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Note from May, 2018

Since 2008 I have been an active fighter against the dangerous experiments, which were planned to perform at the Large Hadron Collider. In this regard, I was even given the title "Big Hadron Frick". The authors of Freakopedia had stolen some phrases from my web-site and published that at their pages. But my ideas were so hostile to modern religious scholars that "my information" in Freakopedia was destroyed by them. I was banned (forbidden) almost everywhere.

Now I understand that all this fuss around the Large Hadron Collider, most likely, was a big lie. This is similar to the six expeditions of the American Rambo-astronauts to the Moon, committed between 1969 and 1972. The whole world had swallowed this lie. The Soviet Union was shifted from the first place in the space exploration to the second step. Following this shift, our Union had lost its force in all other spheres. The goal was achieved. And more! Now our students continue to receive "the noodles onto their ears" about the space achievements of American Rambo astronauts.

So, were the Americans on the moon?

Most likely, they are there. Or rather their corpses. And who was there before? Our cosmonauts, or American?

It’s hard to tell. And it is unlikely that any country will admit that it sent suicide-volunteers to the Moon. This is unethical! But we need the knowledge. So, it is quite possible, that now, somewhere on the Moon surface there are several corpses. And thankfully to them we have some samples of lunar soil in our museums. In order to deliver those samples from the Moon surface, volunteers ought to take one-way tickets to the Moon, perform the task and die. The task of the suicide-volunteers was to pack a small rocket with lunar soil, shoot this missile to the near-Moon module, and die silently from exhaustion and radiation.

And what about the Large Hadron Noodles?

Citizens, I think you were saved! You were saved by Walter Wagner, Luis Sancho, Otto Rösler, Vasily Golota and others who spoke about the global danger of experiments at the LHC.

Those physicists, who are at the top of the chicken coop at last realized that experiments at the Large Hadron Collider could lead to the destruction of the planet. But instead of acknowledging their mistakes, they imitated and continue to imitate collisions at the collider. Collisions are “carried out” on the computer screen, and the entrance to the collider tunnel is strictly prohibited!

To confirm their Large Hadron Noodle, they even "discovered" the Higgs boson and gave the Nobel Prize.

So, dear student, do not think that you are a fool one, and you are the only person one who does not understand how this Higgs boson gives the mass to all other particles. I also do not accept this idea. It's just famously twisted spaghetti on our ears. In fact, everything in physics is much more interesting and reliable!

See, how the electron moves in our space-time! An electron does not just revolve around the nuclei. Your electrons are leaving your body billions of billions of times per second. Can you imagine? All your particles fly around the entire universe in a small fraction of a second many, many times. And they constantly flare up, materialize in your bodies. This conclusion is the consequence of quantum mechanics with its non-zero probability to detect your electron far beyond your body. The new look at Special Relativity also leads to this conclusion. Look here, please:

Note from 2016.

The explosion of the Earth is an unavoidable act of reproduction of life in the Universe.

Yes, dear reader. Exactly! The Earth is probably already doomed. Despite of our protests, the most "outstanding" physics of the world had already made the physical experiments, which start the collaptical explosion of the Earth. It is a slow process. It will last from 10 to 1000 years. The term depends of how much collapsars were created, and how quickly these microscopic collapsars would grow. It is very sad. But nothing can be done - it is necessary to live and enjoy the remaining years. We must pride in the fact that we, or our children, grandchildren will be the generation, who will bear the seeds of life in other star systems. All, of course, will die, but our DNA will be stored in cold comets. The simplest organisms can also experience metamorphosis. The eggs, pupae, larvae, worms will evolve into some sort of comet's creatures in the centers of the largest comets - giant foam spray the Earth's oceans.

It is a natural consequence. This is the law of the Space Genetics. Planetary civilization, which reached child-bearing age must blow up our planet, to give new life to the eternal Universe. In order to do that, the civilization should have genetically inherent desire to take risks, to develop a scientific dogma called the Big Bang. It is paradoxical, but the explosion of the Earth has been initiated with the purpose to check the truth of this vomit Big Bang. They did not prove anything. A dogma remained the dogma, but the Earth has already doomed to be torn into peaces. And what about the universe? Nothing! She is always eternally young! And the life is eternal in the Universe. There is no other way of reproduction of biospheres, except of explosive panspermia. The need for suicidal explosion has been developed in the Universe. This is the major gene in the living Universe.

14.11.2015. These days the global terrorists are going to a new world record. :(
They begin heavy ion collisions of lead with the energy 2*82*6,5TeV=1066TeV=1.1PeV per collision.
People! Space is waiting for your bodies! The new comets will soon be filed! In n days the magnetic holes (or maybe strangelets or some other subnuclear muck) will fill the Earth's core with energy and our planet will be torn apart, as sealed teapot, forgotten on a gas stove! Good luck to you flying, my dear careless people. Sincerely yours, Dr Dark!

22.02.2015. In a few days the Big Hadron Earth's Murder will restore its operation. Criminals from CERN want to see our common END as soon as possible... But we still live and I want to present you my new invention: The Separator. It is needed in order to divide the air into oxygen and nitrogen... In order to use the first in engines... The Separator can also be used in order to divide chemical elements onto isotopes, for example onto K39, K40, K41. They are needed in pressnuclear reactor, invented by me several years ago.

Read more at my Russian-language pages...

November 7, 2010. The first collisions of heavy ions with energy 3.5 Z TeV were performed the 6-th of November. Was the collaptical explosion of the Earth switched on or not, we’ll be able to know, observing the intensity of neutrino flux from the Earth. If the growth of the flux will not be registered till this New Year, then all is OK and you can live calmly. I would be happy to be an "Ivan-Durak" , or "Ivan-the-Fool", but let’s wait till New Year.

Magnetic Holes and Golden Section.

According to Ion Commissioning Plan the first collisions (random) are appointed on November 6, the “first collisions + physics” are appointed on November 7.

Will they create microscopic magnetic holes, and will we all fly into cosmos, we will know in a nearest days. The first harbinger of a growing global catastrophe is the growing flux of neutrino from the microscopic dangerous condensates (magnetic holes, strangelets, mixtures of strange nucleons with neutrons and/or other possible hyper nucleons).

These days I had investigated the properties of magnetic holes, was looking for extreme. I found them and was deeply surprised because they were numerically equal to the famous Golden Section.

Do mathematicians know about such equations? Or magnetic holes give as new equations?
1. sinh(artanh Y)= cos(arsin Y);
2. cosh(artanh Y)=1/cos(arsin Y);
3. a=cos2(arsin Y)=sin2(arcos Y);
4. arsin Y0.5=arcos Y;
5. arcos Y0.5=arsin Y.

The solution of these equations is a number Y=0,6180339887498948482
It’s main properties:
and so on.

Let’s return to magnetic holes and see at some new results.
Now we can say that the center of every elementary particle looks like a black hole, or to be more precise, - if we rake the imaginable shell of a particle in a single point and let it free at the classical radius of the particle, then the center of the particle will look as an Event Horizon. This raked pointlike shell will start to perform relativistic harmonic oscillations.

These harmonic oscillations can be visible from K inertial reference system, connected with the center of the particle, as a periodic movement along the x-axis from -rcl to +rcl and vice versa. In a space-time scan the world line of this oscillating pointlike shell will look as a sinusoid directed in the future.

If we look at these oscillations from the successive systems of references K1, K2, K3.., were the pointlike shell is in the state of rest, we’ll receive two pseudo circumferences, - right/left and top/bottom.

Top/bottom circumference has two extreme. These extreme are situated at points x = +/-Y rcl, where Y Golden Section, rcl classical radius of a particle.

This motion looks as if particles weave the space at right and left sides; untwist it in the bottom of the figure, i.e. in the past; and bind the semi-spaces together, being itself as a singularity in the space-time.

In my deduction I used two modified Rindler’s wedges. My modified Rindler’s wedges move along the time axes synchronically to time flow.
The original Rindler’s wedge valid only at x>0 and connected to the point t=0 always.
This point is an Event Horizon for a special hyperbolic motion inside the wedge.

Those, who do not believe me about the Event Horizon in the Rindler’s wedge, can read a correspondent article in the Wikipedia.

The presence of Event Horizon says us about a "hole" or a "singularity" in a space-time. Now received "hole" is not the "gravitational black hole", but a "chromomagnetic hole" or a hole, made by nuclear forces. This hole continues to be a chromomagnetic hole till the rotation it the (x, ict) plane exists. But if the particle is forced to turn in space-time by some external forces from (x, ict) to (y, z), it can eject a lepton and become a pure "magnetic hole", or to become a constituent part of some bigger magnetic hole, rotating in a space-space plane, for example in (y, z) plane. This constituent element of magnetic hole is a pair of a charge and anticharge. It looks like a medicine pill in a tin of magnetic hole.

On the following figures you can see the space-time scans.
For the "pull" case:


For the "push" case:


Extrema correspond to the x values, where the green lines are gorisontal.
In these points x = +/-Y rcl; v = +/-Y c.

In the "pull" case: red quasi-hyperbolae begin in the bottom and finish at the top; green quasi-hyperbolae begin in the left side and finish at the right side.
In the "push" case - vice verse.
Blue line is the world line of a charge, performing harmonic oscillations along the x-axis.
Red lines are the world lines of the same charge, rotating along the right/left pseudo circumference.
Green lines are the world lines of the same charge, rotating along the top/bottom pseudo circumference.
If there is a charge, rotating in the plane (yz) with the same frequency, its world line can coincide with the blue line or to be in opposite phase.

In the bottom wedge lines are crossed. That means that there is no field there. Literary speaking, the charge draws the lines in the future regions and spends paint; the charge gathers the old paint from the past region by crossing its old lines.

Chromomagnetic field of nucleon:


After a turn from (x, ict) rotations to (y, z) rotations and after the lost of lepton, the nucleon transforms from microscopic chromomagnetic hole into magnetic hole (boson):


which is a constituent part of a bigger magnetic hole (ferromagnetic vacuum of Savidy):


As a result a Solar system can be transformed into something like this:


Some new links:

1. How CERN's Documents Contradict its Safety Assurances: Plans for "Strangelet" Detection at the LHC. Eric Penrose.
2. "Some Matter is Strange, but that's okay" by Ethan Siegel
3. "Physicists get set for little big bangs" by Alan Boyle.
4. Ivan-the-Fool.

September 16,  2010. Transition into the second generation floor of the Universe.

On the bottom figure you can see a schematic transition of our matter, made of electrons, up and down quarks, living in the space, sewed by photons and electron neutrino, into a parallel floor of our Universe, that is into the second generation matter, made of muons, strange and charm quarks, living in the space, sewed by inverse photons and muon neutrino. At the figure you can not see a z spatial axis, but one can imagine it, if he can imagine four-dimensional figures.
It is very probable that space-time axes at different floors are oriented differently. That was also schematically showed on the figure.

So, the transition of ordinary up/down matter into a 2-generation strange/charm matter is more symmetrical that the transition of ordinary matter into strange matter.

But both transitions lead to one result, - destruction of Earth.

