This page is slightly obsolete now, but it can help you to understand the Arc Effect. GraviThermal Coil was transformed into rotating Inertio-Thermal Coil, and was renamed as Russian Toroidal Matryoshka, which can be used to perform the press-nuclear reactions with catalyst.

The Arc Effect is now proved by several methods. The classic equation of hydrostatic equilibrium is wrong, but it still used in astrophysics now. New equation, containing the Arc Effect item, will ruin the erroneous astrophysics, but we need more time to do it. The science is very conservative. If you want to see the difference in stellar structure while using different equations, open the program Arc Effect (exe-file).

Gravity-Thermal Coil


(Shortened translation from Russian into English)

The Gravity-Thermal Coil is intended to create very high and very low static pressures.  It will permit:

guiding thermonuclear synthesis for energy production;

the production of nuclear isotopes;

mixed nuclear and thermonuclear reactions;

chemical reactions under very high and very low static pressures;

transformations of phase and crystal states of substances.

Geometrically, the Gravity-Thermal Coil resembles an electromagnetic coil, but instead of wire, it consists of a helical gas-filled tube. The plane of its spires is perpendicular to the Earth's surface. The spires can have the form of rings or rectangles. For the sake of simplicity, the description is that of a coil with rectangular spires.

Constructing the Gravity-Thermal Coil will require advanced technology. Useful effects may be achieved if the tube in the coil has a length of several thousands of kilometers and if the difference in temperature between the sides of the coil is several thousand Kelvins.  Suitable dimensions for the coil might be -- length: 1 km, height: 50 m, width: 50 m. Hydrogen would be the most effective working gas, but in order to avoid chemical reactions with the tube, other gases may be substituted for it, and the tube lengthened. The tube is made from heat resistant material laid down in the building walls in numerous layers of numerous coils.  The space separating the coils is filled with elastic material. In Figure1 a single-layered coil is shown.

The tube is filled with working gas, one side of the coil (spire) is constantly heated, and the other side of the coil (spire) is cooled. As a result, a pressure difference will develop between the ends of the coil, its magnitude depending on the length of the tube and the temperature difference. The growth of the pressure difference is discussed in "The Formula of Invention. It is caused by "The Gravigeometric Paradox" (described at the bottom).

The diameter of the tube will depend on the main destination of the device. The length of the tube will depend on the required pressure. The maximum length of the tube will be limited by the strength of materials.

This description only concerns the Gravity-Thermal Coil, which is extremely simple. The difficulties are contained in comparatively large size of the coil, in high requirements to properties of materials and to the process of its assembly.

The time required to develop the pressure difference may be considerable, on the order of several days. If there is a leak in the coil, it will impede the process because of friction in the gas inside the tube. The best possible effect is achievable with the gas nearly at rest, and consequently with minimal leakage and a minimally permeable tube.

The Gravigeometric Paradox.

In order to understand the Gravigeometric Paradox, consider the following thought experiment.

Figure 2. There is a weightless pipe (1) around the Earth. It's mass is zero. The pipe lies not on the supports, but on the scales (3). Several massive balls (2) roll inside the tube in opposite directions. The balls collide, changing the direction of their motions without any loss in the magnitudes of their moments. The balls' velocities are less than the first cosmic velocity. Consequently, the balls weigh down on the tube. And the tube weighs down on the scales. The readings on the scales are positive.

Figure 3. In this case the balls are rolling inside the tube with velocities greater than the first cosmic velocity.  The balls have masses and the tube is massless. Consequently, the balls try to lift the tube away from the Earth, and the scale readings are negative.

Figure 4. Here, the balls' velocities equal the first cosmic velocity. Flying inside the tube, they don't touch its walls.  The readings are zero, and the balls are weightless.

Figure 5. Let's cut a piece from the tube, and let's weld its ends shut. The speed of the balls equals the first cosmic velocity. The balls push neither upwards nor downwards against the tube, but they strike its ends, imparting momentum to it, and the tube applies these forces to the scales. The readings are positive, and the balls have weight now.

Figure 6. Now let's remove the welded ends of this piece of the tube. At the open ends of the tube we erect vertical walls, separate from the tube. The speeds of the balls remain the same.  They pass their inertia to the walls and don't touch the tube.  The tube and the balls are weightless again, and the scales register zero.

In order for the balls (molecules of gas) to have the same speed after collisions as before, it is necessary that the walls have the same temperature as the gas. Then the weight of the gas relatively the ceiling and the floor will be zero, but passes to the bottom by vertical walls, if the velocities of gas molecules are equal the first cosmic velocity.

If the ceiling and floor are the layers of the same gas, then we see the contradiction in the barometric formula. According to the barometric formula, pressure grows towards the bottom. In this case, then velocities of gas molecules are equal the first cosmic velocity, the pressure does not grow at all.

