternative cosmology or new theory of quantum gravity;
the model of Ever Young Universe;
the solution of the time mystery;
the boundary between equivalent particles - photon and graviton;
unique units for time, space, angle, wave phase. All of these quantities can be measured in flashes, new space-time-matter units. Flash is a link in material n-dimensional closed lattice.

Lattice is our whole Universe. This web-site will help you to understand, why the man cannot move back in time, but his brain is the real time machine; how to imagine 4d and non-Euclidean spaces; are there the galaxies-ghosts in our Universe; the truth about the solar energy sources; why does the cosmic background radiation exist; how to glue the space curvature of Einstein's theory of gravity and big quantum numbers of Dirac?

I hope that you, dear reader, will gather the courage together, throw out the inherent habit to deny all new ideas from the threshold. Try to look at the surrounding world by my eyes. Forget at the time of reading this web-site about some notions, which you had absorbed from the school. There are no particles in the form of little balls. There is no gravity force. There is no continuous space-time. There is only the...

Highly regular, mobile, n-dimensional
space-time lattice.

According to the religious Big Bang theory, the Universe was born about 10-15 billion years ago. In several more billions years our Universe will transform into the dark cemetery of cold died stars. The whole twentieth century the religious cosmologists had exterminated any idea about the material space and it's ability to take part in the energy exchange with another material categories: matter and radiation. But the last observations of cosmos had forced them to change their views. Several years ago they had went at the antiscientific crime, - they had introduced the dark energy; reincarnated the lambda-coefficient, which was introduced by Einstein 90 years ago in order to make the Universe static. According to contemporary BB preachers, more than 2/3 of our Universe are presented now from this new dark ether. These cosmologists had piled up many thousands of books, some of which were spread by many millions of copies all over the world. They wrote thousands of doctoral dissertations, investigating nonsense, - the firsts seconds after BB, quark-gluon plasma, primordial black holes and other rubbish. The BB dogma puts restrictions not only on the cosmology itself. The star's astrophysics, geology, biology, genetics must be tuned to the pitch of Big Bang marasmus melody. According to BB dogma, the stone found by geologist must be much younger than the Universe, and as a result, he must lie us about the age of the stone.

BB cosmologists have no right to speak now about the material space. It is not their instrument. The new crutch, named by the term dark energy, will not help them. They must be returned to the error model of their parents, Lemetr and Gamow, to Big Grenade with splinters, flying away and decelerating under the force of mutual gravity. There is no deceleration of expansion. The observations show the acceleration. But let's stop to reproduce their errors here. There is no deceleration, no acceleration of expansion. Our Universe is in the steady state of equilibrium.

The supporters of the Steady State models of Universe without expansion have the deserved right to speak about material space-time. But here there is one more underwater stone - the second law of thermodynamics, forbidding the transition of energy from cold object to hot object. But what is gravity? This is just the energy pumping into star's and planet's interiors; this is the cause of spinning up of planetary systems. In this web-site you can find two types of eternal energy sources of stars and planetary systems in the eternal Universe. It is shown here, how the energy transit from the cold vacuum to hot stars and to planetary systems. These two mechanisms exclude the thermal death of the Universe.

The harm made by expansion of the second law of thermodynamics to gravity processes does not exhausted by the evoking of the false cosmology only. In the twentieth century the erroneous astrophysics of star's interiors were built, and the analogues error was inculcated into geology. The 7-th volume of the Course of Theoretical Physics, written by Landau and Lifshitz, Theory of Elasticity, begins just from the attempts to solve the problem, - what is the pressure inside the self-gravitating object. And again the second law of thermodynamics was put into the basis of the solution of this problem. It is clearly that the second law of thermodynamic is really correct, but if you don't investigate the gravity phenomenon. This law is valid for closed system. But can you enclose the gravity? Any wall is transparent to it.

It is proved in this work that the standard astrophysics of star's interiors is erroneous. There is no maximum of density and maximum of pressure in the center of massive object. But vise verse, - in the center of massive object the pressure and density are minimal. Consequently, the pressure and density are insufficient to support the nuclear fusion. But the nuclear fusion is needed to explain star's energy in standard theory. We do not need it. We have another source of energy. We have no cause to falsify with pressure and density in order to our sources worked. But supporters of standard model indeed must to trick with conditions inside stars in order to launch the nuclear burning. We need no nuclear burning. Our nuclear reactions inside stars can be endothermic and can be exothermic. We need truth.