The figure reminds us a gravitational black hole and wormhole. But it is not a usual black hole. That is a quantum multy-thread portal to another floor of Universe. The funnel (threads) is (are) not infinite as in the case of usual black hole. As a result a Schwarzschild radius of this portal can be mach greater, and it can be achievable at p-p or HI-HI collisions at LHC.

The first heavy ion collisions are planned at the 9-th of November this year.Dear people, do you want to be sucked into that portal.

September 11, 2010.

uuu uud udd ddd
uus uds dds
uss dss


These are triads, which can be made of up, down and strange quarks. One of these triads is stable in isolated state; it is a proton, uud. All other triads are more massive than proton (uud), as a result, they all decay. It is known, that the triad udd, which is neutron, decays, if it is isolated. The cause of decay is clear; - the mass of free neutron is bigger than the mass of free proton.

But the situation is different inside another environment:
1. inside the neutron-excessive nuclei a neutron decays at proton, electron, electron antineutrino;
2. inside the stable nuclei the number of neutrons and protons do not change;
3. inside the neutron-deficit nuclei a proton decays at neutron, positron, electron neutrino.

This shows us, that sometime a triad udd can be more stable than uud triad. Now we can make a conclusion: stability of a quark triad depends on the properties of a subnuclear condensate.
The question arises, - is there a subnuclear condensate, where some quark triads be more stable as usual proton-neutron condensate, which are the nuclei of our Earth?
Till now physicists had received unstable nuclei, consisting from three types of triads: protons (uud), neutrons (udd), and lambda-hyperons (uds).

Here are some examples of such hyper-isotopes:
hyper-hydrogen (pnl), (pnnl);
hyper-helium (ppnl), (ppnnl), (ppnnnl), (ppnnnnl), (ppnnnnnl), (ppnnll);
hyper-lithium (pppnnnl), (pppnnnnl),(pppnnnnnl), (pppnnnnnnl).

They are shown on next figure which was taken from the article RHIC nets strange antimatter.

Till now physicists had received even an anti-hyper-hydrogen, which is also unstable.

But look at the beginning of this text, and try to understand, when unstable free neutron becomes more stable than proton, if neutron is not already free, but bonded in subnuclear condensate.

Try to answer, what will happen with the ordinary matter, if physicists will create a stable condensate of lambda-hyperons, or of a mixture of neutrons and lambda-hyperons.

These subnuclear condensates have no limit of grows. Usual subnuclear condensate, consisting of protons and neutrons, do, have the limit, which is uranium. Uranium finishes the periodic table of stable elements. The existence or absence of the limit is explained by the electrical charge of a condensate. Usual nuclei have an electrical charge. Condensates, made of lambda-hyperons and/or neutrons, do not have the electrical charge. As a result, they do not have Columbian barrier, which do not let the ordinary nuclei to fuse.

The 9-th of November 2010 CERN plans to collide heavy ions. As a result, the Solar system can be exploded into a nova star. If strangelets will capture ordinary nucleons, ruin them and grow without decay on smaller strangelets, then the duration of explosion will be about of 500-1000 days. If growing strangelets at some moment would decay at smaller strangelets, then the duration of Earth explosion can be much less.

There are some other microscopic condensates, which can be created at LHC, for example, microscopic magnetic holes. Result of such experimental discovery will be the same - the Earth's explosion.

Heavy ion collision is a new dangerous step, planned by CERN physicists. They will be started in two months. Politicians, businessmen, ordinary people believe that "the best physicist" on the planet are correct. CERN propaganda had made its criminal role; - courts, switched on by opponents of dangerous CERN's experiments, are failed.

So, people, be ready to be murdered. You did not believe us earlier, you do not believe us now. You a lazy to ruin the CERN, you are lazy to strike in order to save yourself. You are a crowd of silent cattle, which must be killed. I wish you happy flight in icy comets to other star systems. Go and bring there a seeds of new life. Do not fear to die, and fulfill your sacred mission. Fasten your safety belts; - be ready to suicidal reproduction of biospheres. 

September 7,  2010. From my point of view, the most dangerous things, which can be made on proton-proton (p-p) collisions at powerful colliders, are two different condensates: microscopic magnetic holes and microscopic droplets of strange matter. In the bottom I'll name both of them by unifying term "droplets".

I have made a program "Explosion of the Earth, switched by criminal physicists" and want to show you some results.

The time interval of the Earth explosion depends from several parameters: the number of created droplets; the density of matter inside droplets; the velocity of particles in plasma bubbles around the droplets.

Let density of droplet will be 300 times greater than nuclear density;
Let velocity of particles in the plasma bubbles will be v=c/10.


a. if there were created 100 000 000 000 droplets, then the Earth will be exploded in 6 days;
b. if there were created 1000 000 droplets, then the Earth will be exploded in 272 days;
c. if there were created 1 droplet, then the Earth will be exploded in 75 years.

Result "c" can be rejected. Physicist will not stop if they will see one unusual track.
Result "a" can also be rejected, because it is impossible to create 100 000 000 000 droplets in the very first days.

In the upper results we supposed that the droplets were made simultaneously.
Now we'll remade the program and let's suppose that they are created continuously:

a. 10 droplets per second;
b. 1 droplet per second;
c. 1 droplet per 10 seconds;
d. 1 droplet per 100 seconds.

Then the Earth will be torn on fragments in

a. 98 days;
b. 175 days;
c. 311 days;
d. 552 days.

As we know LHC works with quite long stops. So, I think, that the option "d" is the most reliable. As a result, I supposed that the total time of Earth explosion into fragments is about 1000 days.

Several more interesting results:
1. The mass of Earth's matter, ruined before the rest of it would start into cosmos with velocity about 10 km/s, is about 1015 kg, - that is about one billionth part of Earth. That also will be approximately the total mass of all droplets.
2. The Sun will be ruined in about a 1000 years. The Sun will undergo several successive explosions as nova. By the way, that explains the rings of SN 1987A.
3. The energy output of matter's collapse at droplets at the time of "Earth torn on peaces" will be about the luminosity of the Sun. That means that neutrino flux from the Earth at that time will be by (R/r)2 times bigger than today's neutrino flux from the Sun. (R - radius of Earths orbit; r - radius of the Earth). The graph of heat power in the "continuously" case is a cubic parabola; consequently, we are able to register the excessive flux of neutrino from the Earth already now! If there is no such excessive flux, then I was wrong. But do not forget about future ion-ion collisions; do not forget about future 2*7 TeV p-p collisions. Those are other possibilities to kill the Earth, to kill the humankind.

CERN and all corrupted science are responsible for the probable future murder of 6 billion people and probable destruction of the Earth.

It was subscribed in the Universal Genetic Code of Eternal Living Universe that we, the enemies of biosphere's suicidal reproduction must be undergone to ban, to laughter and shame; otherwise the reproducing act would not occur. That is the law of biosphere's reproduction. So, don't fear to die and perform your sacred mission. Fasten your safety belts; - be ready to biosphere's suicidal reproduction!

Appendix: If you do not trust to my computed results, you can compose your own program and test it. My program works by small steps, measured by time interval, for example, dt=1000 seconds. At every step it computes the number of ruined protons by this formula dN = dt v 4pr(i)2k / 6, where v = c/10, c - velocity of light; 4pr(i)2 - the surface of a droplet at i-th step; r(i) - radius of a droplet at i-th step; k - concentration of protons in a plasma bubble around a droplet, k = MEarth/((4/3)pREarth3) /  mproton. The number 6 in a formula for dN is explained by the fact that our space has 3 dimensions and by the fact that only 1/2 of particles move in positive direction.
Radius of a droplet at the next step: r(i) = r(i - 1)((N + dN) / N)1/3.
The total number of ruined protons at every step: N = N + dN.
Heat power at every step, if droplets are made continuously:
P(i) = P(i - 1) + dN mproton c2 / dt / 2 * Ndr;
if droplets were made simultaneously:
P(i) = dN * mprotonc2 / dt / 2 * Ndr.
In "simultaneously" case P-graph is square parabola; in "continuously" case P-graph is cubic parabola;
Ndr - number of droplets created per step.

The program stops, when the total heat output, Q, becomes bigger than 3*1032 Wt. This amount of energy is enough to send all matter of the Earth to infinity. Inevitable energy losses can be neglected if T < 1000 days. If T > 1000, then the true value of T will be the more, the more it's computed value.

Note 1. It was supposed that every proton, p, colliding with microscopic magnetic hole, NS, decays and the droplet becomes bigger. NSn + p = NSn+1 + e+, where: e+ - positron; subscripts n and n+1 are the number of x-bosons in the magnetic hole; x-boson is a smallest magnetic excitation in ferromagnetic Savidy vacuum, ns. As a result of proton capture the region around magnetic hole will have an excess of neutrons. That will lead to beta decays and to flux of electronic antineutrino from that region.
Note 2. It was supposed that every proton, p(uud), and every neutron, n(udd), colliding with droplet of strange matter, N(uds), decays and droplet becomes bigger. N(uds) + p(uud) = (N+1)(uds) + K+, where: K+ - positively charged kaon. (N) and (N+1) are the number of lambla-hyperons in a growing strangelet. Lambla-hyperon is a strange nucleon (uds) in a strangelet N(uds). A strangelet can capture neutrons too: N(uds) + n(udd) = (N+1)(uds) + K0, where: K0 - neutral kaon.
K+ and K0 decay. As a result an additional flux of different sorts of neutrino and antineutrino can be registered.
Every capture of nucleon by a droplet is accompanied by heat output of about half of rest energy of nucleon. That means that the binding energy of a droplet is extremely high; that specific energy output of nucleon collapse onto droplet is hundred times more than the specific energy output in uranium or hydrogen bombs. But the time interval of collaptical explosion is quite big, because, in order to explode the Earth into peaces, the droplets must successively grow from 10-23 kg to 1015 kg / Ndr.

September 3,  2010. TeV energy collisions can lead to formation of a droplet of dangerous fermionic or bosonic condensate (strangelet or magnetic hole, correspondingly). That will lead to collaptical explosion of our Earth and Sun. Astronomers can see about 15 such explosions in our Galaxy every year.

There is very great probability that we all are already doomed, if the dangerous droplets were already created and grow somewhere inside the Earth. We'll be able to know about growing droplets existence, when their masses will be about of 1 kg or couple of orders more. At such mass their neutrino output will be comparable to the output of one nuclear power station. On the next day - ten times more; the next day - hundred times more...

So, fasten your safety belts, - be ready to start into cosmos; be ready to suicidal reproduction of our biosphere.
If a microscopic magnetic holes were already created, then physicists will register the additional and growing flux of electronic antineutrino from the Earth;
If a microscopic droplets of strange matter were already created, then physicists will register the additional and growing flux of different sorts of neutrino from the Earth.

Do not fear.
We have a sacred mission - not only to die, but to bring the life to other stellar systems.
The most probably, the dangerous condensate was already created and it is growing now somewhere inside the Earth.
So, I do not think, that now, after the crime was already performed, there is a cause to fight against the suicide of our planet.
Glory to CERN physicists!
I wish to all of you a happy flight to stars.
Our biosphere must reproduce.
We are seeds of future life in the Galaxy. The seeds must be transported to other stars in comets. The explosion of a grown-up habitable planet is an inevitable element of biospheres reproduction.

