Crude Errors in Risk Assessment of Colliders.

From my correspondence at forums.

What will happen if pB will be equal to mc2, where p is the magnetic moment of a proton, B is the magnetic field, created by another flying by proton (or the field of already made magnetic hole) and mc2 is the rest energy of proton?

At what energy of collisions the equality pB=mc2 is valid? My answer: 0.255 TeV.

Note 1:
Simplest definition of magnetic hole can be made on the following comparison:
Newtonian black hole: GMm/r = mc2/2;
Magnetic hole: pB=mc2.

Note 2:
The time needed the microscopic black hole capture the whole Earth is mach greater than million years. Consequently, they are safe for now living people on the Earth.
The time needed the magnetic hole capture the whole Earth is about 1000 seconds. Consequently, magnetic holes can explode the Earth and Solar system.

Note 3:
We know two types of explosions chemical and nuclear.
Astronomers see the third type of explosions, collaptical.
At nuclear explosion only few thousands parts of explosive rest energy is realized in the form of radiation and kinetic energy of fragments.
At some stellar collaptical explosions about a half of rest energy of the star is realized in the form of radiation and kinetic energy of the rejected stellar shell.
What type of collaptical explosions do astronomers observe: gravitational into black hole or magnetic into magnetic hole?
Is it possible to switch the magnetic collapse at collider?

Physicists, what will happen at pB=mc2, or at 0.255 TeV per collisions of protons at LHC.

Dear physicists, you again and again repeat the biggest error of Stephen Hawking.

In the CERN's article "The safety of the LHC" you can find a dozen of comparisons with cosmic rays.

Hawking: "The world will not come to an end when the LHC turns on. The LHC is absolutely safe. ... Collisions releasing greater energy occur millions of times a day in the earth's atmosphere and nothing terrible happens."

This error will cost us the life of our Civilization.

The biggest error is in the comparison of A and B.
A. Collisions of protons at LHC;
B. Collisions of cosmic protons with atmospheric protons.

Similarity: Energies in A and B are sufficient in order to make microscopic magnetic holes.

Difference: Velocities of created holes relatively surrounding matter are drastically great.
A. Magnetic holes, made on LHC, can have very small velocities.
B. According to conservation law of 4-momentum, cosmic holes have relativistic velocities.

A. LHC's holes capture slowly moving particles and grow. The bigger hole becomes - the bigger its rate of growth.
B. Atmosphere particles move relatively holes with relativistic velocities and, correspondingly, they have TeV kinetic energy, relatively holes. As a result, magnetic holes evaporate immediately. Such collisions lead to creation of showers of secondary particles. Physicists observe such showers.

Let's compare the behavior of "nuclear quasi-hole" with the behavior of magnetic hole. Let's investigate two cases:

A. Bombarding particles are neutrons, having the kinetic energies, equal to several in eV.
B. Bombarding neutrons have kinetic energies, equal to several TeV.

Approximate result:
A. Collapse:
p+n -> d;
d+n -> t -> He3+e;
He3+n -> He4;
He4+n -> He5;
He5+n -> He6 -> Li6+e;
Li6+n -> Li7;
Li7+n -> Li8 -> Be8+e;
Be8+n -> Be9;
Be9+n -> Be10;
U235+n -> X+Y+2n
X+n ->...; Y+n ->...
two branches;
four branches;
eight branches;

B. Evaporation. TeV-energy neutrons will ruin the nucleus in the backward order in crude approximation.

Nuclear collapse is impossible because the repulsive electrostatic forces of protons. That is way, I named nucleus by "nuclear quasi-holes".
Magnetic collapse has no limit. Magnetic hole will grow till there is the food, - the matter of planet or star.

Physicists, did you see the difference?

Look here:
That is an image of remnants of exploded star.
You can see there three beautiful semi axial rings.
Axial symmetry says us that there was the magnetic collapse, but not the gravity collapse.
Magnetic hole has axial symmetry because it is a compact magnetic dipole.
Black hole must have spherical symmetry, if it is not rotate.