The analysis shows that the forces of gas molecules do bear downwards if their speeds are less than the first cosmic velocity.  If this velocities are equal, then pressure does not change at this sector of heights.  If velocities of gas are bigger the first cosmic velocity, then gas will abandon the star or planer.  If hot gas is closed inside the object, then pressure grows up inside the object.

The Gravigeometric Paradox can easily be confused with the phenomenon of convection, or Archimede's force, but it is entirely different. Archimede's force may occur in homogeneous gravity fields. The phenomenon of the Gravigeometric Paradox occurs in spherically symmetric homogeneous gravity fields.

(The paper was submitted to the Russian patent agency on the 21 of June 2000, # 2000115803)

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Ivan Gorelik.

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Extremely urgent note, 2009.

Attention! Magnetic trap of Devil!

There is a very big probability that magnetic trap will kill us all, if we will not stop powerful colliders.

Magnetic trap is an object, unifying hypothetical objects, connected primarily by magnetic forces: neutron drop / liquid; neutron hole; magnetic hole ...

It is probable that the microscopic magnetic trap can be created at the collider. Magnetic trap will grow capturing the normal substance. As a result, magnetic trap can destroy the Earth.

Magnetic hole is a magnetic analog of the black hole. The black hole is bounded by gravitational forces, and the magnetic hole is bounded by magnetic forces, which are many-many times stronger than gravity forces.

Magnetic hole is a magnetic dipole, in the form of a circle, where there is the critical magnetic field. The lines of magnetic induction are directed perpendicular to the plane of the circle. Nucleons are microscopic magnets, and they can be easily captured by the critical field of the hole. As a result the hole is growing.

The approximate computation shows that the minimal possible magnetic hole, which can capture a nucleon, has a mass slightly more than one thousand masses of nucleons. The Tevatron collider is now working near this region (1 TeV). The Large Hadron Collider will be able to create the particles with the rest mass, which are seven times more that the minimal possible mass of magnetic hole.

According to publications, LHC will create microscopic black holes. Most theorists suggest that these black holes will disappear, because of the Hawking evaporation. However, we know that there are several theories of gravity. Some theories did not even admit the existence of black holes. In addition, there are several theories of black holes. Therefore, confidence in the classical theory of black holes and in a process of evaporation of black holes is very poor.

For several years, some scientists argue and demand to ban the construction of powerful colliders. Among the known dangerous objects that may lead to global catastrophe are the following: microscopic black holes, strangelets, magnetic monopoles, vacuum bubbles. I learned about these disputes and concerns only in early September 2008. And then I immediately noticed that the objects, bounded by magnetic forces, were almost not analyzed.

In early September, I assumed that the probability of a global catastrophe is less than 0.000001. However, after three months of analysis of the objects, bounded by magnetic forces, and after the analysis of space observations, my assessment of the global disaster has surpassed dozens of percents.

Some theorists suggest that the Higgs bosons will be registered at the LHC. And, if these particles will not been found, the theorists would be very surprised; - this would prove that the Standard Model is wrong. Higgs boson had received a new name, "the God particle". We know that the most of particles have their corresponding antiparticles. So, if there is a particle of God, then there is a particle of Devil. Two colliding particles can give two more massive particles, - the particle and its antiparticle, for example, an electron and positron. By adding the colliding energy, we can get the the God particle and its anti-particle, the magnetic trap of Devil. Particles and antiparticles have diametrically opposed properties. Indeed, the Higgs boson causes the ordinary matter to have a mass. But the magnetic hole captures the substance and transforms its rest mass-energy into another form of matter, the magnetic field of the Devil's trap. Say me now, are we have the right to touch the particle of God?

Microscopic magnetic holes created at the collider, will move to the center of the Earth, absorbing the matter in their path. Eventually they will merge together into a single and much stronger magnetic hole. The thin shell of the Earth, together with us, will be ejected into cosmic space, but the rest of the Earth will turn into an electric current loop of several meters radius. For comparison, the radius of a black hole of the same mass is 9 millimeters. Half of Earth’s mass will be transformed into magnetic field of neutron hole, and another half will be transformed into radiation and kinetic energy of the released shell.

Magnetic hole will not decay if it was born in such cold place, as the collider, where the temperature is close to 0 K. If the magnetic hole is born in a collision of space particle with atmospheric particle, it has a speed, which is close to the speed of light. As a result, such magnetic hole will evaporate almost immediately after the capture of new atmospheric particles. Such decaying magnetic hole will form a cosmic-ray particle shower. Such showers are observable.

Huge magnetic holes are also observable is cosmos.

In the remnants of supernova SN 1987A we can see a system of rings, which remind us the magnetic hole. It is possible that this magnetic hole is decaying now.

It seems as if these rings embrace a hyperboloid. And now look at the electron, moving along two hyperboles in coordinates x, ict, in my electron model program. Each electron crosses the entire Universe in a period of time, which is equal to the classical period of the electron. This paradoxical conclusion is the consequence of the Special Relativity Theory. The ring structure of SN 1987A and our electron model have common visible properties. The Earth and the Sun can be turned into the same ring structure.