Don't fear to die and perform your sacred mission.

Yesterday I have made a program "Explosion of the Earth, switched by criminal physicists"
The main conclusions:
The time of explosion from creation of dangerous droplets to utter destruction of Earth onto fragments will take about 100-1000 days.
Only small part of Earth's matter will be captured by dangerous droplet; The rest of Earth's matter, much more than 99.99...%, will be torn on peaces and will be thrown into cosmos as new asteroids and comets with velocity, about escape velocity.  

Read articles Supernova ejects material asymmetrically explode1.jpg
and CERN faces 250m budget cuts and my recent commentaries to those articles.

April 2,  2010. Look at the patterns at the page Bureau of Meteorology images show mysterious patterns on radar system.

One of the radar images that show mysterious patterns. Image: Bureau of Meteorology One of the radar images that show mysterious patterns. Image: Bureau of Meteorology

These patterns are beautiful. And magnetic wasps are better than the whole Earth explosion. But the date of this article is the 2-nd of April, the next day after the day of Fool.


Here is a comment of Dr strange Feynman from the discussion Did you hear about the earthquake in Chile? :

RE LHC and atom smashers, in the 7 reasons section and earthquakes:

There are concerns that millions of collisions/sec will produce strangelets of form USD (up-strage-down) or multiple of those in equal number forming a condensate of 3 types, neural charge (aether), pos charge, and a neg charge. The neg charge stranglet get stable (with the lowest A number for stable condensate and most reactive+dangerous form) when there are 200-500 S quarks in the condensate (like bose-einstein condensates but with dark matter s quark). Now if this is stable, CERN likely knows that it is. So, the only safe thing is to contain it an a magnetic jar (which is what the ring is) via its charge. Supposedly, by feeding this condensate neutrons, you can create energy and the mass of the condensate continues to grow. This is a dangerous kind of energy source since it can consume all baryons of our world if it got loose. Supposedly, they harvested this strange condensate at the 1 TeV collider.

I notice you fail to mention this. Also, micro-black holes are supposed to dissipate when in a high energy quark-gluon plasma. However, the claim is that with a vortex can cool the mixture and allow stable formation. The large number of reactions in a small space could allow combining of microBHs.

Hawking also says, that microBH will radiate energy making them an energy source. However, current satellites cannot see emissions from blackhole (not being fed of course) thereby reducing their mass. He claims particles jump back in time reducing the BH mass and other wild stuff not verified.

My concern is we don't understand enough about concentrated collisions producing large numbers of S C T B quarks and specifically formations of fermi condensates. This is mostly and issue in 2013 when collider reaches 14TeV as planned. Anything over 10Tev should make the Charm, Top and Bot quarks appear.

I suspect they are not just trying to prove the SM AND higgs boson but rather are looking for dangerous energy sources of unlimited capacity but if the break their magnetic bottle, we all die. Why else would they invest so much in it? Perhaps they know the probability of having 200-500 S quarks is too unlikely given the total energy input and the usd decay rate. However, we have models that we assume are correct that we are trying to verify - ie a circle unproven. Scary to me."

March 30, 2010. Crime had happened. Collisions with the energy 3.5 TeV per proton or 7 TeV per collision were performed.

If a dangerous microscopic condensates (magnetic holes, strangelets or black holes) were already created then, according to the time of its growth, which is equal from 1000 seconds to 1000 days, we can suppose that the most probable days of "our start into cosmos" are from 30-th of March to the 1-st of April.

Here is my crude estimation of probable outcomes:
1. Explosion of the whole Earth - 49%.
2. Extermination of Geneva - 1%.
3. Extermination of Europe - 1%.
4. Other harmful unpredictable consequences - 5%.
5. Discovery of new subnuclear energy sources - 5%.
6. Outcomes with no harm and no use - the rest.

At the point 1 we all will die.
At the points 2, 3, 4 a part of humanity will be killed. Destruction of a part of the Earth will be followed by huge Earthquake all over the Earth. To raise the probability of survival it is necessary in the nearest days to be at the free air with the stalk of water, food and warm clothes.

March 19, 2010. Today night the criminals from CERN accelerated protons to the record energy 3.5 TeV per beam. At the regions of collisions, probably, the rays were on skew lines (two lines that do not intersect but are not parallel). It is not excluded that there were accidental collisions of protons.

If the collapse was switched, then most probably tomorrow morning all people will start to cosmos.

According to plan the first collisions at 3.5 TeV must be fulfilled the 30-th of March.


March 10,  2010. By the way, it seems, unstable condensates were already been created at Tevetron. That follows from the multimuon events (up to 8 per droplet and antidroplet) described at the end of 2008 by CDF collaboration.
From the other hand, some authors say that "strange condensate" is stable if it has more than 10 lambdas, 10(uds).

Here is a figure from one Russian-language page about those events.

c) Abnormal events. I would change the signs '?' by N(usd) and N(usd).

The next figure is taken from the article RHIC nets strange antimatter. (Read my commentary there.)

The 8(usd) corresponds to the point Z=0, N=0, S=8;
the 8(usd) corresponds to the point Z=0, N=0, S=-8.

More than 10(usd) is stable!

I'm scared, but can not do anything, - all ways lead to catastrophe.

Quote from LHC Kritik / LHC Critique.

Comment from Admin LHC-Kritik. Time March 9, 2010 at 12:53 pm
CERN LHC lawsuit was not accepted for decision by German Constitutional Court

The German Institutional Court today has refused to accept an appeal for interim measures to limit LHC energies at 1 TeV per beam. This means that the case was not accepted for decision by the court and that it is confident with a lower court's negative decision. This time the judges' argumentation does not seem to be about jurisdiction. In the argumentation of the court it says the plaintiff (a female German citizen living in Switzerland) 'beyond her general mistrust towards physical laws could not demonstrate why there is a threat of destruction of the Earth.'

This is astonishing because the case included physical descriptions of the risks. Now it seems like the court would have needed more physical expertises.

Over all, the refusal of the German Constitutional Court could increase the chances of complaints on international level because national remedies are exhausted. Also other complaints on national level are still possible.

Nevertheless, the CERN member states have got the duty to ensure citizens' safety. This does not function if they only rely on the argumentation of the operator CERN and on courts' decisions in favour of this argumentation.

Currently many news agencies and media report shortly about the refusal, for example:

An important critical article in the New Scientist by a legal professor on the LHC case recently has raised much interest:
CERN on trial: could a lawsuit shut the LHC down?
17 February 2010 by Prof Eric E. Johnson

March 5,  2010. The Earth will be blown up in one of the next days, by the scum who call themselves as scientists. Society you are a stupid cattle - because, despite the existence of this and similar web-sites, you did nothing for the detention of terrorists, physicists from CERN and other scoundrels, sitting in academies and promoting this blasphemous experiment. Cattle, I do not feel sorry for you. I do not believe any more that this experiment can be banned. Burn, all of you in this bright last flame.

I reread the LSAG report once more and found there another error. The binding energy of constituent element of strangelet is not several MeV, as they wrote there, but about 500 MeV. So, all their talks about thermal bath are erroneous. Strange matter is very dangerous!

The value 500 TeV, as a binding energy of (uds) in a strangelet N(uds), can easily be received from comparison with the rest energy of kaons K+ and K0, which are correspondingly 493 MeV and 497 MeV.
Kaons (K+=us; K0=ds) can be side products, occurring at the time of proton (p=uud) and neutron (n=udd) capture by strange matter N(uds):
N(uds) + p = (N+1)(uds) + K+ = (N+1)(uds) + e+ + 500 MeV.
(N+1)(uds) + n = (N+2)(uds) + K0 = (N+2)(uds) + 500 MeV.
Extremely powerful explosion.

This explosion has specific energy output, which is hundred times bigger than under the nuclear explosion.

By the way, at the time of November-December collisions there were more Kaons output that it was theoretically predicted. That means that we are very close to creation of this dead droplet, which can transform the whole Earth into 10-meterr lump of strange\dead matter.
Space observations says us that periods of pulsars are almost do not change. That means that strange matter is very stable.

Read about strange matter, strangelets, and strange stars in Wikipedia. I think that our civilization is crazy. From one hand, it already knows about a deadly dangerous strange matter; from the other hand, it tries to create that dead droplet at colliders. I do not understand you, people.

I wish you to become mentally healthy and STOP all powerful colliders.

Somebody wrote: Also the mass of a proton is 938.272 MeV/c^2 and the mass of a uds is 1,115.683 MeV/c^2.

Mass of a free proton is 938.272 MeV/c^2.
Mass of a proton in deuteron is several MeV/c^2 less.
Mass of a proton in He is several MeV/c^2 less.
Mass of a proton in C is several MeV/c^2 less.
Mass of a proton in Fe is several MeV/c^2 less, and minimal.

These mass differences say us about binding energy.

Strange droplet consisting of a several (uds) is unstable and decay.

AFAIK some authors said that droplet could be stable if it has at least 10 elements.
The more number of strange nucleons inside the droplet, the more binding energy.
I think that its binding energy properties are analogues to those of a magnetic hole. So I think that specific binding energy has a limit and it lays somewhere near 500 MeV (or about of 1/2 of protons rest energy).

Note. My computation for magnetic hole gives: energy of ruined protons splits per two parts: 2/3 goes into creation of magnetic field; 1/3 goes into binding energy or simply emitted with radiation.

Strange matter has fermionic structure.
Magnetic hole has bosonic structure.

CERN physicist can create dead droplet, having fermionic, bosonic or scirmionic structure. Any such condensate is dangerous, because it can transform the whole Earth into dead extremely dense matter.

Now they collide protons with energies of about 0.45 TeV per proton. In any of the next days the energy can be risen to 3.5 TeV. That can create a microscopic droplet of death, and in a 1000 seconds our Earth will be exploded.

PS: In the Galaxy at the time of about 100 000 000 000 years almost all stars dies and the same number of stars are born. Now is the time for our Sun. Who will push the button?

February 19,  2010. The new start of Planetary Guillotine is planned on the next Thursday, February the 25-th. Physicists will start from 450-GeV energies per proton. In a couple of weeks they will welcome journalists and will show us the 7-TeV collisions (3.5 TeV per proton). Now they remind me those young people, who tried to squeeze out from their car all what it can give. Kids withdrew their exiting race on a camera, not realizing yet that they had made the film about their last minutes of life. Nothing had left from the car and kids, except the video-film. Somebody had taken it and uploaded it into Internet. I'm curious, where will journalists try to upload the film about the Last Minutes of Earth's Life?

February 18,  2010. My commentary to the article CERN on trial: could a lawsuit shut the LHC down?

Microscopic black hole is a Droplet From Chromomagnetic Condensate.

Existence of high energy cosmic rays (protons or ions) does not give any guarantee that the same particle collisions are safe at head-on colliders.

Indeed dangerous particle condensate (Condensate) can be created at both cases.

It is obvious that Condensate has its rest energy and binding energy.

It was proved that total binding energy of Condensate is smaller than kinetic energy of atmospheric particles in the system of Condensate, if it was created by collision of cosmic particle with atmospheric one. Consequently, cosmo-atmospheric Condensate would be ruined immediately. But collider Condensate will not be ruined and it can grow, if this growth is permitted by physical laws.