The Earth after the magnetic collapse will transform into a small region of exited superconducting vacuum. This region’s diameter is about 10 meters. The thickness is about 2.5 meters. The strength of magnetic field in this region is about 1016 teslas. Because of the strong magnetic interaction, this small magnetic hole will move on spiral trajectory to the Sun. As a result, the Sun will explode and astronomy amateurs from neighbor stellar systems (alien free thinkers) will observe novae or supernovae phenomenon. Alien stephen hawkings will say: "The world will not come to an end when the LHC turns on. The LHC is absolutely safe. ... Collisions releasing greater energy occur millions of times a day in the earth's atmosphere and nothing terrible happens"

The second crude error is made by the authors of They wrote

"magnetic monopoles can catalyse proton decay. Can this be a problem?
At each catalysis event energy is released by the decaying proton, causing the monopole to move. It is straightforward to estimate the number of protons that could be destroyed before the monopole escapes the Earth. Monopoles are expected to have a strong cross-section with normal matter. As a result the mean free path of a monopole moving through iron is given by (formula)..
In each collision a nucleon is destroyed so the escaping monopole will destroy 1018 nucleons: negligibly small compared to the total number of nucleons".

The author's logic would be correct only in the case of isotropic medium. But the Earth has it's own gravity field and it's own magnetic field. Both these fields are not isotropic. Created monopoles will not go far from the attracting places. They will randomly move around these places till destroy all protons of the Earth. So the correct number is not 1018 but 1051, divided by the number of created monopoles.

Let's make a computer model. In order to see the point of particle's exit we'll make two-dimensional model. Three-dimensional model gives analogues result. Let the length of free path of dangerous particle will be 102 times smaller the radius of the Earth model. Then, in the absence of gravity field, according to theory it must collide and ruin (102)2 = 10000 particles. Testing the program four times, we can receive the following figures.

The dangerous particle ruined correspondingly 11584, 6688, 11308, 18644 protons. These numbers do not differ greatly from the number given by statistical theory.

Let's begin to switch on the gravity by steps in conventional units:  0.01; 0.02; 0.04; 0.08.

The correspondent numbers of ruined protons are 55 603; 101 161; 189 545; 10 000 000. In the last case the dangerous particle did not leave the model, but the program was stitched out at the number 10 000 000.

At the further growth of gravity field to the values 0.2; 0.4 we can see that the particle makes the same 10 000 000 collisions, but paints the smaller regions near the center of the model.

Consequently, the strongly interacting dangerous particle will not leave the Earth until it will ruin almost the whole Earth's matter. Of course, the time, needed to utter destruction of Earth is extremely huge, but if we take into account the next error of CERN's physicists, this time would be diminished to about 1000 seconds.

III. The third error is hidden in the formula of monopole catalyses of proton decay

M + p = M + e+.

More correct formula must contain the number n:

Mn + p = Mn+1 + e+.

This number shows the number of x-bosons in magnetic monopole (one more type of magnetic holes). These bosons have the equal quantum numbers. Magnetic hole works as laser. The word laser originated as an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser creates the same photons, which are bosons with zero mass energy. Because of zero mass, photons fly away from laser with the speed of light. Magnetic trap creates x-bosons, which have non-zero rest mass. These bosons do not fly away but becomes the constituent part of magnetic hole. The bigger the number n - the bigger the rate of magnetic collapse of ordinary matter into magnetic hole.

IV. The fourth error is hidden in poor imagination of authors, who had investigated the possible dangerous particles, which can be created at colliders. Here I do not stop on mBHs, strangelets, vacuum bubbles. I'll stop only on magnetic traps.
Magnetic traps are dangerous objects, which are connected together mostly by the magnetic forces. I tried to investigate some of them:
1. neutron liquid;
2. neutron hole;
3. magnetic hole;
4. magnetic monopole.
The most real ones, from my point of view, ere magnetic holes. Computations had lead me to the conclusion that magnetic holes can be of such types:
1. magnetic dipoles with poles N and S;
2. electromagnetic dipoles with mixed poles N+ and S-, or with poles N- and S+;
3. vacuum electromagnetic oscillator;

n. "with mixed electro-magneto-weak poles"

region of strangelets.


People, I am in shock from your silence!

Humans, like a herd of obedient sheep, are lead to the abyss. I, as a mortally frightened lamb, run from side to side of the herd, but the herd do not hear me. They laugh at me and moves slowly, plucking the juicy grass.

People, please, wake up! Open your eyes!

November the 30-th, according to the preliminary plan for the Large Hadron Collider, the collision of protons with energies of 0.45 TeV will be implemented, 14 December - collision with energies of 3.5 TeV. If the magnetic collapse starts, it will be impossible to stop it. It will end with ejection of the Earth's shell into space.

