The text in this page was written: the 10-th of June 1998.

1.We can see the sun twice.

If one moves in the direction opposite of the Sun with velocity, consistent to a condition that Sun's disk would have the solid angle j = 4*p-w, where w is observable Sun's solid angle at zero velocity, then: cosmic background radiation and stars will collect at one disk in front of the observer and will look like Sun. From the other hand the former Sun will be stretched on all the sky, except the disk of the new Sun. On the surface of former Sun the new constellations and galaxies will be seen. New space-time curvature will be almost the same as it was before acceleration, with the exception of mirror reflection from back to forward. Cosmic background radiation will not have large blue shift because prediction 5.

2.Perpendicular life.

If you find a stone that has a strange intrusion, don't damage it. It could be perpendicular life. We can not see it in time continuation, but we can see mother, child, grandchild... in the processes of birth, growth, death... at first of left (right) side, and then, - tomorrow, or may be in the next century,- we'll be able to see mother, child, grandchild... in the processes of birth, growth, death... from right (left) side.

3.Where to seek for galaxy's ghosts.

If one agrees that our Universe is closed and steady, then one must seek for back sides of galaxies, - "the ghosts", in the opposite side of the sky. But if one agrees that every photon continuously changes the direction of its movement, because of the 4-d rotation, then he will seek the "ghosts" in the points of intersections of lines which cross the sky and whose directions are defined by polarization of light and velocity of source of light. The most distant quasar, smeared on whole sky, is our galaxy. We see the "ghosts" of our Galaxy and Sun everywhere in the form of cosmic microwave background radiation. (Inserted January 2000: At the page The Essence of Time... one can find "z" for galaxy's ghosts)

4.More distant object, more transparent Moon (Sun).

It is known that if we make a hole in the obstacle and direct at it the coherent beam of light, then, under certain conditions, behind the obstacle on the screen we can see the black spot in the point, which lies on the straight line, connecting the light source, hole and spot. Such analogous situation must exist in cosmology: The more distant object is observed, the more deep inside Moon (Sun) disk it can be observed. Condition of visibility is appropriate at the time of Moon (Sun) eclipse. Explanation of this phenomenon lies in the properties of propagation of photons on curved lines of Universe. Curvature of those lines assumed equal to curvature of space curvature of universe, and defined by Hubble constant, or simply by universal rotation. One will see more in the night sky if he builds the new type of double tube telescope. (Evidences of this prediction were already found in scientific and popular literature. Remember the observations of strange movements of light spots on Moon disk. It can be distant quasars far behind the Moon.)

5.More common cosmic homogeneity.

Galaxies are situated in the Universe in such way, that we can say, that on very large scale our Universe is homogeneous, i.e. the distribution of masses is approximately equal everywhere and all directions are equivalent to each other. Here assumed, that our Universe is homogeneous to the change of velocity of observer in large scale. Cosmic background radiation continuously, step by step, transforms into space and vice versa, under change of velocity. Geometry of visible sky changes because of aberration of light in such manner, and because of proper velocities of stars, and galaxies, that one will not be able to detect its movement in Universe. Consequence: electron, moving in the accelerator, "sees" completely the same Universe, but with absolutely changed constellations and unknown galaxies. It "sees" the same cosmic background radiation, but with different distribution of spots on it. Electron continuously changing the direction of it's movement sees smoothly changing picture of sky, constellations, mutual arrangement of galaxies. Most extraordinary things that this electron sees is the interaction of galaxies and the transition of stars from one galaxy to several another.

6. H = h.

Universe, being closed, has one more symmetry: If you go into large scale, you'll see the same properties as you would see going into small scale. If one uses unique units in measuring space and time intervals, and if one uses the mass of proton as the unit of mass instead of kilogram, one would see, that two absolutely different physical constants are actually one and the same quantity: H = h. If one draw the set of concentric circumferences and look deep inside them, one would see rotation, the more rapid the smaller circumference. This rotation is described by Planck constant h. If one would look far outside the spheres, drawn around him, one would see rotation, described by Hubble constant H. The further one looks, the more precise would be equivalence between inside and outside pictures. The uncertainty principle in small and in large must be analogous with all corresponding following conclusions. Main sequence is contained in explanation of properties of light.