Till now there were theoretically described several types of Condensates: pion condensate, stranglet, magnetized vacuum, magnetic vacuum domain, magnetic holes and so on. In fact, the mentioned types of condensates are different approximations to one and the same Condensate, which can be created in Nature or in a physical experiment. These approximations were grounded on different types of forces. I tried to investigate Condensate, which is connected presumably by magnetic forces. Now I can see that my results coincide quite good with the results, received in the investigations of Condensate, connected by pions (pion condensate, Migdal), gluon condensate (Savvidy), sea quark-antiquark pairs, strange quarks...

The main conclusion: Condensate can be created at particle collision with energy of about 1-TeV per particle.

It is clear, at least for me, that microscopic droplet of Condensate will be created very soon at LHC. This can lead to further rapid explosion of Earth and extermination of our Civilization. Particle physicists will not stop their experiments, because the stop of these high-energy experiments will mean that they do recognize that these collisions are really dangerous for the whole Earth. The recognition of the danger will mean that most of particle physicists are already criminals or global terrorists, - they did not stop their dangerous experiments despite court cases and disputes, lasting nearly ten years.

So, dear citizens, be ready to near death. You all will be murdered soon by criminals, who name themselves as scientists.

February 15,  2010. Copy this letter and send it to another forum; to physicists, politicians, prosecutors, terrorists; to citizens of Geneva and so on.

Brian Cox: 'Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a twat'. Source: THE BLACK HOLE CASE: THE INJUNCTION AGAINST THE END OF THE WORLD. Eric E. Johnson. Page 858.

I give 50% that in a several days CERN will create a new quark-gluon phase of vacuum. This microscopic magnetized droplet of vacuum (magnetic hole) will lead to chromomagnetic collapse (x-boson condensation) of ordinary matter on it, and to explosion of Earth. Take Brian Cox as a hostage. If CERN would not stop their LHC experiment cut off the Brian's head.

Dozens of our appeals to presidents and prosecutors in order to forbid the particle collisions with energy more than 0.1 TeV had failed. There were even Nobel Prize winners, who had said about the dangers from collider particle collisions. They were unable to stop the LHC experiment.
We can see now that court cases are also failed.
So, we can wait only for some miracle forms of our salvation.
Here are some such forms, as I can see them:
1. Rebellion of citizens of Geneva with blocking the entrances to LHC.
2. Nuclear bombardment of LHC, Tevatron, RHIC, Dubna by terrorists.
3. Explosions of oil and gas pipes, leading to Europe.
4. Taking of some physicists as hostages and the threat to cut off their heads if CERN would not stop the experiment leading to the global extermination.

I would perform the third point, but I have no sufficient money and time to buy explosives and to hire co-performers.

We all will be killed in a few days with probability of about 50%. So, even the nuclear bombardment of LHC with killing of about of 10 000 of people, with 100% probability, is more humane, than explosion of Earth by CERN and killing of 6 600 000 000 of people.

Copy this letter and send it to another forum; to physicists, politicians, prosecutors, terrorists; to citizens of Geneva.

February 13,  2010. Here (arXiv:0711.2845v1 [hep-lat] 19 Nov 2007) we can read about gluon condensate, or so called color ferromagnetic vacuum state, firstly proposed by Savvidy about thirty years ago.

Here is also ferromagnetic exited vacuum.

I think that such magnetized regions can be created at proton-proton collisions. Do you see the lattice?

Here is also 'Lattice QCD in strong magnetic fields'

Here (arXiv:0710.1084v2 [hep-ph] 23 Jan 2008) you can read that such magnetic domains are stable. And I will add: "They can grow if there is an ordinary matter in vicinity".

Here (arXiv:hep-ph/0508219v1 20 Aug 2005) you can find that some neutron stars (magnetars) do not consist from neutrons (baryons), but are color ferromagnetic, - di-quark condensate, where magnetic dipoles are formed from monopoles.

In all these articles you can find approximately the same value of critical magnetic field (1016 T, or 1020 G).

The microscopic embryo of such abnormal magnetized matter will be created soon at LHC and our Solar system will go to the stars cemetery.

My computed value of critical magnetic field approximately coincides with results in all these and others articles. It can be achieved somewhere about 1-TeV collisions.

At RHIC there were already received progenitors of a dangerous matter, so called fireballs. In some articles one can find the observed value of magnetic field in the RHIC collisions (1015T), which is slightly less than my computed value of critical field, when anti ferromagnetic vacuum transforms into a stable ferromagnetic state.

Wait a couple of weeks. It is possible we will survive. I give 50% on our survival. Dear people, if you do not want to be killed, - stop CERN, bring criminal physicists, risking by your life, to criminal responsibility.

February 11,  2010. My comment to article Higgs hunters face long haul

Again to deadly error with cosmic rays.

Let's see at Analogy and at Example.

1. What will happen, if a neutron with kinetic energy of several eV would collide with a nucleus? The following answer will be valid for most nuclei of periodic system: - Nucleus will capture the neutron and its mass number will grow per one unit.
2. What will happen, if a neutron with kinetic energy of several TeV would collide with a nucleus? The nucleus will be ruined.
The case 1 corresponds to �collider hole�, and we can see there the matter�s capture and the growth of �nuclear quasi-hole�, (nucleus).
The case 2 corresponds to �cosmic hole�, and we can see there the destruction of �nuclear quasi-hole� by high energy neutron.

Let two protons collide with 1 TeV energies. Rest energy of proton is about 1GeV (0.001TeV), i.e. 1000 times smaller. Consequently, relativistic coefficient gamma is 1000. Let in this double-TeV collision a magnetic hole was created. Let it has 1000 x-bosons. Then the rest mass of a hole can be 4/3 TeV. The rest, 2/3 TeV of collision energy, goes into radiation. That means that the total binding energy of magnetic hole is also 2/3 TeV, and the binding energy of every x-boson in hole is 2/3000 TeV.

Let�s suppose that exactly the same magnetic hole was created at a collision of a cosmic proton with atmospheric proton. This �cosmic magnetic hole� will have exactly the same velocity as a collider proton. Consequently, in a reference system of this cosmic hole, all atmospheric protons will have kinetic energies about 1 TeV. This energy is bigger than the binding energy of a hole (2/3 TeV). Consequently, the cosmic hole will be ruined almost immediately after the first collision of a hole with atmospheric particle. A shower of secondary particle will be formed and it can be registered as �a cosmic rays shower�.

1. Collision of 1-TeV protons at collider corresponds to collision of almost 0-TeV atmospheric proton with 2000-TeV cosmic proton.
2. �Cosmic magnetic hole� are ruined almost immediately. �Collider magnetic hole� can capture the ordinary matter and grow.

The 20-th of February CERN begins the �work� with 3.5 TeV energies per particle. I give 50% that the Earth will be exploded in the nearest weeks. This probability is grounded on two independent math proves, giving almost the same result, and on a dozen of additional arguments. Several scientific articles, which give some conclusions analogues to mine, except catastrophic predictions, were found.

PS. Some results of December collisions were published recently. It was found that the quantities of ejected mesons were unpredictably high. I think that these high transverse mesons currents prove the theory of magnetic hole. Any of next collider collision can create a stable exited magnetized region of vacuum, which was named �magnetic hole�. Magnetic hole can ruin the Earth in the period from 1000 seconds to 1000 days.

Read also the article "Law and the end of the world"

February 9,  2010. From my correspondence at Russian-language forum.
I wrote:

Equation of magnetic hole will be achieved at LHC pB=mc^2.
That means: potential energy (magnetic) = rest energy of proton.
There is no theory of magnetic hole in physics.

Somebody wrote:

Look here (Russian-language article)
Magnetic field was computed at collisions of aurum ions at RHIC experiments.
Magnetic flux is quantable in a center of masses reference system, that is why qB = 2 pi k / L2.
According to this formula, (qB)1/2= 348 MeV.
q � electric charge of a quark, L=1.44 fm.


Why here we can see 348 MeV (0.348GeV), but I said that dangerous collisions are collisions with energy 0.25 TeV (250 GeV) per proton, or 510 GeV per collision.

According to my conclusions the minimal dangerous magnetic hole must contain 510 bosons, which can be created at 510 GeV collision. One thirds, or 170 GeV, goes out in the form of radiation, and corresponds to the total binding energy of all bosons inside the hole, or about 1/3 of GeV per every boson.

The mass of every boson inside hole is about 2/3 GeV in energy units.

The number from article, 0.348 GeV corresponds to one quark with the charge 1/3 q. Proton is three-quark (three-polar) structure and for proton we will have the number, which is 3 times bigger, i.e. about 1 GeV.

In a critical magnetic field (1016 T) proton decays at boson and positron. Boson is captured by hole, where his mass is about 2/3 GeV. The rest, 1/3 GeV, goes into kinetic energy of positron and at gamma photon(s).

Why we did not create a magnetic hole till now?
- Try to throw up 100 coins and to receive all 100 �ups� or all 100 �dawns�.

It is possible, but in order to see such picture, you must throw up these 100 coins approximately 2100 times (or 1,271030).

No one collider had made this number of collisions.

But the probability can be risen up greatly, if we would raise the energy of collisions.

Or, as they wrote in article: �If magnetic field is defined from qB ~ 1.5 GeV^2, then longitudinal component of a current is much stronger, comparatively to the transverse component, whereas at comparatively weak fields qB ~ 0.3 GeV^2 the enforcement is not observed.� I say that here there is a boundary value of magnetic field for transition of vacuum from antiferromagnetic state into ferromagnetic state.

Conclusion: There are already several little sprouts of magnetic holes theory, but the theory delays drastically comparatively to the experiment. The 20-th February CERN begins work with 3.5 TeV energies per proton. I give 50% that the Earth will be exploded in the nearest weeks.

In January issue of "Chemistry and Life" an article "Black Hole in Collider", written by Sergey Komarov, was published. There he had also mentioned a theory of magnetic hole, which is discussed here.

Several days ago two articles (Higgs hunters face long haul, Law and the end of the world) were published, where I wrote commentaries.

According to my theory of Magnetic Hole (MH), the Earth can be exploded as a result of magnetic collapse at MHs, which can be created at one of proton-proton collisions. The theory is based at two independent and absolutely different math proves, giving almost the same result, - dangerous MHs can be created at p-p collisions with energy about 0.25 TeV per proton, if magnetic moment of x-boson is equal to magnetic moment of proton.

So, I understood that CERN and other scientific organizations, promoting the particle collisions with energies more then 0.1 TeV per particle, can kill me, my relatives, my friends, and my planet. In order to prevent the murder I wrote several letters to authorities of my country and to authorities of other countries. I wrote several letters to Prosecutor�s Office of my country. Most of my letters were resent to Russian Academy of Sciences, where they were thrown into rubbish by a secretary of Nuclear Physics Section of RAS.

Now I do not believe in a possibility of peaceful solution of the problem. I think that courts will not stop the LHC and will not save us. I think that CERN will kill us soon with a probability of about 50%. What can I do to save my relatives and friends? Can I seat silently and wait for a death? Must I take a weapon and kill my potential killers? But how can I live further? I do not want to be a killer and I do not want that particle physicist would kill my people.