I give the probability of about
10% that magnetic collapse will start at 0.45 TeV;
50% at 3.5 TeV;
70% at 7 TeV.
30% I leave to my mistake.

Why is such confidence, - you would ask.

Compare Newtonian black hole and magnetic hole:
GMm / r = mc2 / 2;
pB = mc2.

It was obtained two independent proofs that the equality pB = mc2 is reached at the energies, achievable in modern colliders.
There are many arguments in favor of the fact, that magnetic holes exist, and astronomers see them but call them on the error as black holes.
It was found several great errors and criminal lies in the assessment documents about the safety of LHC.

Humans, are you really obedient sheep, ready to be killed?




In late November 2008 at the "meeting of four" there was decided to hear my report
"What will LHC give us, the particle of God, or magnetic trap of Devil?"
at a workshop in one of the leading institutions of Moscow.
But later, I received a "retreat" from this institution.

The failed report "What will LHC give us, the particle of God, or magnetic trap of Devil?"


In September 2008 I came to the conclusion that the experiment at LHC, is indeed a serious threat. I have come to this conclusion after attempts to create a model of particles that can absorb the ordinary matter, surrounding us. I use the Steady State model of the Universe, which is different from the traditional model, the theory of Big Bang. It turns out to be that in the Steady State model, the probability of global catastrophe is higher than it follows from the Big Bang theory. This is due to the fact that space-time at the micro level is different in these models. My model is based on the strictly ordered space-time lattice, and particles are the defects and the sets of defects, which are the internal elements of this lattice. In the Big Bang model the space-time at micro-level is a vacuum foam, and the substance particles, colliding with high energies, are independent, torn out from space-time. It is a quark-gluon plasma, living independently in the space-time. In the Steady State model , we have a lot of constant values: the Hubble constant, the temperature of the background radiation, the relationships between the average specific energy of the physical vacuum, the baryonic matter, and the leptons. In the Big Bang model these values can change with time.

29.11.2008.  Ivan Gorelik Yu,

Models of particles, capable of absorbing the usual matter.


    Magnetic trap is an object, unifying hypothetical objects, connected primarily by magnetic forces: neutron drop / liquid; neutron hole; magnetic hole ...

    Neutron drop is the object which looks as a drop. It is formed from neutrons with the same orientation of spins, and with a density similar to the nuclear density. Pauli exclusion principle does not work because the neutrons do not have the same spatial coordinates, and the drop may be in such rotation that neutrons have different orbital moments.

    Neutron hole is the object which looks as an infinitely thin coil with many circular loops. Each loop creates a magnetic field which is equivalent to magnetic field of one neutron. Pauli exclusion principle does not work because the neutrons are grouped in Cooper pairs.

Magnetic hole is the object like a neutron hole, but the difference is that the neutron capture is accompanied by the release of neutrino, and the proton capture is accompanied by the release of a positron. Pauli exclusion principle does not work because magnetic hole is made of bosons.

The most plausible calculations were made for the neutron hole. The most realistic object is a magnetic hole. It is clear that numerical estimates for these objects will be different, but the difference is small, with numerical factor which is close to unity. Further we shell use the term magnetic hole, with a numerical evaluation of the neutron hole.

Approximate calculation of the minimal possible mass of the neutron hole.

(For a more precise calculation, look the page, written couple months later.)

Let's suppose that the neutron hole is similar to the superconducting coil of n turns, where n is the number of neutrons in it. Binding energy is calculated successively: for two, three, ..., n neutrons within the neutron hole.

The binding energy of n-th neutron with the neutron hole is equal to the energy, that can be spent in order to turn one-loop coil at 90o relatively the the coil, containing (n-1) loops.

n=2; E2=pB;
n=3; E3=p(2B);
n=4; E4=p(3B);
n=n; En=p((n-1)B),

where: p is the dipole magnetic moment of one-loop coil (neutron); B - magnetic induction, created by one-loop coil.

The total binding energy, Etotal will be equal to the sum of all right parts of upper equations.
Etotal =pB+p(2B)+...p((n-1)B)=(n-1)npB/2.

Specific energy can be received dividing Etotal by the number of neutrons.
e = Etotal/n = (n-1)pB/2.

Magnetic induction at the center of a circular coil of radius R, with a current I, is B= m0I/(2R).
The magnetic moment of the same circle is p=IS=IpR2.

