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My good friend from USA, Dave Orton, wrote: "...closed (impossible) Universe..." But I would say that open Universe has no chances to exist. If it is open, then it is flat, infinite. Consequently, it has an infinite mass and it has the infinity of infinities of such infinite masses. This does not contradict to the modern "expanding" cosmology, but it is in full contradiction with common sense. I think that some people can not perceive the closed geometry because of the impossibility of imagination of such world. In order to simplify such imagination, I decided to show here my method of imagination of closed three-dimensional world in the successive set of figures. I don't know, who else uses such method and didn't saw such pictures earlier. So if somebody will use bottom pictures in publications, I would be glad to know about that.


In the figure bellow you can see the FLAT section of the universe. Red dots are not stars, but galaxies, or clusters of galaxies, and huge walls of galaxies. Every point of this FLAT section of universe can be regarded as central, every direction is equivalent to all others; consequently, we have the homogeneous, uniform Universe.

The radius r of the sphere on the figure, or the radius of the cross section of universe is its radius of curvature. The length of the arc AC on the figure, which is denoted by R, equals to pr. Consequently, the area of the cross section of the Universe is equal to the area of the sphere on the figure. We can put an observer in any point of the sphere. Let he stays on the top point of it. Then we take a needle and make a small hole on the sphere in the most distant point from the observer. And now we stretch out the hole in such way, that the length of the line AC and every part of it was not changed, but our sphere must be stretched on the flat plane surface.


In the next figure we can see one half of closed universe. It is clear, that relatively THIS observer, the galaxies, situated near the border, which was only the point of puncture, will be looking deformed. But these deformations are only apparent for THIS observer. From the point of view of the observer, situated in the point C, the observer A and his galaxy will be "smeared" on the same boundary sphere.

It is clear, that the length of the most distant circumference, surrounding the observer will be equal to zero, because it was only the point of puncture. Consequently, the area of the most distant sphere, surrounding the observer and the whole universe, will also be equal to zero.


One must not to be Einstein in order to derive the volume of closed universe. And now it is clear that the most distant object in the universe is our own back of the head. The last is valid in the case of infinite velocity of light. But if the velocity of light were finite, then in the furthest point we would see the galaxies-ghosts that died far ago, and which are the ancestors of our galaxy. Behind that point is the territory that was occupied by more ancient galaxies-ghosts, but now this territory is occupied by new generation of galaxies, which we can see now much closer from opposite direction.


Click here to see the computer picture of closed Universe , jpg 116 kb, which will help you to understand, why in static closed Universe there is a Cosmic Background Microwave radiation with temperature about 3 K. Connection between the curvature radius and the specific energy of CBR is very clear and simple. Big Bang model or flat infinite model of Universe cannot give such short and understandable relation between the main physical constants of the big Universe and microcosmos:

rUn, H: curvature radius and Hubble constant;
u, T: specific energy and temperature of CBR;
rm, M: density of matter, and mass of the Universe.

H = 2prUn;
MG =
mG = 2aH2;
armc2 = 2p2u

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Ivan Gorelik



Extremely urgent note.

The Earth will be blown up by the scum, who call themselves as scientists. Society you are a stupid cattle - because, despite the existence of this and similar web-sites, you did nothing for the detention of terrorists, physicists from CERN and other scoundrels, sitting in academies and promoting this blasphemous experiment.

September 16,  2010. Transition into the second generation floor of the Universe.

On the bottom figure you can see a schematic transition of our matter, made of electrons, up and down quarks, living in the space, sewed by photons and electron neutrino, into a parallel floor of our Universe, that is into the second generation matter, made of muons, strange and charm quarks, living in the space, sewed by inverse photons and muon neutrino. At the figure you can not see a z spatial axis, but one can imagine it, if he can imagine four-dimensional figures.
It is very probable that space-time axes at different floors are oriented differently. That was also schematically showed on the figure.

So, the transition of ordinary up/down matter into a 2-generation strange/charm matter is more symmetrical that the transition of ordinary matter into strange matter.

But both transitions lead to one result, - destruction of Earth.

The figure reminds us a gravitational black hole and wormhole. But it is not a usual black hole. That is a quantum multy-thread portal to another floor of Universe. The funnel (threads) is (are) not infinite as in the case of usual black hole. As a result a Schwarzschild radius of this portal can be mach greater, and it can be achievable at p-p or HI-HI collisions at LHC.

The first heavy ion collisions are planned at the 9-th of November this year.Dear people, do you want to be sucked into that portal.

September 11,  2010.

uuu uud udd ddd
uus uds dds
uss dss


These are triads, which can be made of up, down and strange quarks. One of these triads is stable in isolated state; it is a proton, uud. All other triads are more massive than proton (uud), as a result, they all decay. It is known, that the triad udd, which is neutron, decays, if it is isolated. The cause of decay is clear; - the mass of free neutron is bigger than the mass of free proton.