1. Comparison with cosmic rays is incorrect and criminal.
2. Comparison with 1 TeV Tevatron collisions are incorrect, because magnetic induction in proton-antiproton collisions in the center between colliding particles is zero; in LHC it is doubled and critical.
3. CERN already performed about a million of 0.45 TeV collisions. Are such energy collisions safe? No, - the billionth 0.45 TeV collision can be the last for our planet. CERN already performed about 10 000 of 1.18 TeV collisions. The millionth such collision can be the last. In a several days CERN will make the first 3.5 TeV collision. It can be the last, - the Earth can be exploded.

Save yourself, your mother, your children � try to ban collisions with energy more than 0.1 TeV per particle...

January 25, 2010. This portrait is dedicated to CERN decision to start collider work the 20-th of February with energies 3.5 TeV per proton.

Rolf, Adolf, Collider, Death.

January 23, 2010. Remade from my correspondence on a forum about ugly delusional shit of murders, - "Hawking radiation".

Somebody1 wrote: �Ivan, if you have indeed worked out a complete model with calculations, I would suggest you write it up and post it on the physics arXiv. For this you do not need to be a member of a University...

In order to do that I need a couple of endorsers, who will give his signatures for my adequacy. Big Bang murders will not let me to publish an article in any of scientific journals. The whole scientific press now in the dirty clutches of monsters from Fascist Fundamental Science, who call themselves scientists.

Somebody1 wrote: ...if you don't believe in Hawking radiation, there are other chains of reasoning - for instance based on astrophysical evidence...

Another lie. Where is Phaeton?

Somebody2 wrote: I've read all the safety reports hundreds of times and I agree with their conclusions. I just said using Hawking radiation to determine weather or not everyone in the world will die is a bad idea, since it's still theoretical (despite having a good background).

Safety reports contains three crude errors and one lie assertion.
�Hawking radiation�, in fact, describes the luminosity of stars and Sun.

Somebody1 wrote: � black hole *production* � extra dimensions�no one has so far observed Hawking radiation�

You did see the �Hawking radiation� in the form of solar light.

Magnetic holes are �black holes in Kaluza-Klein space-time with extra dimensions, uniting gravity and electroMAGNETISM�. Magnetic holes are 1036 times stronger than gravity holes.

Let�s speak about �Hawking radiation�.

Bell paradox. If two rockets, connected by a string, are accelerated with equal acceleration, then the string would be torn. Or accelerations of rockets must be different.

Unruh and Hawking used this property and come to similar conclusions:
Unruh: T = ħa / 2pkc.
Hawking: T = ħg / 2pkc = ħc3 / 8pkGM.

The second part of Hawking formula describes the temperature of a black hole of mass M.
The first part of �Hawking formula� can easily be received from the second part, using Newton mechanics.
Unruh formula and the first part of Hawking formula describe the temperature of a vacuum, surrounding a particle, which is accelerated relatively vacuum with acceleration aUnruh or gHawking.

This accelerating particle has a mass m and its Compton wavelength λc or radius Rc,  which are connected by equation:
mc2 = hc / λc  = ħc / Rc.

Using this formula, we can change the Unruh/Hawking formulae:

T = maRc / 2pk;
T = mg
Rc / 2pk.

These formulae give Unruh/Hawking temperatures at the depth R, which is equal equal to Compton radius of a particle Rc. On the bottom figure we expanded the validity of these formulae for any depth R. Besides we transformed the formulae from exact form to approximate form, because the substance can consist from particles with different masses and because the substances can be at different states (gas, solid, liquid, the mixture of molecular and photonic parts...).

Left side. Unruh. A rod, accelerating relatively vacuum with acceleration a. Unruh temperature is in the depth R, which is equal to Compton radius of a particle, Rparticle.

Right side. Hawking. Earth crust with a rod in it, accelerating relatively vacuum with acceleration g; that is the same as if the vacuum accelerates relatively you into opposite direction! Hawking temperature is in point R=Rparticle. If a or g are constant, then T maR/k or T mgR/k.

If acceleration depends from the depth R, then we must rewrite this formula in differential form:

dT/dR  mg / k.

Increment of depth dR can be substituted by increment of radius dr with opposite sign.

dT/dr  -mg / k.

This is a formula of gravitational temperature gradient. This gradient does not lead to heat exchange between layers. This idea is very old. AFAIK, the first person, who discussed it, was famous physicist Loschmidt. But it was forgotten not only because the formula dT/dr = 0 is simpler, but also because the formula dT/dr  -mg / k ruins the notions, which were supported by religious clerics: "thermal death of Universe", "cemetery of extinct stars", "Big Bang Dogma". 

From the other hand, if you substitute the values into the formula dT/dr  -mg / k, you will receive the experimental value of temperature gradient in Earth, which is about 10-30 Kelvin per kilometer. That is an experimental facts, but Big Bang murders rather explode the Earth and kill all of us, than recognize the experimental facts.

The formula  dT/dr  -mg/k is valid for any state of substance with the precision to numerical coefficient about 1. This formula is valid for planets and stars. This formula is valid for usual acceleration a, for gravitational acceleration g=GM/R2, for centrifugal acceleration a=v2/r. It explains old puzzles, such as Ranke effect, but it is not accepted by physicists, because it ruins also the most fundamental fascist religion, the Big Bang Dogma.

So, development of Unruh/Hawking formula shows us that there is no any �black hole evaporation� but there are Eternal sources of energy in the Ever Young Universe.

This figure explains why the temperature of gas in the left chamber is greater then in the right chamber.

In fact that was only a small part of a story.

About 1998 I had received a formula of stellar energy sources. According to my formula the energy output of a star is proportional to M4/R5. Couple of years ago I understand that my formula is analogues to Hawking formula, which lead to analogues proportionality: M4/R6. You can see that proportionality are not the same. The cause: Hawking formula connected with the surface temperature; my formula is connected with the distribution of matter along the radius of a star.
Mass proportionalities are the same and almost coincides with observational value: L~M3.9.

That is another, hundredth prove of Eternal Universe, but its very pity, - in order to prove Big Bang Dogma, fascists from CERN will explode the Earth in 20-40 days with great probability. Dear reader, I wish you happy flight to other star systems of Ever Young Universe.

January 11, 2010. What pilots will save the world, Russian or American?
Quote : ...Kevin "Dow 36000" Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute calls for the USAF to bomb both France and Switzerland, hoping to get the scientists in their tunnels before they can destroy the earth...

January 8, 2010. This is not my picture. Perhaps its author is my good friend, supporter.

Bomb LHC

Citizens! Do not think that some good Uncle Ivan would come and destroy the CERN and its doomsday machine, LHC. Think yourself for your salvation. And not just think, but act. I have no flight experience, no money for the fighter and for a nuclear warhead to bomb the LHC. If you will not stop the CERN now, the CERN will kill all of you in the first quarter of this year, with the probability of about 50%.

I am a physicist. I always respected physicists. Now I hate most of them. They are rogues, cowards, killers, psychic freaks. Damn you, you bastards, academicians, and candidates with the doctors, except for units, my supporters, active supporters of the ban of the experiment at the Large Hadron Collider.

January 2, 2010. From the correspondence on the forum

Somebody wrote: Proton collides with X-boson, positron, electron.

No! Collision is a vague term. All protons from one bunch constantly interact with all protons of another bunch by exchange with virtual photons and by some other virtual particles. Most of such collisions are elastic and lead only to change of direction of a particle.

Proton-proton collision, which leads to creation of stable excitation of physical vacuum, can look like this inelastic collision.

Directions of both protons were changed. Moments and kinetic energies of both protons were diminished. Formula of collision can look like one of these formulae:
p + p --> p + p + M;
p + p --> e+ + e+ + M;
p + p --> μ+ + μ+ + M --> �;

Created magnetic hole captures protons; destroy them onto positron and x-boson (or onto μ+ and x-boson, or onto p+ and x-boson); ejects positron (or μ+, or p+) and captures x-boson and grow. Note: x-boson does not consist from two up-quarks, but is rather a leptoquark in Kalusa-Klein space.

December 31, 2009.

Somebody wrote: No, what Ivan is afraid of is some form of magnetic anomaly analogous to a black hole: An anomaly where the magnetic field applied to a dipole exceeds a specified value and (presumably) results in the collapse of the dipole. Apparently this thing then eats protons.

Yes. In the ordinary vacuum different virtual particles constantly appear and disappear. In the bottom figure we can see the appearance of electro-positron pair in the point A and their annihilation in the point B.

In order to transform virtual pair into real pair we must spent energy. On the next figure we can see the x-boson, consisting from two fermions, particle and antiparticle.

If the energy of p-p collision at collider is sufficient we can create an exited region in vacuum containing some quantity of such x-bosons. They are oriented in the same direction and have the superconductive and ferromagnetic properties.

If proton enters into the field of such exited vacuum it can be ruined onto x-boson and positron. X-boson will be captured by magnetic hole and the hole will become bigger per one x-boson. Positron will fly away and annihilate there with some electron. The rate of matter destruction will be growing. The Earth will undergo the collaptical explosion in a period from 1000 seconds to 1000 days.

December 29, 2009.

From the correspondence on the forum
Somebody1 wrote: Don't you think it would be pointless for them to earn money they would never get a chance to use? Do you suppose all the scientists in the world have suicidal tendencies?
Somebody2 wrote: 1.) They WHAT? How are they planning on using the LHC to make money ??? And why should it go to the administration?
Somebody3 wrote: well im still baffled why anyone would want to intentionally kill themselves and their family x the amount of ppl working in the LHC that DONT work for Cern...
1. There are patent documents (I read several times about that, but don�t remember the sources now) how to catch holes and use them as energy sources. If those patent documents were written by CERN workers, then the administration of CERN have the ruling rights on that inventions.

2. Here is a quote from the book �Physics of elementary particles�, written in 1982 by well known Russian physicist L.B. Okun, translated by me. �The discovery of proton decay would be a Discovery of the Age� Among grand-monopoles there must be colorless, purely electromagnetic, and those having magnetic and chromo-magnetic charges. Now (1982) ideas, proposed by Rubakov, are widely discussed with great interest. According to him the processes like p + monopole -> e+  + monopole + meson and/or pair of  leptons would have cross sections, comparable to cross sections of usual hadron inelastic processes. In this induced proton decay the monopole plays the role of catalyst, - it survives and can destroy unlimited number of protons. If the cross section of induced decay would be great, then in the detector, which is intended on search for proton decay, the monopole would made a chain of proton decays (practically coinciding in time). That would be a picturesque phenomenon. There are already ideas to use the catalyses of proton decay switched by stopped monopoles in order to create the energy. According to optimists, this would save the humankind from the energy sources crisis forever.�

Let�s return to discussed formula, p + monopole -> e+  + monopole + meson and/or pair of  leptons, and rewrite it thus:

M + p -> M + e+ + meson + (and/or pair of leptons).

In another article we can find the formula without meson.

M + p -> M + e+.

Is it correct?

I think that M is not the magnetic monopole, but magnetic dipole. Meson is massive x-boson, which does not leave the magnetic dipole, but becomes its constituent part.

Consequently the corrected formula looks thus:

Mn + p -> Mn+1  + e+, where Mn+1 = Mn+1 + x-boson.