The binding energy of the 2-loop coil:

E2=pB=m0pI2R/2. Given that we are aware of the magnetic moment of neutrons (p=0,966e-26 Äæ/Òë), the last formula can be transformed to 
E2=m0q3c3/(16pp), where we used the obvious formulae p=IS; I=q/t=qc/(2pR), S=pR2.

Let's define n, at which the neutron binding energy is equal to the rest mass of the neutron.
Etotal/c2 = nmneutron,,
n=(n-1)npB/2/(c2mneutron) ,
n=2c2mneutron/(pB) + 1,
n=2c2mneutron/ E2 + 1 = 1055.

This corresponds roughly to one TeV.
Notice that the LHC collider will give 7 times higher, which means that a magnetic trap can be created at the collider.

Some other values can also be easily received.
The minimal radius of the neutron hole, Rmin = 4×10-16 m, is approximately equal to doubled Compton radius of the neutron. For comparison: Schwarzschild radius of 1055 neutrons, compressed into a black hole, is 35 orders smaller, Rshv = 2,6×10-51 m.
Assuming that the maximum magnetic induction is the induction of the minimum possible neutron hole, Bmax =3×1016 Òë, we conclude, that the further absorption of the substance leads to the hole's radius increase.

About the Risk Assessment of LHC-experient.

Let's read an excerpt from an article[1] "The safety of the LHC":
"The Universe as a whole conducts more than 10 million million LHC-like experiments per second. The possibility of any dangerous consequences contradicts what astronomers see - stars and galaxies still exist". But this is cheating! Stars explode. Moreover, the frequency of the first explosions of new stars is approximately equal to the frequency of the deaths of civilization, if we assume that civilizations are evolving near the every 15th star for a few billion years. Figuratively speaking, the outbreak of a nova or supernova is mourning march for the dying civilization. Compare: if you take a village with 1000 inhabitants, each of which lives approximately one hundred years, then you will note that the mournful marches in that village sounds about 10 times per year. In addition, there are strong indications that between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter was the planet, Phaeton...

Reading the article further, we can notice that the group "LHC Safety Assessment Group" has poor imagination. They investigated the possibility of creation only for four objects: microscopic black holes, strangelets, magnetic monopoles, the vacuum bubbles. And almost every item was dismissed by the comparison with cosmic rays.
Indeed, the particles with much more energy, comparatively to LHC collisions energy, arrive from the outer space. But these processes can not be compared. The particles formed in the LHC beams can have the any small velocity, but the particles formed by the collision of cosmic particles with the atmosphere, will have only relativistic speeds.
The more correct comparison is here:
a. the slow neutron can be captured by nucleus, and the atomic mass of this nucleus will increases by one;
b. the neutron with the energy of several TeV, destroys the nucleus.

Therefore, the neutron hole, formed at the collider, is expected to grow. The neutron hole, formed by the collision of cosmic particles with the atmosphere particle, will evaporate immediately after next set of successive collisions, forming a heavy shower of secondary particles. These showers are observable.

What do we see in the sky: black holes or magnetic traps?

Observational objects, which are associated with black holes, in many cases contain accretion disks, and along the axis - the radio emissions. These emissions can be understood so that the magnetic trap captures only "edible" matter, but emits streams of charged particles: electrons, positrons, and possibly, proton and antiproton.
Nova star is actually not new, and it sometimes undergo the successive explosions with a period of about 20 years. It was discovered, that these repeating novae are closely binary systems; a smaller companion of which is a compact neutron star, moving on the surface of a larger partner, and the smaller companion devours the bigger one. It is probable that this small companion, the neutron star, is also a magnetic trap. Despite the fact, that its density is much higher than the density of big star, it does not sink deeply. The powerful magnetic field is constantly pushes the neutron star out of the diamagnetic plasma of the large companion.

Thus, we can conclude that pulsars, magnetars etc. are magnetic traps.

Many observable objects, which were called the black holes, are not in reality the black holes, because of one very important reason. Classical black holes should not have a magnetic field. But the majority of the candidates on black holes have enormous/huge magnetic fields. Sometimes these objects are now called «Magnetospheric eternally collapsing objects» (MECO)
But in reality they are rather the magnetic traps. MECO are more plausible than black holes, and magnetic traps are more plausible than MECO.

There are several unresolved issues in astrophysics: the existence of radio emissions, gamma-ray bursts, strange behavior of accretion disks, the origin of cosmic rays of high energies; the process of collapse of a supernova. These problems can be solved much easier if we assume, that some observation objects contain magnetic traps at their centers.

