Reproduction of biospheres and civilizations.

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Now CERN collides protons with high energy. I give dozens of percents probability that the microscopic magnetic holes will be created. The most likely, the time of growth of magnetic holes till the consumption of the whole Earth is about one day. This means that the next day the magnetic field of growing magnetic hole will push us all to the equator of the Earth in a single high ocean wave. From there we will start into space, being mixed with mud and with all the water of the whole planet.

This frog levitates (hanging in the air) in a magnetic field with induction of 16 teslas, because of the diamagnetism of water, and, as you know, living beings are composed mainly of water.

The magnetic field will accelerate us so that we will overtake Voyagers. The water around us will turn into frozen dirty foam of very low density. The solar wind will give these new formed comets a further acceleration. An hour later the comets will be hit by wreckage of the crust of exploded Earth and by a powerful gamma radiation. After a few years (thousands of years) we will be overtaken by the shock wave from exploded Sun. Well, after a millions of years, we could reach to the closest star systems to sow where our viruses, DNA and the seeds of poplars, daisies, etc.

Reproduction of biospheres

Our human Civilization is the constituent part of the Earth's biosphere. We will speak here about the ways of biospheres reproduction in cosmos. It is clear that the reproduction of human civilizations is the constituent and final part of more general process, - the reproduction of biospheres.
But is that possible?
Let's try to answer the following questions, at first, and after, we'll try to make some conclusions, according to scientific definitions and observations.  
Is our biosphere a living organism? Or, is it superorganism?
Is human a living organism or a living superorganism?


 The concept that the biosphere is itself a living organism, either actually or metaphorically, is known as the Gaia hypothesis.

James Lovelock, an atmospheric scientist from the United Kingdom, proposed the Gaia hypothesis to explain how biotic and abiotic factors interact in the biosphere. This hypothesis considers Earth itself a kind of living organism. Its atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere are cooperating systems that yield a biosphere full of life.

Gaia hypothesis [2].

The Gaia hypothesis is an ecological hypothesis proposing that the biosphere and the physical components of the Earth (atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere) are closely integrated to form a complex interacting system that maintains the climatic and biogeochemical conditions on Earth in a preferred homeostasis. Originally proposed by James Lovelock as the earth feedback hypothesis, it was named the Gaia Hypothesis, after the Greek supreme goddess of Earth. The hypothesis is frequently described as viewing the Earth as a single organism. Lovelock and other supporters of the idea now regard it as a scientific theory, not merely a hypothesis, since they believe it has passed predictive tests.

One of the criteria of the empirical definition of life is its ability to replicate and pass on their genetic information to succeeding generations. Consequently, an argument against the idea that Gaia is a "living" organism is the fact that the planet is unable to reproduce.

Organism [3].

In biology, an organism is a living thing (such as animal, plant, fungus, or micro-organism). In at least some form, all organisms are capable of response to stimuli, reproduction, growth and development, and maintenance of homeostasis as a stable whole. An organism may either be unicellular or be composed of many billions of cells grouped into specialized tissues and organs. The term multicellular describes any organism made up of more than one cell.

A superorganism is an organism consisting of many organisms. This is usually meant to be a social unit of eusocial animals, where division of labor is highly specialized and where individuals are not able to survive by themselves for extended periods of time. Ants are the most well known example of such a superorganism. Thermoregulation, a feature usually exhibited by individual organisms, does not occur in individuals or small groups of honeybees... When these bees pack together in clusters of between 5000 and 40000, the colony can thermoregulate. James Lovelock, with his "Gaia Theory" has paralleled the work of Vladimir Vernadsky, who suggested the whole of the biosphere in some respects can be considered as a superorganism

It is also argued that humans are actually a superorganism that includes microorganisms such as bacteria. It is estimated that the human intestinal microbiota is composed of 1013 to 1014 microorganisms whose collective genome contains at least 100 times as many genes as our own. Thus, humans are superorganisms whose metabolism represents an amalgamation of microbial and human attributes.

