My thoughts and reflections about space of the Universe and its deepest symmetries, have forced me to change my naive prejudices about living and lifeless matter, about human soul, about biological fields and the Earth’s biosphere, about faith and religion. May be I’ll appear as naive, but I shall try here to share with you my ideas and guesses.

Today it is possible to tell with great confidence, that if the space-time of our Universe has the symmetry of the highest order, the division of a matter of the Universe on living and lifeless becomes very conditional and shaky. The geometry of the space-time of the Universe appears so complex, that the lifeless matter becomes not clearly defined. Strings penetrate the whole Universe. The spirals are forming the complex quasi-closed space-time-matter lattice. There is a suspicion about the multilevel symmetry and quasi-closed structure of the Universe not only along the usual coordinate axes, but also along the scale axis. And it means that the objects, surrounding us, are live tissues, and are the components of living beings from the other space-time scales. The whole Universe appears to be alive. The life at one level of scales is connected to the life at the other scale level.

Arguments for the introduction of the living Universe:

Every atom fluctuates the more intensively, - the more temperature of an object. But the smallest change of internal temperature of the humane body can be fatal for him. From the other hand, the temperature define the scattering of relative velocities of atoms in DNA molecule, the molecule itself, the cells in the body, and correspondingly the scattering of velocities of antipodes in the opposite points of the Universe. This scattering defines the dimensions of antipodes - DNA-humane, and distances between them. So, we can conclude that one humane can be the god for some population of DNA-people, scattered somewhere in the Universe, and from the other hand he can be the DNA-molecule of another god.

Look at the picture. Let our Galaxy is situated in the point R in the Universe. You can see in the several steps of increasing of initial scale the way from Universe, to Galaxy, to Earth, to crowd of people, to a man A, to one of his DNA molecules, to human being B, who is this DNA molecule, and who lives in the point H of the Universe. From the other hand, it is not excluded that the man-cell B, containing his own 1015 of DNA-molecules, can include in himself some of humans, denoted by C, and living on Earth.

The value of fluctuation of atoms in DNA, the value of space-, time-, velocity-, and angular velocity-quanta, the value of curvature of Universe define the dimensions of mirror reflections of DNA molecules. That set of values defines also the time scattering of beings A, B, C. If this time scattering is small, then all of these beings exist simultaneously, and A can be a god for somebody of C, or, from the other hand, he can be the cell of one of C. If time scattering is about two thousand years then we can conclude that Jesus Christ is reality, and we, or to be more precise, - all Christians, are His DNA cells...

The upper shown model of God is really simplified. It is possible that such phenomenon as superposition must be taken into account. All known animals and plants must also be taken in the consideration.

It is possible that every humane is connected by 1015 of invisible threads with all living Universe. At least now we can say that our Universe is alive and can be regarded as our God. It is interesting to compare this model with the Universe model of Prof. Lee Smolin

Let's make some fantastic suppositions and try to make some exercises and observations.

Don't forget that the last topic was my fantasy, but best don't cry: "Viva smbd", if You don't want fascism, or if You don't want to kill yourself inside your body.

I repeat that the model, proposed here, is only possible, if the space-time has the highest order of symmetry. Some other arguments, proving this hypothesis, you can find in the different sections of this web site. My site is under constant construction. I invite you later to look it to see new topics, in which space-time transformations, leading to the results, supporting the above supposition, will be shown.

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Ivan Gorelik.


My VB-program SR2007.exe proves that the electron is not a point, but a string, embracing the whole Universe in a period, equal to electron's classic period.

Particles sew and stitch the space-time, constantly recharging electric and colour field, which are constituent subspaces of our whole macroscopic space-time.

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