A.B. Migdal. "The Search for Trooth."

P. 56. Such instability may occur in a sufficiently strong electric field. As was shown by calculation, the pion condensation occurs near the nucleus with the Z number of protons, with Z more than 1500.
P. 60. Another important conclusion relates to the possibility of the existence of ultradense neutron nuclei, which will be discussed in the next section. If such nuclei exist, then there must be a neutron stars of all sizes. In this case, the equilibrium neutron state is achieved without the help of gravity.
P. 62. Perhaps the hyperdense nucleus can be formed in the collisions of heavy ions with energies of several hundred MeV per nucleon.

Let's repeat the phrase "... there must be a neutron stars of all sizes..."
Any? But that is the global catastrophe, which can be made at a collider, but Migdal did not say about it then, in public! Our calculation shows a minimum - 1055 masses of neutrons. And this limit is achievable at the LHC.
Academician Migdal's book was written 30 years ago. It speaks about a pion condensation, creating the potential well in the pion field, the restructuring of the vacuum in the strong fields.
And we assumed now the creation of potential pit (the magnetic trap) in the critical magnetic field in the result of collisions at the collider, and growing by capturing the ordinary matter.

Approximate scenario of the catastrophe.

Microscopic magnetic traps can be created in one of the colliders, because physicists working there, can not be stopped. Microscopic magnetic traps will rush to the center of the Earth, absorbing the matter in their path. With time, they will merge together into a single powerful and rapidly growing magnetic trap. The thin shell of the Earth with all of us, will be ejected into outer space, but the bulk of the Earth will turn into a current circuit of 6 meters radius. For comparison, the radius of a black hole of the same mass is equal to 9 millimeters.
This 6-meter infinitely thin disk will be probably surrounded by the cooling down and diminishing torus, made of neutron fluid. Torus is in the state of constant "perpendicular rotation", along the magnetic induction lines. The alleged frequency of rotation is 734 Hz. For comparison: the frequency of outbreaks of the fastest pulsar is 719 Hz.

Further, the magnetic trap and will rush to the Sun and drop at its surface, but does not sink, because the magnet is pushed out of diamagnetic plasma. Then they will form a close rotating stellar pair, and the 6-meters magnetic trap will rapidly absorb the matter of the Sun. When the radius of the magnetic trap will be equal to 158 meters, its mass will be equal to 1/20 of the solar masses. This will be the culminating moment, when two radiuses "collides", - the radius and Schwarzschild and the radius of the magnetic trap. Part of the substance inside of the magnetic trap will become inside the black hole, and as a result, the explosion happens. Part of the Sun will be ejected, and it will look from afar, like a nova. If the remnants of magnetic trap has not been subjected to kick out, it will again absorb the substance of Sun, and again in twenty years, after reaching the critical mass, 1/20 of the mass of the Sun. Repeated explosions may continue until the Sun is almost finished. Through the hundreds or thousands of years in its place will twinkle a neutron star, surrounded by the torus, filled by the remnants of the Sun.

Magnetic traps are probably observable. The system of rings is visible in the remnants of supernova SN 1987A. See, how these rings are changing over time, - please click [4]. These rings lie on the hyperboloid. Imagine it, so that the rings were belting this hyperboloid. And now look at the electron [5], moving on the hyperboles in the coordinates x, ict. SN 1987A and the electron look alike.

The muon hole was created at the Tevatron.

According the recent publications [6-10] a new particle was discovered at the Tevatron collider.
She lives ten times longer than it follows from the standard theory. It splits into several muons, and therefore I called it "the muon hole", since its properties are similar to the neutron hole. Discovery of such strange particle, as the muon hole, tells us that at higher collision energies we can receive the whole family of such particles. What would be the next: a particle of God, or a magnetic trap Devil?


1. The safety of the LHC. 
2. Magnetospheric eternally collapsing objects 
3. AB Migdal, "The Search for Trooth", M. 1978.
4. Supernova 1987A.
5. Model of the electron. Program. 
6. Study of multi-muon events produced in p-pbar collisions at sqrt (s) = 1.96 TeV 
7. Igor Ivanov on the article collaboration CDF 
11. My web-site. 

Appendix 1.
The evolution of the internal ring of SN 1987A.
... Photos ...

Appendix 2.

Reproduction of biospheres and civilizations.

Magnetic trap of Devil. Recent calculations


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