But the situation is different inside another environment:
1. inside the neutron-excessive nuclei a neutron decays at proton, electron, electron antineutrino;
2. inside the stable nuclei the number of neutrons and protons do not change;
3. inside the neutron-deficit nuclei a proton decays at neutron, positron, electron neutrino.

This shows us, that sometime a triad udd can be more stable than uud triad. Now we can make a conclusion: stability of a quark triad depends on the properties of a subnuclear condensate.
The question arises, - is there a subnuclear condensate, where some quark triads be more stable as usual proton-neutron condensate, which are the nuclei of our Earth?
Till now physicists had received unstable nuclei, consisting from three types of triads: protons (uud), neutrons (udd), and lambda-hyperons (uds).

Here are some examples of such hyper-isotopes:
hyper-hydrogen (pnl), (pnnl);
hyper-helium (ppnl), (ppnnl), (ppnnnl), (ppnnnnl), (ppnnnnnl), (ppnnll);
hyper-lithium (pppnnnl), (pppnnnnl),(pppnnnnnl), (pppnnnnnnl).

They are shown on next figure which was taken from the article RHIC nets strange antimatter.

Till now physicists had received even an anti-hyper-hydrogen, which is also unstable.

But look at the beginning of this text, and try to understand, when unstable free neutron becomes more stable than proton, if neutron is not already free, but bonded in subnuclear condensate.

Try to answer, what will happen with the ordinary matter, if physicists will create a stable condensate of lambda-hyperons, or of a mixture of neutrons and lambda-hyperons.

These subnuclear condensates have no limit of grows. Usual subnuclear condensate, consisting of protons and neutrons, do, have the limit, which is uranium. Uranium finishes the periodic table of stable elements. The existence or absence of the limit is explained by the electrical charge of a condensate. Usual nuclei have an electrical charge. Condensates, made of lambda-hyperons and/or neutrons, do not have the electrical charge. As a result, they do not have Columbian barrier, which do not let the ordinary nuclei to fuse.

The 9-th of November 2010 CERN plans to collide heavy ions. As a result, the Solar system can be exploded into a nova star. If strangelets will capture ordinary nucleons, ruin them and grow without decay on smaller strangelets, then the duration of explosion will be about of 500-1000 days. If growing strangelets at some moment would decay at smaller strangelets, then the duration of Earth explosion can be much less.

There are some other microscopic condensates, which can be created at LHC, for example, microscopic magnetic holes. Result of such experimental discovery will be the same the Earths explosion.

Heavy ion collision is a new dangerous step, planned by CERN physicists. They will be started in two months. Politicians, businessmen, ordinary people believe that the best physicist on the planet are correct. CERN propaganda had made its criminal role; - courts, switched on by opponents of dangerous CERNs experiments, are failed.

So, people, be ready to be murdered. You did not believe us earlier, you do not believe us now. You a lazy to ruin the CERN, you are lazy to strike in order to save yourself. You are a crowd of silent cattle, which must be killed. I wish you happy flight in icy comets to other star systems. Go and bring there a seeds of new life. Do not fear to die, and fulfill your sacred mission. Fasten your safety belts; - be ready to suicidal reproduction of biospheres.        

September 7,  2010. From my point of view, the most dangerous things, which can be made on proton-proton (p-p) collisions at powerful colliders, are two different condensates: microscopic magnetic holes and microscopic droplets of strange matter. In the bottom Ill name both of them by unifying term droplets.

I have made a program "Explosion of the Earth, switched by criminal physicists" and want to show you some results.

The time interval of the Earth explosion depends from several parameters: the number of created droplets; the density of matter inside droplets; the velocity of particles in plasma bubbles around the droplets.

Let density of droplet will be 300 times greater than nuclear density;
Let velocity of particles in the plasma bubbles will be v=c/10.


a. if there were created 100 000 000 000 droplets, then the Earth will be exploded in 6 days;
b. if there were created 1000 000 droplets, then the Earth will be exploded in 272 days;
c. if there were created 1 droplet, then the Earth will be exploded in 75 years.

Result "c" can be rejected. Physicist will not stop if they will see one unusual track.
Result "a" can also be rejected, because it is impossible to create 100 000 000 000 droplets in the very first days.

In the upper results we supposed that the droplets were made simultaneously.
Now we'll remade the program and lets suppose that they are created continuously:

a. 10 droplets per second;
b. 1 droplet per second;
c. 1 droplet per 10 seconds;
d. 1 droplet per 100 seconds.

Then the Earth will be torn on fragments in

a. 98 days;
b. 175 days;
c. 311 days;
d. 552 days.

As we know LHC works with quite long stops. So, I think, that the option "d" is the most reliable. As a result, I supposed that the total time of Earth explosion into fragments is about 1000 days.