The first conclusion: Humans are superorganisms. Planetary biospheres can also be named the superorganisms, if we will find some proves to the last missing property, required by the definition of the living organism, - the ability of reproduction.


Panspermia [4].

Panspermia is the hypothesis that "seeds" of life exist already all over the Universe, that life on Earth may have originated through these "seeds", and that they may deliver or have delivered life to other habitable bodies.

Panspermia can be said to be either interstellar or interplanetary. Mechanisms for panspermia include radiation pressure (Arrhenius) and lithopanspermia (microorganisms in rocks) (Kelvin). Directed panspermia from space to seed Earth (Orgel and Crick, 1973) or sent from Earth to seed other solar systems (Mautner 1979, 1997) has also been proposed.

Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe were important proponents of the hypothesis who further contended that lifeforms continue to enter the Earth's atmosphere, and may be responsible for epidemic outbreaks, new diseases, and the genetic novelty necessary for macroevolution. This extension has also been adopted by proponents of Cosmic ancestry.

In the strongest version of panspermia, life never originated, but always existed — this axiom would require amending the big bang theory.

The mechanisms proposed for interstellar panspermia are hypothetical and currently unproven.


The second conclusion: Official science persistently denies the Steady State models of Universe and the Panspermia hypothesis, despite the fact that there are a lot of observations and physical evidences of these theories. This leads me to the thought that the official science is some organ of our living Biosphere, which has genetic innate property, aimed at implementing of the suicidal reproduction of biospheres.

The third conclusion: Scientists, who are interested in the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, can be named "the curiosity cells" of our Biosphere. Scientists, who are crying everywhere about the possible global risks, can be named “the good reason cells” of our Biosphere. If the first large group of physics will win, then our Biosphere will die, as a thoughtless female-animal. If the second very small group will win, then Biospher will survive and look like a reasonable, thinking female, able to anticipate the danger.

The forth conclusion: The mechanism for interstellar panspermia is absolutely clear; it is the explosion of the planet, where the biosphere had grown to the reproducing age. The method of biosphere's reproduction is similar to that of exploding cucumber. The more powerful explosion, - the more reliable reproduction.

Possible detonators of global explosion:

1.      Collision of particles with the energy about 1 TeV or higher per particle.

2.      Creating of Bose-Einstein Condensate in the laboratories, experimenting with the matter under extremely low temperatures.

3.      Underground tests of nuclear weapons, which can lead to thermonuclear detonation of geological stratum of such nuclear fuel, as KH.

4.      Creating the transuranium elements.

How it must look in order to better preserve the seeds of life.
With some part of fantasy.

Magnetic hole absorbs the inner part of our planet. Planet self-contracts. Oceans cover the mainland by water. Magnetic hole is growing exponentially and, finally, a huge explosion occurs, which sends the shell of the Earth's into outer space. All of us, with grass, cats, fish, tadpoles fly, covered by ocean water, with the speed of ten times more, than the speed Voyagers. Due to the reduction of pressure the water boils, transforming into foam, and soon it freezes. Thus the comets are formed. The temperatures are about "minus" 150-250 degrees Centigrade. Flies and tadpoles in comets are in a state of hibernation.

Finally, some comet enters some Earth-like platen’s atmosphere. The comet splits, and its icy parts drop into warm lakes. There the comet’s parts are melting. Flies wake up and fly away, some fishes and tadpoles, too, wake up, and swim away.

The human will appear on this planet on the next stage, when n’th comet will arrive to this planet, when comet’s shell will melt under the rays of that star, when human's DNA molecules will subside to that planet.


The cosmic space has a huge amount of organic substance.

Each year, only in our Galaxy, containing approximately 150 billion stars, from one to ten civilizations die. Mourning marches, that are, nova and supernova explosions, play several times frequently. Part of the nova stars exert repeated explosions. The cause is clear - magnetic hole, reaching a mass roughly equal to 1/20 of solar masses, transform into a black hole. Their radii at this mass are equal, and the transition is accompanied by explosion. Therefore, the Sun will be eaten in twenty receptions, accompanied by explosions that would occur with intervals of several tens of years. Supernovae are exploding at once, because they have thin shells, and magnetic holes fail in supernovae’s rarefied central parts.