This x-boson is an elementary excitation of physical vacuum, virtual pair, transformed into electromagnetically polarized real pair.

The energy output of this energy source will grow exponentionally and in one thousand seconds/days the shell of Earth would be thrown into cosmos.

About suicidal tendencies. Most of CERN physicists do not know about Migdal�s pion condensation; about magnetic catalyses of proton decay. Some of them know that, but they think that those mesons would decay (p0 -> couple of photons). They are wrong.

Somebody wrote: Maybe i am stupid, but a larger cross section would mean that things happen more often. Therefore you must explain, why neutron stars can exist.

Magnetic hole is analogues to nuclear quasi hole (nucleus). They both have their correspondent binding energy. Cosmo-atmospheric magnetic hole is bombarded by TeV atmospheric particles and decays, creating the show of secondary particles. Collider magnetic hole moves slowly, ruins protons and grow, capturing x-bosons.

Analogy: nucleus, bombarded by TeV-neutrons, will be ruined; average nucleus, bombarded by eV-neutrons, will grow.  

In extremely strong fields (caused by collisions of particles of the same charge) the vacuum can be excited. Excited places of vacuum, which are able to destroy protons and to grow, capturing the remnants of protons, were named by Magnetic Holes.

Somebody wrote: Do you have a reference for that? I know that excited vacuum will produce more particle pairs, but I haven't been able to find a reference for these excited vacuums destroying protons. If you can direct me somewhere other than your site for information, I'd be grateful.

Here some quotes from some articles. My commentaries are in brackets.

arXiv:0711.2845v1 [hep-lat] 19 Nov 2007

Spontaneous creation of chromomagnetic field and A0-condensate at high temperature on a lattice. V.Demchik, V.Skalozub

Abstract. ...It is discovered that the field configuration consisting of the magnetized vacuum and the A0-condensate is stable. (It is discovered that magnetic holes or nuclear x-boson condensate are stable).

Nowadays it is generally accepted that the non-linearity of non-Abelian gauge fields could result in formation of field condensates. The first model of gluon condensate, so called �color ferromagnetic vacuum state�, was proposed thirty years ago by Savvidy... (Yes, x-boson condensate has the property of ferromagnetic).

It describes the spontaneous generation of the uniform Abelian chromomagnetic field H = const due to a vacuum polarization. (Yes, x-bosons in the hole are oriented in the same direction. B~1016 T).

We have determined that for the temperatures 1/β = 100 − 500GeV , the field strengths H = 1022 − 1024G,.. (Yes, B~1016 T, or ~ 1020 G. Dangerous energy is 250GeV, or 0.25TeV, per particle).

Other important result of the present work is that the spontaneously magnetized state is stable. This indicates that a true vacuum at high temperature is formed from these condensates. (Yes, at high energy particle collisions our false vacuum can be ruined and the Earth can be exploded).

arXiv:0710.1084v2 [hep-ph] 23 Jan 2008

Axial anomaly and magnetism of nuclear and quark matter. D. T. Son, M. A. Stephanov.

We consider the response of the QCD ground state at finite baryon density to a strong magnetic field B. We point out the dominant role played by the coupling of neutral Goldstone bosons, such as p0, to the magnetic field via the axial triangle anomaly. We show that, in vacuum, above a value of B ~ mp2 / e, a metastable object appears�the p0 domain wall. Because of the axial anomaly, the wall carries a baryon number surface density proportional to B. As a result, for B >~ 1019 G a stack of parallel p0 domain walls is energetically more favorable than nuclear matter at the same density. (Yes, B~1016 T or 1020 G. p0 domain walls are made of x-bosons. But its density is 100 times greater than nuclear density.)

...a Goldstone field is spontaneously generated, is ferromagnetic due to the axial anomaly. We estimate the size of the fields created by such a state in a typical neutron star to be of order 1014 − 1015 G. (Yes, ferromagnetic and having the axial symmetry. The center of neutron star can be a magnetic hole with B~1016T or 1020 G).

The typical strength of a magnetic field which would change the structure of the QCD vacuum is very high and can be estimated as B ~ mρ2/e ~ 1020 G, (1) where mρ = 770 MeV is the typical energy scale of QCD. (Yes, mass of x-boson is about 2/3 of mass of proton, i.e. 670 MeV. Minimal magnetic hole, able to ruin protons and capture another x-boson, must have at least 510 x-bosons. Its total mass is about 340 mass of proton (0.34TeV) and it can be created at proton-proton collisions with energy abut 0.25 TeV per proton. If magnetic moment of x-boson is different then the computed values are also different.)

December 16, 2009. At night they collide protons with energies 1.18 TeV per proton; day - 0.45 TeV. At 18.00 collider was stopped for about a month. Did they already make magnetic holes? If yes, then the Earth will explode in some of next days/months. If not, then CERN will add the energy of particles and quantity of bunches per beam.

December 10, 2009. About a midnight from 8 to 9 of December at the Collider they risen up temporarily the energy of collisions to 1.18 TeV per proton. In the early morning December 9 in the sky of Norway people could see such picturesque image

magnetic wasp

Then I saw this figure I remembered at once the idea about magnetic wasps. I wrote about them in some Russian-language forums earlier:
There is a small hope that plasma bubbles will leave the Earth and will be rejected into cosmos. Such objects can be named by �magnetic wasps�. I give very small probability of such behavior of magnetic holes, less than one percent, inside catastrophic fraction, which is measured by dozens of percents. Thus, magnetic wasps could lead only to local catastrophe�

Magnetic wasps have not only magnetic poles, but also electric poles. In this case the capture of protons by wasps is asymmetric. This gives them jet engines. This explains huge velocities of remnants on cosmic catastrophes�

But later I learned that the figure did not connected with Collider, but it is the result of unsuccessful launch of Russian rocket Bulava.

My yesterdays (look bottom) sad assumption remains valid, but shifted almost a day. Collider operates intermittently: the problems with the injection, then with cryo systems.

December 9, 2009. Today, about midnight, CERN plans to implement a collision with the energy of 0.45 TeV per proton under high density. Two colliding beams will contain four bunch; each of which will contain 20 billion protons. If this experiment will be carried out within a few hours, then I give 10% probability that the microscopic magnetic holes will be created. The most likely, the time of growth of magnetic holes till the consumption of the whole Earth is about one day.This means that tomorrow night the magnetic field of growing magnetic hole will push us all to the equator of the Earth in a single high ocean wave. From there we will start into space, being mixed with mud and with all the water of the whole planet.

This frog levitates (hanging in the air) in a magnetic field with induction of 16 teslas, because of the diamagnetism of water, and, as you know, living beings are composed mainly of water.

The magnetic field will accelerate us so that we will overtake Voyagers. Around us the water will turn into frozen dirty foam of very low density. The solar wind will give these new formed comets a further acceleration. An hour later the comets will be hit by wreckage of the crust of exploded Earth and by a powerful gamma radiation. After a few years (thousands of years) we will be overtaken by the shock wave from exploded Sun. Well, after a millions of years, we could reach to the closest star systems to sow where our viruses, DNA and the seeds of poplars, daisies, etc.

December, 7. 07.30 GMT.
Now they have cryo problems.
Possible causes from my point of view:
1) Microscopic magnetic holes are already created and emit the radiation.
2) Usual breakage.

Now I go to Moscow State University to talk with physicists.

By the way, while I fighting in Moscow, two cars with seven policemen come to my home in Feodosia couple of days ago. They asked my neighbors: am I adequate; can I beat anyone; can I beat my wife?

This arrival possibly connected with my letters to some presidents of European countries, which I sent a week ago:

Collisions of protons with energies about 1 TeV can lead to MAGNETIC collapse and explosion of Earth with probability about 30%. Thus, you can kill me and my relatives.

Please, advice me, what can I do to stop you:

1) To kill some citizens from your countries?
2) To kill myself in front of your Embassy?
3) ???

Ivan Gorelik.
+7 (8)965 372 ?? ??

Calm down, gentlemen. I am not able to kill anybody. I wrote this in order to make you think: what are you doing.

December, 6, 2009. 06.30 GMT.

CERN started collisions of protons with energy 0.45 TeV per proton. Both beams have four bunches of protons.

If magnetic moment of x-boson equal to magnetic moment of proton this energy is sufficient to create the microscopic magnetic hole.

It is needed from 1000 seconds to 1000 days to destroy the Earth. Let�s wait and see.

If we�ll survive now, CERN will add the quantity of bunches per beam and will raise the energy of collisions.

CERN started the experiment despite the courts and our appeals. CERN is terrorist organization.

Most of physicists are coward, or stupid, or smug, not able to understand where this experiment will lead us.

December, 5, 2009.
At last, the news about the most dangerous thing, which can be created at LHC, was published in well-known media edition.

At the end of the article the author try to calm the readers that LHC will collide protons with the energy only about 450 GeV.

But the calculation (two independent approaches) gives us the value about 250 GeV.

Indeed, that is smaller than the collision energy of Tevatron. But is it possible to create a magnetic hole at Tevatron, colliding protons and antiprotons? Magnetic field in the central point between these flying by particles is equal to zero, B = 0. But at the LHC B = 2B1.

That is smaller than the energy of cosmic rays. But look at my model with two 10-kg bottles with neutrons. You will see that the bottle, corresponding to cosmic rays, will be safe. But the bottle, corresponding to LHC collisions, will transform the town into Hiroshima.

The 250 GeV energy per colliding proton was already achieved at RHIC. Experimentalists could see collapses � fireballs � about four years ago. It is possible that those fireballs are experimental proves of magnetic holes. Those holes evaporated immediately because the RHIC collided heavy nuclei, containing many protons and neutrons. Will such holes evaporate at LHC, or will created magnetic holes begin to capture the slowly moving protons of Earth?

One of the authors of documents about the safety of LHC, Igor Tkachev, is 100% confident that at the center of our Galaxy there is a huge black hole.
I am 95 % confident that at the center of our Galaxy there is a huge magnetic hole. I think that magnetic hole, besides the magnetic field, has axial-symmetric gravity field, stretching mostly in the plane of our Galaxy. This explains the huge velocities of peripheral stars of our Galaxy. In other words, - there is no any dark matter in our Universe. Its role is performed by magnetic holes. There is no any dark energy in our Ever Young Universe. Its role is performed by cosmic background radiation. Hubble constant is not the parameter of Universe expansion, but the angular frequency of 4-d rotation of Universe. 13.34 billion years is not the age of Universe, but the time of one full 4-d rotation of Ever Young Universe. Energy sources of stars in Ever Young Universe are different from the sources in Big Bang Universe. Our energy sources can be described by corrected formula of Hawking. This formula must contain the square root from Dirac�s big number. This formula describes the luminosity of stars, but not the black holes evaporation. In our model there are no black holes, but there can be extremely rapid gravity collapses, ending by disappearance of gravity funnel and huge gamma-burst. Gravity collapse is the final part of magnetic collapse if the mass of the magnetic hole is sufficient and if its configuration is correspondent.