7. The boundary frequency: 734 Hz, (old value 690 Hz).

This frequency is boundary between space and light properties of materia. In the upper region there are electromagnetic waves; on the bottom region there are gravity waves. It is not excluded that in some processes there is an extremum on this frequency. This means that it is possible to build some resonance machine in order to take the energy from empty space. (Forbidden perpetual mobile). This frequency explains the forward directed work of brain. This frequency can be already used in computes as characteristic of accumulation of information.

8. 365.24 days for humane is 36?.?? days for wasp.

It is known that Earth makes about 366.24 rotations around its own axis per one rotation about the Sun, or to be more explicit, - during the period of one tropical year, 365.24 days, or during the time between two transitions of the Sun through the point of vernal equinox. This point in the celestial sphere is also moves very slightly. These numbers can be regarded as measured relatively human scale. It is preliminary supposed that in the smaller scales, or relatively such insect as wasp Earth makes different quantity of rotations about the Sun. It is supposed that because of inner rotation of matter in small scales the North and South poles in celestial sphere might not coincide to those, observable by large-scale observers. This conclusion can be explained in several independent ways.

Suppose, that during the period of whole life of a wasp, it makes one rotation in the plane, formed by one of our space coordinate axis and our time coordinate axis. These axes do not coincide to those of wasps, and angles between corresponding axes smoothly changes further, when we go further into microworld. It is not excluded that phenomenon of 4-d rotation can be detected in transition of a small hole, made in left wing of young wasp, to the right wing of the same, but old wasp. In the closed Universe the most inner rotation is supposed to be connected with the most outside rotation. h=H.

A. Group of galaxies, rotating about the "center" of Universe;

B. Milky Way, rotating about the center of group of galaxies:

C. Sun, rotating about the center of Milky Way;

D. Earth, rotating about the center of Sun;

E. Molecule DNA, rotating about the center of Earth, (or visa-verse);

F. Atom, rotating about the center of molecule DNA;

G. Nucleon (or electron), rotating about the center of atom;

H. Universe, rotating about the center of nucleon (or electron, preon...).

Between D and E we could insert parts of the Earth's crust, human, wasp, blood cells and so on. It is evident, that when we speak about the quantity of rotations of the Earth about the Sun, it is necessary to say about the scale of observer and his instruments. Our physical constants will not coincide to "wasp's physical constants" even in the same SI system. The cause is the "wasp-scientist" and his instruments have different fraction of projection of fourth coordinate axis in their frame of reference, as the analogues fraction, which have humane-scientist. On the bottom picture you can see the approximate picture of sky rotation from the point of view of a humane-scientist with his telescopes, and the same sky rotation from the point of view of "wasp-scientist" with his micro-telescopes. In order to understand that picture one must remember about such phenomenon as rotation of polarization vector of the light, dependence of refraction angle from the wavelength of the light and, at last, about existence of quantum mechanics, which proves the inner rotation in microworld. The approximation of the last assertion is also shown on the next to bottom picture.

Nm, (Sm) - North, (South) Pole star, relatively the human-scientist; Nw, (Sw) - North, (South) Pole star, relatively the "wasp-scientist".

9. Time machine is working in everybody.

If above mentioned number 734 Hz was, for example 0.01 Hz, when we would perform some action dozen times, but every time in slightly different manner. For example, enter in the kitchen, take hot teapot from the stove, and put it on the table. Suppose, in one of such performances teapot drops on the floor and make a burn on our leg. Don't take it to hart. That action will not be realized, but instead of it the best version of way will be chosen. But in reality, it was calculated in this work, there exists the number 734 Hz, or 0.00136 s. This means than only micro particles, including our brain cells, can live several lives and choose the best variant. This is the explanation of good chess party and the cause of creation of above predictions.

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