From the letter (slightly corrected).

In his commentary to the article How do we know the LHC really is safe?,  published in NewSientist the 21 January 2009,  James Tankers wrote: "To mitigate possible risk, I would like CERN to agree to follow Dr. Habil Rainer Plaga's compromise recommendation to increase energy levels only slowly and examine results before significantly increasing energy levels further."

James, say me, please, is it possible to prevent sperm ejaculation by "increasing energy levels only slowly" at the time of sexual intercourse?

Our civilization is a huge alive superorganism. Organisms must reproduce themselves. CERN is the possible reproductive organ of our Civilization. The launch of LHC is the sexual act, leading to the explosion of Earth, and to the launch of Civilization’s seeds into cosmos.

We must postpone the act of Civilization reproduction act as far as possible. The sexual act of our Civilization, which is the launch of collider, must be forbidden. The “slowly LHC-sex” will not safe us from reproductive suicide.


Some thoughts and questions.

Is our Biosphere a brainless organism, or it is able to reasonably think?
What is the Biosphere's brain: governments, religious organizations, scientific organizations, independent researchers? Can very rarefied "cells of good reason" prevent or postpone the reproductive suicide of Biosphere? Who are you, dear reader: "a cell of good reason", "a curiosity cell", or "thoughtless muscular cell"?

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Magnetic trap of Devil. Recent calculations


Crude errors in the LHC safety documents. What will LHC give us, the particle of God, or magnetic trap of Devil?

The Letters to the President of Russia.

The Letters to the Prosecutors Office of the Russian Federation.

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Attention! Magnetic trap of Devil!

There is a very big probability that magnetic trap will kill us all, if we will not stop powerful colliders.

Magnetic trap is an object, unifying hypothetical objects, connected primarily by magnetic forces: neutron drop / liquid; neutron hole; magnetic hole ...

It is probable that the microscopic magnetic trap can be created at the collider. Magnetic trap will grow capturing the normal substance. As a result, magnetic trap can destroy the Earth.

Magnetic hole is a magnetic analog of the black hole. The black hole is bonded by gravitational forces, and the magnetic hole is bonded by magnetic forces, which are many-many times stronger than gravity forces.

Magnetic hole is a magnetic dipole, and can have the form of a torus, ellipsoid or cylinder, dependently of a matter distribution around it and its magnetic properties. Inside the hole there is the critical magnetic field, about 1016 teslas. The lines of magnetic induction are directed perpendicular to the plane of the hole. Nucleons are microscopic magnets, and they can be easily captured by the critical field of the hole. Proton decays at x-boson and positron. Neutron decays at x-boson and antineutrino. Positrons and antineutrino are ejected from the hole; x-bosons are captured and the is growing.

The approximate computation shows that the minimal possible magnetic hole, which can capture a nucleon, has a mass about 340 of masses of nucleons. The Tevatron collider is now working above this region (1 TeV). Creation of magnetic holes at Tevatron was impossible for two reasons:
1. Collision of a proton and an antiproton leads to annihilation;
2. In the center of the line, connecting the proton and antiproton, facing a tangent, the magnetic field is zero.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be able to create the particles with the rest mass, which are dozens times more that the minimal possible mass of magnetic hole.

For several years, some scientists argue and demand to ban the construction of powerful colliders. Among the known dangerous objects that may lead to global catastrophe are the following: microscopic black holes, strangelets, magnetic monopoles, vacuum bubbles. I learned about these disputes and concerns only in early September 2008. And then I immediately noticed that the objects, bonded by magnetic forces, were almost not analyzed.

In early September 2008, I assumed that the probability of a global catastrophe is less than 0.000001. However, after analysis of the objects, bonded by magnetic forces; after the analysis of space observations; after I found crude errors in the LHC safety documents, my assessment of the global disaster has surpassed dozens of percents.