Astronomers, show me, please, black holes.
But, I can to show you the picturesque magnetic hole.
Here it is:

Magnetic holes explain us the cause of several astronomical pulses: gamma-bursts, huge radio jets, the annihilation lines of electron-positron pairs, huge velocities of remnants of cosmic catastrophes, the absence of civilizations which are older, than those, who can build powerful colliders.

People, please, stop powerful colliders immediately.
Collisions with energy, more than 100 GeV must be banned by international law, otherwise our Solar system will look like SN 1987A.

Somebody asks: Is it possible you are wrong with your theories. Is it possible?

If I was not confident, I would not fear LHC, I would sleep calmly, but, as can you see, I am in shock now.

Somebody asks: How have you determined, with such certainty, that your right?
You still have provided no proof at all that you are correct.

Two mathematical proves. Dozen of supplementary arguments.

Somebody asks: Is it possible that you are overly fearful and that scaring the public is a irresponsible, immoral and unethical thing to do if you have no proof at all of your theories?

I said the truth. Are bigbangers responsible and honest in their gaining the ruling position in science? Look at the open letter of anti bigbangers, signed by thousand of famous scientists, who are rejected the idea of Big Bang:
There is no pluralism in science now. Science was transformed into religious dogma by bigbangers. Because of this I have no job in science. Because of this the Earth can undergo the big bang, but this bang will not prove the Big Bang theory.

People, please, stop powerful colliders immediately.
Collisions with energy, more than 100 GeV must be banned by international law.

Send police to CERN and arrest Rolf Heuer and all his bigbangers. He is deadly dangerous for all humanity. He can kill you today with great probability.

December 2, 2009 I have delivered petition to the Prosecutor�s Office of Russia.

To Prosecutor�s Office of Russia.
From Ivan Gorelik (address, phone, passport data)

1. Please bring to criminal responsibility the authors of documents on the Large Hadron Collider Safety Assessment, because these documents contain crude errors and false statements. See Annex 1.
2. Please contact the law enforcement bodies of the European Union and demand the immediate termination of the experiment at the Collider, since the experiment could lead to the magnetic collapse and to the collaptical explosion of the Earth.
A. 20 November 2009 an international committee ConCERNed filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights in Geneva to stop the experiment at the Collider, but CERN continues experiment and increase the energy of collisions and their frequency.
B. Physicists of CERN considered only four items of dangerous objects that can be created at the collider, and ignored the theory of magnetic holes. I have repeatedly appealed to higher authorities about the danger of magnetic holes. Calculation of magnetic holes is shown here:
3. I beg to bring to the United Nations the issue of an international ban on the collision of particles with energies higher than 0.1 TeV.

December 2, 2009. Signature.
Annex on three sheets from my page Russian language page Crude Errors and Lie in the Safety Assessment of Collider. English language analog of this page you can find here:

November, 30. CERN had risen up the energies of beams to 1.18 TeV.
I wrote a following letter to some leaders of CERN:

Collisions of protons with energies about 1 TeV can lead to MAGNETIC collapse and explosion of Earth with probability about 30%. Thus, you can kill me and my relatives.

Please, advice me, what can I do to stop you:

1) To kill some citizens from your countries?
2) To kill myself in front of your Embassy?
3) ???

Ivan Gorelik.
+7 (8)965 372 ????

November 28, we  widespread a Leaflet of protest.

November 27 at 12.00 I and my son tried to held the meeting of protest near the Moscow State University. At 12.30 we were taken into police office, where we continued to protest for about 4 hours. At last militia had made our photos from different positions, took our finger-prints, returned our megaphone-siren and wished us a success in our straggle.

First collisions were performed, November 23.
Now CERN is ready to rise up the energy of collisions.
Today, November 24, I'll try to organize a meeting of protest against CERN.
Moscow, Zubovskij bulvar, 4. Near the Russian Informational Agency "Novosti".

STOP CERN! A call to reasonable people all over the world.

In a several days the first high energy collisions of protons will be implemented by CERN at Large Hadron Collider. This can lead to the explosion of our planet and to extermination of our humankind.
We, citizens of Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine, are planning to fulfill several actions. We call you to make the same in your countries.
1. The 20-th of November 2009 we�ll start to distribute the Leaflet in order to say people about the real deadly danger of the LHC experiment.
2. The 23-rd of November we�ll try to block the entrances to the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University and so on. No one person can enter these buildings until authorities of these organizations would say at media about their rejection and ban of the experiment.
3. The 29-th of November, that is a day before the first planned collisions, we�ll perform another action. The essence of this action we�ll be expounded additionally.
This plan will be canceled any day, if CERN leaders we�ll refuse the LHC experiment.
We were forced to go to these extreme measures. Previously, we have repeatedly made more loyal measures: appealed to the superior authorities, but CERN continues to go ahead and can kill us very soon. We can not sit silently for our execution.
November 16, 2009.
1. Ivan Gorelik,
2. Vasiliy Golota,
3. Vladimir Acjucovskij, 
4. Evgeniy Dovgel,
5. Valentina Golovina.
6. Julia Polognjuk.
7. Sergey Vertinskij.
8. Tatiana Pravdina.
9. Vyacheslav Satane.
10. Nikolay Ermolajev.
11. Evgeniy Tryuhan,

Tomorrow we�ll begin to read lectures �What is Magnetic Trap and how
it can kill the Earth�.
The lectures will be held in front of Embassies of Switzerland and
France, and in front of Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State

2009, November 22.

Dogs of CERN�s Boss threatened to put me into jail.

Yesterday (several days ago) some man, possibly from Rolf Heuer environment, had phoned me and asked � did I threaten to Heuer. The conversation was ended by the threat to put me into jail and by saying that our phone conversation was recorded.

Dear CERN leaders, I feel myself as a prisoner, sentenced to be killed. Those are you, who already deadly scared many citizens of the whole Earth. They, probably, feel themselves as doomed to death. We do not know exactly the day when you will shoot us, and we do not know will we survive.

Our feelings of fear are different. These feelings depend from the probability, which some person gives to catastrophic scenario. Year ago, September 2008, I thought that the probability of the global catastrophe, caused by LHC, is hidden somewhere in the region 10^-6-10^-5. That was not so scary; - this risk probability is analogues to die in an air plane catastrophe. This probability did give me the possibility to sleep quite calmly. But in the period of the last year I had developed the theory of magnetic hole. My probability value of global catastrophe had grown almost each week, because I received dozens of proving arguments and two independent mathematical proves. I studied CERN�s documents about safety of LHC and found there three crude errors and lie assertions. Now I know that probability of Earth explosion, caused by LHC, is not 10^-31, as it follows from CERN documents, but it is hidden somewhere in the region 5-90%. Do you understand this value? Can I sleep calmly now? Who are you now in my eyes, potential killer?

So, Rolf Heuer, go on, send your dogs here, into my town.
My anger grows every day with the nearing of the day of proton collisions at LHC.
I do not know what I�ll do in the end of November.
I hate you, your CERN, your countries authorities.


November the 30-th, according to the preliminary plan for the Large Hadron Collider, the collisions of protons with energies of 0.45 TeV will be implemented, the 14-th of December - collisions with energies of 3.5 TeV. If the magnetic collapse starts, it will be impossible to stop it. It will end with ejection of the Earth�s shell into outer space.

I give the following probabilities:
A. 10% - magnetic collapse will start at 0.45 TeV;
B. 50% - magnetic collapse will start at 3.5 TeV, if A did not happen;
C. 70% - magnetic collapse will start at 7 TeV, if B did not happen.
30% I leave to my mistake.

Why is such confidence?

Compare Newtonian black hole and magnetic hole:
GMm / r = mc2 / 2;
pB = mc2.

It was obtained two independent proofs that the equality pB = mc2 is reachable at the energies of modern colliders,
There are many arguments in favor the fact that magnetic holes exist, and astronomers see them, but call them on the error as black holes, 
It was found several crude errors and criminal lies in the assessment documents about the safety of LHC, 

The rate of MH�s growth is not known exactly. Magnetic Hole can destroy the Earth in the period from 1000 seconds to 1000 days. If the second is correct, then you will wish to bomb the LHC yourself. But then it would not save you already, because magnetic holes would already grow inside the Earth.

Here is explanation of the most visible crude error, made in 2003 safety article.

1. Let the length of free path of a particle is equal to 1 meter, r = 1 m.
Let the radius of the object is equal to 1000 meters, R = 1000 m.
How many collisions will undergo the particle in order to exit the object?

Solution. R/r = 1000. N = (R/r)2 = 1 000 000.

2. How many Earth�s protons will be ruined by dangerous particle, if R/r = 109?

A. CERN�s solution: N = (R/r)2 = 1018.
B. My solution: The Earth has its own gravity field. Consequently, the trajectory of a particle between collisions will not be straight line, but curved to the center of attraction. As a result the dangerous particle will constantly drift to the center of the Earth. As a result the dangerous particle will ruin about N/n Earth�s protons, where: N � the total number of Earth�s protons; n � the number of created dangerous particles.

Another crude error, made in the CERN�s safety documentation, is in equating of the consequences of protons collisions at LHC with collisions of cosmic particles with atmospheric ones.

To see the drastic difference between such consequences, let�s make two thought experiments.
There are two 10 kg bottles with neutrons.
Additional requirements, used in the model: 1. free neutrons do not decay; 2. proton do not capture neutron; 3. any nuclei, heavier than proton, can capture free neutron; 4. neutrons do not interact with the matter of bottle; 5. the density of neutrons in the bottle is the same as of water.

A. Let somebody put one slowly moving nucleus into the bottle. Neutrons will begin to be captured by the growing and dividing nuclei. In a couple of moments this laboratory will be exploded a town will look like Hiroshima after the nuclear attack.
B. If somebody will bombard the same bottle by nuclei, having the kinetic energy about several TeV, he will see that nuclei are ruined in collisions and formed a cloud of protons and neutrons.

A. Approximate way of reactions can look like this dividing chain:
He3+n -> He4;
He4+n -> He5;
He5+n -> He6 -> Li6+e;
Li6+n -> Li7;
Li7+n -> Li8 -> Be8+e;
Be8+n -> Be9;
Be9+n -> Be10;
U235+n -> X+Y+2n
X+n ->...; Y+n ->...
two branches;
four branches;
eight branches;
Collaptical explosion!

B. Nuclei with TeV kinetic energy will be ruined by high energy collisions with neutrons in the backward order in crude approximation.

Nuclear collapse is impossible because the repulsive electrostatic forces of protons. That is way, I named nuclei by �nuclear quasi-holes�.
Magnetic collapse has no limit. Magnetic hole will grow till there is the food, - the matter of planet or star.

The biggest error of CERN physicists is in the equating the consequences of A and B.
A. Collisions of protons at LHC;
B. Collisions of cosmic protons with atmospheric protons.

Similarity: Energies in A and B are sufficient in order to make microscopic magnetic holes.

Difference: Velocities of created holes relatively surrounding matter are drastically great.
A. Magnetic holes, made on LHC, can have very small velocities, such as slow nucleus entered into the neutron-bottle, and exploded the town.
B. According to conservation law of 4-momentum, cosmic holes have relativistic velocities, such as TeV nuclei, destructed in the neutron-bottle.