Magnetic collapse is much more rapid than the gravity collapse. At the process of magnetic collapse the nucleon turns such, that its magnetic dipole moment becomes parallel to magnetic dipole moment of a trap. Gravity collapse needs displacing of a matter inside the Schwarzschild radius. The time interval of neutrino registration at neutrino observatories had proved the reality of magnetic collapse of dying stars.

Particle's collision energies and bombs:

Several eV - chemical bomb;
Several MeV - nuclear bomb;
Several TeV - hyper bomb.

Chemical bomb is accompanied by the change of chemical structure of matter.
Nuclear bomb is accompanied by the change of nuclear structure of matter.
Hyper bomb is accompanied by the transformation of solid matter into a field.

Only crazy people can try to create the particles with the rest mass, more then 1000 nucleon masses. It is very possible that in the region from 1000 to 7000 aum, hundreds types of particles and resonances can be created. It is clear, that the most of them will decay. But some of them will grow, capturing the ordinary matter.

Academician Migdal wrote 30 years ago about pion condensation in the strong fields. As a result he had come to conclusion that neutron stars can have any masses. My approximate computation also shows that the minimal possible neutron star can have a mass, about one thousand of nucleon masses. Such embryo of neutron star can by made in collider.

Not long ago the new strange unexpected particle was discovered at the Tevatron collider. It decays at several muons, up to eight units. Somebody had already named it the Halloween particle. I named it the muon hole. What will be made the next? The magnetic trap of Devil? It will not decay, but it will transform us into its magnetic field.

Majority of contemporary physicists imagine quark-gluon plasma as a suck with peas. That is a very dangerous imagination. Particles are not points with labels, where their quantum properties were written. Particles are complex elements of space-time. Particles are not  material essences, independent of space-time; they are just space-time strings. 

Dear reader, the situation is extremely serious. The physics now is in the deep crisis. Theorists, in order to save their religious Big Bang theory, invented “the dark energy" as a new either. They want now to test their wretched theories at the powerful collider LHC.

One of the authors of such fairy tales, V.A. Rubakov, at the page The safety of the LHC wrote: "We can be sure that particle collisions at the LHC  cannot lead to a catastrophic consequences".  And at the page V.A.Rubakov we can read: "Thus already in his first famous work on proton decay monopole catalysis (1981) he theoretically predicted a qualitative physical effect (decay of baryon matter!) and made a thorough quantitative conclusion about the possibility and ways how it can be tested experimentally". But that is the magnetic hole, or magnetic dipole, made of two coupled monopoles.

Those persons, with high ranks and high scientific degrees, who cry about the safety of LHC, had already made a crime now. The LHC was launched despite the fact that there were court trials. The Earth could be exploded the 21 of September 2008, but the accident, which had happened two days earlier, had saved us. Scientists-criminals must be punished. But they continue to lie about the safety of the LHC, and are preparing the global terrorist crime now.

Dear reader! Big Bang adherents can lead the Earth to the utter destruction. Particle collisions with the energy more then 1 TeV must be prohibited by international law. The science must be cleared from the Big Bang delusion. Big-bangers want to touch the particle of God, but thus, they lead us into the magnetic trap of Devil. People, will you silently endure the massacre?

Some documents and links.

1. In November 2008, I arrived to Moscow in order to file a lawsuit against the Russian Academy of Sciences and against the most active propagandists of the LHC launch. Unfortunately, for lack of funds, I still (February 2009) can not to do it.
2. In late November at the "meeting of four" there was decided to hear my report "What LHC will give us?" at a workshop in one of the leading institutions of Moscow. Here are abstract (in Russian) of my speech. But later, I received from this institution the "retreat".
3. In early December, I sent a letter (in Russian) to the President of the Russian Federation. In early January, I received a letter in which it was stated that my letter was sent to the Russian Academy of Sciences.
4. In early December, I sent a letter (in Russian) to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation. Soon after, I received the answer stating that my letter "was sent for review in the prescribed manner".
5. In the end of January I returned to Feodosia (Ukraine) and continued to inform about the risks of the global catastrophe. You can read some letters, which were send by me to the Google groups, - just click my Google-profile.
6. In February 2009 I wrote the page The Business Offer. Open and read it to know, what can You do to prevent the global catastrophe.

Reproduction of biospheres and civilizations. Who are you, dear reader: "a cell of good reason", "a curiosity cell", or "thoughtless muscular cell"?

Magnetic trap of Devil. Recent calculations show that it is not excluded that microscopic magnetic traps were already created, and they are growing now somewhere inside the Earth.

Arguments, proving that "The LHC will lead to global catastrophe"; "Magnetic holes exist"; "We will not be able to prevent the LHC launch and the following global catastrophe". Religious and mystic arguments.

Read the frequently updated page The Business Offer for more news, links and developments of this topic.

The end of Extremely urgent note, 2009.

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