Some theorists suggest that the Higgs bosons will be registered at the LHC. And, if these particles will not been found, the theorists would be very surprised; - this would prove that the Standard Model is wrong. Higgs boson had received a new name, "the God particle". We know that the most of particles have their corresponding antiparticles. So, if there is a particle of God, then there is a particle of Devil. Two colliding particles can give two more massive particles, - the particle and its antiparticle, for example, an electron and positron. By adding the colliding energy, we can get the God particle and its anti-particle, the magnetic trap of Devil. Particles and antiparticles have diametrically opposed properties. Indeed, the Higgs boson causes the ordinary matter to have a mass. But the magnetic hole captures the substance and transforms its rest mass-energy into another form of matter, - the magnetic field of the Devil's trap. Say me now, have we the right to touch the particle of God?

Microscopic magnetic holes created at the collider, will move to the center of the Earth, absorbing the matter in their path. Eventually they will merge together into a single and much stronger magnetic hole. The thin shell of the Earth, together with us, will be ejected into cosmic space, but the rest of the Earth will turn into an electric current loop of several meters radius. For comparison, the radius of a black hole of the same mass is 9 millimeters. 2/3 of Earth’s mass will be transformed into magnetic field of magnetic hole, and another 1/3 will be transformed into radiation and kinetic energy of the rejected shell.

Magnetic hole will not decay if it was born in such cold place, as the collider, where the temperature is close to 0 K. If the magnetic hole is born in a collision of space particle with atmospheric particle, it has a speed, which is close to the speed of light. As a result, such magnetic hole will be ruined almost immediately as a result of energetic collisions with atmospheric particles. Such ruined magnetic hole will form a cosmic-ray particle shower. Such showers are observable.

Huge magnetic holes are also observable is cosmos.

In the remnants of supernova SN 1987A we can see a system of rings, which remind us the magnetic hole. What quantum number had divided the ejected particles at these three rings?

It seems as if these rings embrace a hyperboloid. And now look at the electron, moving along two hyperboles in coordinates x, ict, in my electron model program. Each electron crosses the entire Universe in a period of time, which is equal to the classical period of the electron. This paradoxical conclusion is the consequence of the Special Relativity Theory. The ring structure of SN 1987A and our electron model have common visible properties. The Earth and the Sun can be turned into the same ring structure.

Magnetic collapse is much more rapid than the gravity collapse. At the process of magnetic collapse the nucleon turns such, that its magnetic dipole moment becomes parallel to the magnetic dipole moment of a trap. Gravity collapse needs displacing of a matter inside the Schwarzschild radius. The time interval of neutrino registration at neutrino observatories had proved the reality of magnetic collapse of dying stars.

Now (December 2009) I am very confident that there are no black holes in the Universe. But gravitational collapses are possible and observable as powerful Gamma Rays Bursts (GRBs). At the moment then mh’s and bh’s radii become equal, the rapid gravity collapse changes the magnetic collapse. Gravity funnel becomes thinner and disappear. Collapse ends by gamma rays burst and flattening the space, without any black hole formed. The energy of gamma burst can be about 2/3 of mc^2 of exploded star. A small fraction of matter, which was able to survive, moves out from the place of explosion with high velocity.

Pulsars are not the neutron stars, but magnetic holes surrounded by dense neutron shells. Neutrons have negative magnetic moments and as a result they are repealed out from the magnetic hole, but attracted to the hole by its huge gravity forces. So the neutron shell is situated at the region where the magnetic and gravitational forces are equal.

Magnetic holes explain us the cause of several astronomical pulses: gamma-bursts, huge radio jets, the annihilation lines of electron-positron pairs, huge velocities of remnants of cosmic catastrophes, the absence of civilizations which are older, than those, who can build powerful colliders.

Several days ago (December 9, 2009) an article was published, - gamma rays bursts are bourn in strong magnetic fields. That is one more proving argument of magnetic holes. Huge Cosmic Explosions Fueled by Magnetism

Particle's collision energies and bombs:

Several eV - chemical bomb;
Several MeV - nuclear bomb;
Several TeV - hyper bomb.

Chemical bomb is accompanied by the change of chemical structure of matter.
Nuclear bomb is accompanied by the change of nuclear structure of matter.
Hyper bomb is accompanied by the transformation of solid matter into a field.