Our space is material. But this is not the ether made from little balls, and not the space-time foam, but a complex highly regular n-dimensional space-time lattice. Zero rest-mass elementary particles such as photons, gravitons and probably neutrino are the defects of the lattice. They are surplus or missing links of the lattice. They always move with velocity of light. Massive elementary particles live not constantly, but periodically are materialized. The moments of materializations occur at the moments of joining of their two or three defect links. Defect links move in space-time lattice by spiral-like trajectories. Imagine the plane surface of the water in some vessel. Connect with the water surface the value of time equal to zero. The defect link trajectory crosses the "zero-t" surface in several points, - spiral wire inclined at certain angle to plane of surface. That means that one spiral link can be situated at different space points simultaneously. The registration device (the hen), registering the particle (plucking the worm), discovers it in the single point, tearing sometimes the particle in parts and generating sometimes the couple: particle-antiparticle. That is the simplified explanation of quantum mechanics with different probabilities to find the particle in the certain point of space-time.

There exists the closed cycle of energy transition in the Universe.

1. Massive objects absorb the space, and, disappearing, it gives its energy to matter of massive object. The space absorption explains the cause of gravity: i.e. there is no gravity force, but there is the flow of space to absorber, i.e. to massive object. The systems of objects can also absorb the space, and this absorption creates the spinning up forces. The tide friction forces resist the spinning up forces. The friction leads to emission of heat energy. (Note: one must not think the space as three-dimensional continuum; the above explanation is simplified.)

2. The heat from the depths of a planet or a star goes to their surface. The surface radiates the heat far into cosmos in the form of electromagnetic waves (quanta of light).

3. Quantum of light in the expanding intergalactic space continuously gives up its energy into the space, giving the birth of new elements of space, and expanding the old elements of space. The photon itself is continuously redshifted.

The intensity of space absorption by masses and the intensity of space creation are equal in the Universe. Consequently the Universe is in the steady state of equilibrium (static). The energy cycle in the Universe reminds us the water cycle on the Earth.

What have been done?

The simplified model of Ever Young Universe helps us to understand the energy cycle in the Universe; explains us the cause of gravity and the cause of photon's redshift. This model helps to understand why in the Universe there exist two time (age) scales. According to conventional time-scale the age of the Universe is always the same and it is equal to 13.34 billions of years. According to the factual time-scale the age of the Universe is infinity.

The formula for energy output for the Sun is deduced on the basis of space absorption, using the Special Relativity theory.

The cause of stability of the Solar System is explained. As a result the new independent method of deduction of Hubble constant was received. The quantum properties of Solar System were proved. The value of energy transition from the cold vacuum to planetary system was received.

The whole closed scale of space-time fluctuations was received. Up from the border frequency there exists the region of electromagnetic fluctuations; down from the border frequency there exists the gravithermal fluctuations.

The sketches of structure of space-time-matter, as unique n-dimensional lattice were built. The value of the step of the lattice was found. It is proposed that this step has the fundamental meaning not only in the physics and astronomy, but in biology as well.

The exact value of Hubble constant was found and it's clear interpretation was proposed. Look my Exel-program to see, how more precise values of physical constants can be received.

The value of temperature of Cosmic Background Radiation was theoretically received. Radiation tries to expand the Universe outside; the masses try to collapse it inside. If we equal these forces we'll have just such temperature of CBR, as it being observed in the cosmos.

The theoretical model of press, engine, generator of new generation is proposed. The nuclear fusion will be carried out inside the rotating gravithermal coil. It will be no thermonuclear fusion, but a press-nuclear fusion with catalyst.

The Arc Effect, leading to minima of pressure and density in the centers of stars and planets, was proved by several independent methods. The computer program for modeling the conditions inside the ideal self-gravitating object was made.

The Special Theory of Relativity was developed. The symmetry between the set of math functions (sin, cos, tan, cotan) and the set of velocity types (coordinate velocity, proper velocity, rapidity, quantable velocity) was found. It was showed that electron is not a point particle but a string, embracing the whole Universe at the period of time equal to the classical time of an electron. Look the program "The Electron Model".

The major fallacies made in the physics of the 20-th century.

1. The expansion of the second law of thermodynamics into gravity processes. In fact the gravity is the space absorption and as a result, it is the process of heat transition from cold vacuum to hot matter of massive stars, planets, and to other massive bodies.

2. The consequence of the above item is the second harmful fallacy, - the Big Bang hypothesis, which was transformed by religious scientists into the completely and repeatedly proved dogma.

3. Assertion about the maximum of density and pressure in the centers of stars and planets. It turned out to be that this item is the consequence of the first item from this short list.

4. Introduction of the dark energy. It was made at the end of 20-th century in order to save the Big Bang religious dogma.

5. Attempts to make "the small big bang" at LHC. This can lead to the destruction of our Solar System.

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