Several more interesting results:
1. The mass of Earths matter, ruined before the rest of it would start into cosmos with velocity about 10 km/s, is about 1015 kg, - that is about one billionth part of Earth. That also will be approximately the total mass of all droplets.
2. The Sun will be ruined in about a 1000 years. The Sun will undergo several successive explosions as nova. By the way, that explains the rings of SN 1987A.
3. The energy output of matters collapse at droplets at the time of Earth torn on peaces will be about the luminosity of the Sun. That means that neutrino flux from the Earth at that time will be by (R/r)2 times bigger than todays neutrino flux from the Sun. (R radius of Earths orbit; r radius of the Earth). The graph of heat power in the continuously case is a cubic parabola; consequently, we are able to register the excessive flux of neutrino from the Earth already now! If there is no such excessive flux, then I was wrong. But do not forget about future ion-ion collisions; do not forget about future 2*7 TeV p-p collisions. Those are other possibilities to kill the Earth, to kill the humankind.

CERN and all corrupted science are responsible for the probable future murder of 6 billion people and probable destruction of the Earth.

It was subscribed in the Universal Genetic Code of Eternal Living Universe that we, the enemies of biosphere's suicidal reproduction must be undergone to ban, to laughter and shame; otherwise the reproducing act would not occur. That is the law of biosphere's reproduction. So, dont fear to die and perform your sacred mission. Fasten your safety belts; - be ready to biospheres suicidal reproduction!

Appendix: If you do not trust to my computed results, you can compose your own program and test it. My program works by small steps, measured by time interval, for example, dt=1000 seconds. At every step it computes the number of ruined protons by this formula dN = dt v 4pr(i)2k / 6, where v = c/10, c velocity of light; 4pr(i)2 the surface of a droplet at i-th step; r(i) radius of a droplet at ith step; k concentration of protons in a plasma bubble around a droplet, k = MEarth/((4/3)pREarth3) /  mproton. The number 6 in a formula for dN is explained by the fact that our space has 3 dimensions and by the fact that only 1/2 of particles move in positive direction.
Radius of a droplet at the next step: r(i) = r(i - 1)((N + dN) / N)1/3.
The total number of ruined protons at every step: N = N + dN.
Heat power at every step, if droplets are made continuously:
P(i) = P(i - 1) + dN mproton c2 / dt / 2 * Ndr;
if droplets were made simultaneously:
P(i) = dN * mprotonc2 / dt / 2 * Ndr.
In simultaneously case P-graph is square parabola; in continuously case P-graph is cubic parabola;
Ndr number of droplets created per step.

The program stops, when the total heat output, Q, becomes bigger than 3*1032 Wt. This amount of energy is enough to send all matter of the Earth to infinity. Inevitable energy losses can be neglected if T < 1000 days. If T > 1000, then the true value of T will be the more, the more its computed value.

Note 1. It was supposed that every proton, p, colliding with microscopic magnetic hole, NS, decays and the droplet becomes bigger. NSn + p = NSn+1 + e+, where: e+ - positron; subscripts n and n+1 are the number of x-bosons in the magnetic hole; x-boson is a smallest magnetic excitation in ferromagnetic Savidy vacuum, ns. As a result of proton capture the region around magnetic hole will have an excess of neutrons. That will lead to beta decays and to flux of electronic antineutrino from that region.
Note 2. It was supposed that every proton, p(uud), and every neutron, n(udd), colliding with droplet of strange matter, N(uds), decays and droplet becomes bigger. N(uds) + p(uud) = (N+1)(uds) + K+, where: K+ - positively charged kaon. (N) and (N+1) are the number of lambla-hyperons in a growing strangelet. Lambla-hyperon is a strange nucleon (uds) in a strangelet N(uds). A strangelet can capture neutrons too: N(uds) + n(udd) = (N+1)(uds) + K0, where: K0 - neutral kaon.
K+ and K0 decay. As a result an additional flux of different sorts of neutrino and antineutrino can be registered.
Every capture of nucleon by a droplet is accompanied by heat output of about half of rest energy of nucleon. That means that the binding energy of a droplet is extremely high; that specific energy output of nucleon collapse onto droplet is hundred times more than the specific energy output in uranium or hydrogen bombs. But the time interval of collaptical explosion is quite big, because, in order to explode the Earth into peaces, the droplets must successively grow from 10-23 kg to 1015 kg / Ndr.

September 3,  2010.

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March 30,  2010. Crime had happened. Collisions with the energy 3.5 TeV per proton or 7 TeV per collision were performed.

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March 10,  2010. By the way, it seems, unstable condensates were already been created at Tevetron.


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...This portrait is dedicated to CERN decision to start collider work the 20-th of February with energies 3.5 TeV per proton.

Rolf, Adolf, Collider, Death.



... This is not my picture. Perhaps its author is my good friend, supporter.

Citizens! Do not think that some good Uncle Ivan would come and destroy the CERN and its doomsday machine, LHC. Think yourself for your salvation. And not just think, but act. I have no flight experience, no money for the fighter and for a nuclear warhead to bomb the LHC. If you will not stop the CERN now, the CERN will kill all of you in the first quarter of this year, with the probability of about 50%...

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Reproduction of biospheres and civilizations.

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Crude errors in the LHC safety documents. What will LHC give us, the particle of God, or magnetic trap of Devil?


The end of extremely urgent note.

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