Scientific crime.

Only crazy people can try to create the particles with the rest mass, more than 100 nucleon masses. It is very possible that in the region from 100 to 7000 aum, hundreds types of particles and resonances can be created. It is clear, that the most of them will decay. But some of them will grow, capturing and destroying the ordinary matter.

Academician Migdal wrote 30 years ago about pion condensation in the strong fields. As a result he had come to conclusion that neutron stars can have any masses. My approximate computation also shows that the minimal possible neutron star can have a mass, about three hundreds of nucleon masses. Such embryo of neutron star can by made in collider.

Not long ago (autumn 2008) the new strange unexpected particle was discovered at the Tevatron collider. It decays at several muons, up to eight units. Somebody had already named it the Halloween particle. I named it the muon hole. What will be made the next? The magnetic trap of Devil? It will not decay, but it will transform us into its magnetic field.

Majority of contemporary physicists imagine quark-gluon plasma as a suck with peas. That is a very dangerous imagination. Particles are not points with labels, where their quantum properties were written. Particles are not the material essences, independent of space-time; they are just space-time elements, strings. 

Dear reader, the situation is extremely serious. The physics now is in the deep crisis. Theorists, in order to save their religious Big Bang theory, invented “the dark energy" as a new either. They want now to test their wretched theories at the powerful Large Hadron Collider.

Those persons, with high ranks and high scientific degrees, who cry about the safety of LHC, had already made a crime now. The LHC was launched despite the fact that there were court trials. The Earth could be exploded the 21 of September 2008, but the accident, which had happened two days earlier, had saved us. Scientists-criminals must be punished. But they continue to lie about the safety of the LHC, and are performing the global terrorist crime now.

Dear reader! Big Bang adherents can lead the Earth to the utter destruction. Particle collisions with the energy more then 0.1 TeV must be prohibited by the international law. The science must be cleared from the Big Bang delusion. Big-bangers want to touch the particle of God, but thus, they lead us into the magnetic trap of Devil. People, will you silently endure the massacre?

Here is not complete list of your potential killers: 2003 J.-P. Blaizot, J. Iliopoulos, J. Madsen, G.G. Ross, P. Sonderegger, H.-J. Specht. 2008 John Ellis, Gian Giudice, Michelangelo Mangano, Igor Tkachev, and Urs Wiedemann. And of course, Rolf Heuer, director of CERN, who neglects the opinion of physicists, saying  about dangers of LHC.

The crudest error, made by them, is equating of the consequences of collider collisions with cosmo-atmospheric collisions. To see the difference between these consequences look my model with two 10-kg bottles with neutrons. You will see that the bottle, corresponding to cosmic rays, will be safe. But the bottle, corresponding to LHC
collisions, will transform the town into Hiroshima.

Here are some CERN addresses. Write them and demand to stop the Collider. Otherwise they kill us all with probability about several dozens of percents.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Here are some phones of your potential killers:

CERN CH-1211 Genève 23 Switzerland. +41 22 76 761 11
Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire F-01631 CERN Cedex France Telephone Switchboard: +41 22 76 761 11 Central Fax: +41 22 76 765 55
Visitors Reception. Telephone number:+41 22 76 766 49
Visits Service. Telephone number: +41 22 767 8484, Fax: +41 22 767 8710
Press Office. Telephone number: 41 22 767 3432 / 2141 Fax: +41 22 785 0247

Stop global suicide!

Some documents and links.

Crude errors in the LHC safety documents. What will LHC give us, the particle of God, or magnetic trap of Devil?

Letter to the President of Russia

Letters to the Prosecutors Office of the Russian Federation.

You can read some my letters, which were send to the Google groups, - just click my Google-profile. I was already forbidden there and now registered there under another nick, Magnetic. Read for example my thread The huge field of growing magnetic hole will accelerate us so quickly, that we will overtake Voyagers.

Reproduction of biospheres and civilizations.

Magnetic trap of Devil. Recent calculations.


Magnetic Hole. Pictures.

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