A. LHC�s holes will capture slowly moving particles and grow. The bigger hole becomes � the bigger its rate of growth.
B. Atmosphere particles move relatively holes with relativistic velocities and, correspondingly, they have TeV kinetic energy, relatively holes. As a result, magnetic holes will be ruined almost immediately. Such collisions lead to creation of showers of secondary particles. Physicists observe such showers.

In our upper model with two neutron-bottles we could see that bombardment of bottle by eV-nuclei can lead to Hiroshima-like explosion, but TeV-nuclei bombardment are safe. Correspondingly LHC-collisions can destroy the Earth; cosmic-atmospheric particle collisions occur constantly and safe.

Most of physicists are confident that heavy particles, created at LHC will decay.
That is a deadly error.

LHC can create a particle with the mass by 10 000 times greater than the mass of proton.

To imagine this, compare the masses of a human and of a railway train.

Imagine what will happen, if biologists would make a creature with the mass of railway train, but having the human size. What will happen to you if this creature would seat at the roof of your house, exactly over you? Any roof will be broken and you would be smashed into a thin film and pushed deep into the ground.

Now imagine a proton, as soap bubble, and a liquid drop of the same size.
What will happen to protons, if the bubble has a field, attracting protons?
Protons would be ruined and their remnants would condense onto the drop.

Particle physicists think that proton consists from three point-like quarks (u, u, d). In fact, proton can be composed from some continuous substance, rotating with relativistic velocity. This rotating substance creates three mixed electro-magneto-weak poles (u, u, d). In a strong magnetic field this three-pole construction can be ruined, and the two-pole construction can be created. This process is accompanied by ejection of positron.

There are two independent math proves that this reconstruction can be performed at energies about 0,25 TeV per colliding particle, if the magnetic moment of resulting two-pole particle is the same as the magnetic moment of proton. If its value is different, then the needed energy would also be different.

We know two types of explosions: chemical and nuclear. Astronomers see the third type of explosions � collaptical. At nuclear explosion only a few thousand�s parts of explosive rest energy is realized in the form of radiation and kinetic energy of fragments. At some stellar collaptical explosions about a half of rest energy of the star is released in the form of radiation and kinetic energy of the rejected stellar shell. What type of collaptical explosions do astronomers observe: gravitational into black hole or magnetic into magnetic hole?
Is it possible to switch the magnetic collapse at collider?
My answers: The observed collapses are magnetic ones. Magnetic collapse can be switched on by powerful colliders.

LHC will be switched on in the mead-November; the first collisions are waited in a few weeks later. Do we survive or do we start into outer space?

The Earth after the magnetic collapse will transform into a small region of exited superconducting vacuum. This region�s diameter is about 10 meters. The thickness is about 2.5 meters. The strength of magnetic field in this region is about 10^16 teslas. Because of the strong magnetic interaction, this small magnetic hole will move on spiral trajectory to the Sun. As a result, the Sun will explode and astronomy amateurs from neighbor stellar systems (alien free thinkers) will observe novae or supernovae phenomenon. Alien stephen hawkings will say: �The world will not come to an end when the LHC turns on. The LHC is absolutely safe. ... Collisions releasing greater energy occur millions of times a day in the earth's atmosphere and nothing terrible happens�

The next crude error of CERN physicists is hidden in the formula of magnetic* catalyses of proton decay

M + p -> M + e+.

More correct formula must contain the number n:

Mn + p -> Mn+1  + e+.

This number shows the number of x-bosons in magnetic hole. These bosons have the equal quantum numbers. Magnetic hole works as laser. The word �laser� originated as an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser creates the same photons, which are bosons with zero mass energy. Because of zero mass, photons fly away from laser with the speed of light. Magnetic trap creates x-bosons, which have non-zero rest mass. These bosons do not fly away but becomes the constituent part of magnetic hole. The bigger is the number n � the bigger is the rate of magnetic collapse of ordinary matter into magnetic hole.

* Physicist usually say: �monopole catalyses of proton decay�, I say that magnetic hole is magnetic dipole and M in my upper formulas denotes magnetic dipole.

According to Russian online �opinion poll� at November 17, 2009, 51% of respondents had said that LHC is the dearth threat. But as we can see, CERN continues their preparations to this crime experiment. Conclusion - the science is criminal now!






1. CERN, LHC. Big Bang of Earth is appointed at late October, 2009. (According to last news - November, 2009)
...Geneva, 9 February 2009. CERN management today confirmed the restart schedule for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) resulting from the recommendations from last week�s Chamonix workshop. The new schedule foresees first beams in the LHC at the end of September this year, with collisions following in late October. A short technical stop has also been foreseen over the Christmas period. The LHC will then run through to autumn next year, ensuring that the experiments have adequate data to carry out their first new physics analyses and have results to announce in 2010. The new schedule also permits the possible collisions of lead ions in 2010...
...It is now foreseen that the LHC will be closed up and ready for beam injection by mid-November.

2. Oganesyan from Dubna appointed the Earth's explosion at July, 2009.

Academician Oganesyan in Dubna will try to create the transuranium element with the charge number 117 in July of this year. The creation of transuranium elements is one more method (by pion condensation) to create the magnetic trap. Here is a link in Russian:

3. According to preliminary plan:

the 30-th of November - collisions with energies 0.45 TeV per proton;
the 14-th of December - collisions with energies 3.5 TeV per proton;
2010 - collisions with energies 7 TeV per proton;

According to my computations of energies, needed to create magnetic hole, the probability of Earth's explosion is:
a) 10%, the 30-th of November;
b) 50%, the 14-th of December, if a) was not performed;
c) 70%, 2010,  if b) was not performed.
I give 30% per my error and on the case if the magnetic moment of x-boson is drastically differs from magnetic moment of proton.

Some documents and links.

1. In November 2008, I arrived to Moscow in order to file a lawsuit against the Russian Academy of Sciences and against the most active propagandists of the LHC launch. Unfortunately, for lack of funds, I still (February 2009) can not to do it.

2. In late November at the "meeting of four" there was decided to hear my report "What will LHC give us, the particle of God, or magnetic trap of Devil?" at a workshop in one of the leading institutions of Moscow. But later, I received a "retreat" from this institution.

3. In December, I sent the Letter to the President of Russia. In January, I received an answer in which it was stated that my letter was forwarded to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

4. In December, I sent the Letters to the Prosecutors Office of the Russian Federation. Soon after, I received the answer stating that my letter "was sent for review in the prescribed manner".

5. In the end of January I returned to Feodosia (Ukraine) and continued to inform about the risks of the global catastrophe. You can read some letters, which were send to the Google groups, - just click my Google-profile. (Soon after, I was banned at Google-groups) 

Reproduction of biospheres and civilizations. Who are you, dear reader: "a cell of good reason", "a curiosity cell", or "thoughtless muscular cell"?

Magnetic trap of Devil. What is Big Bang and who is bigbangers? Two independent methods give exactly the same results. Magnetic trap is possible at 0,25TeV proton-proton collisions. The third independent approach, "Characteristics of magnetic holes", gives analogues results.

Arguments, proving that "The LHC will lead to global catastrophe"; "Magnetic holes exist"; "We will not be able to prevent the LHC launch and the following global catastrophe". Religious and mystic arguments.

Magnetic Hole. Pictures.

Crude Errors in Risk Assessment of Colliders.

External links.

Safety of the Large Hadron Collider
My thread at the forum
Petition "Stop and Disassemble the Large Hadron Collider" Sign it too, if you want to save yourself and your children.
Reproduction of biospheres and civilizations. Moderator wrote: "This thread is closed. Try to re-open it, and you will be banned."
The CERN particle collider
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Holes: nuclear, electric, magnetic, gravitational (black).
We have only about 50 days to stop LHC. (12.09.09)
Several biggest errors of particle physicists.


The CERN black hole.
CERN LHC Black Holes and Strangelets.
The LHC CERN Mulfunction Causing Trouble in France.
LHC: The End Day.
I wrote a large variety of anti-collider commentaries under many videos, signed by my nick "DrDarkEnergy". As a result, I was banned to leave commentaries there.

Links in Russian

Fermi Paradox and Mendeleev's roulette.
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One of my last posts to forums: Solution of several astronomical riddles.

Somebody told me: I have seen your axial magnetic dipole argument addressing the peculiar rings around the supernova. I could guess that this could be the only close up image of any supernovae (one per century per galactic radius range I think). This seems to offer some explanation, for which, as far as I'm aware, otherwise none has been offered. This then could be important.
But otherwise I find your arguments simply obscure and unclear. I don't see how what you talk about could be equated with a magnetic monopole.

No. Not monopole, but dipole. I used the word �monopole� in some my texts on the following causes:

1. In the LSAG safety reports they investigate magnetic monopoles as one of dangerous objects and made there a crude error, - they said that magnetic monopole will ruin only 10^18 protons and leave the Earth. Their conclusion would be correct, if the Earth had no attracting centers. Because of these attracting centers hypothetical monopoles will never leave the Earth. They will leave the Earth only after the destruction of almost all protons of Earth.

2. Already dozens of years some physicists are planning to use magnetic monopoles as energy sources. Yes, they can make such sources, but these sources will work only about 1000 seconds and after the Earth�s crust will be thrown out into cosmos.

3. There are some articles, discussing the rate of monopolium production at LHC, where monopolium is the bounded state of two monopoles with opposite magnetic charge. (For example "Monopolium production from photon fusion at the Large Hadron Collider", arXiv:0809.0272v1 [hep-ph] 1 Sep 2008.)

I think that magnetic hole is not monopole and not monopolim...

In fact, I think that magnetic hole is not simply the magnetic dipole, but electromagnetic dipole, i.e. simultaneously the magnetic dipole and electric dipole.

Magnetic hole is the region of vacuum where the field is so great that vacuum transit from anti ferromagnetic into ferromagnetic superconducting state.

Normal vacuum has the property of anti ferromagnetic. Exited vacuum is a region with properties of superconducting ferromagnetic.

Imagine a tin can, filled with pills, small magnetic dipoles. Poles N and S have also electric charges, for example: N+, S-. Then REAL currents j of pills will create the IMAGINATIVE current I along the side surface of a tin can. Electric forces between poles of pills will bound the pills together. Electric dipoles of pills will create one electric charge on upper side of a can and the opposite electric charge on another side of a can.

Magnetic hole works as an optical laser. MH ruins protons, ejects positrons, and creates the same massive bosons. Optical lasers also create the same bosons, which are massless photons. Massless photons leave the laser with the speed of light. Bosons, created by magnetic hole, have mass and they do not move anywhere, - they condensate on the magnetic hole, making it bigger.

Because of different electric charges of MH�s poles, protons are attracted to negative pole, and are ruined there. This pole works as an engine of a reactive rocket, accelerated by ejected relativistic positrons.
This explains several astronomical riddles: huge velocities of neutron stars; the existence of jets of charged particles; the existence of positron-electron annihilation line; the cause of anisotropy of star�s explosions; the cause of repeated explosions of novae.
If magnetic hole is also an oscillator, then it can explain the next riddle, - the frequency of pulsar�s flashes.

Will CERN scientists investigate the magnetic holes theoretically, or will they investigate the magnetic collapse (collaptical explosion of Earth) in practice?

People, STOP CERN!

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Ivan Gorelik.


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